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Parkin Creations - Civ3 Maps: CFC Library

Lord Parkin

aka emperor
Apr 27, 2004
New Zealand
[I contacted a moderator about this a while ago, and he said that this forum was probably the best place for a thread such as this. Basically, I'm just trying to compile all of the links to all of my maps in a single easy-to-reference thread, in order to free up some space in my sig. ;) ]

NOTE: Currently this thread is just a very basic compilation of links, but I will hopefully be updating it in the near future with brief "info-snippets" on each map (eg its dimensions and such), plus I am hoping to add in a mini-screenshots for each map for quicker reference. Enjoy! :)

CFC Library of Civilization III maps from Parkin Creations:

Real World Maps:
World Maps
New Zealand

Fantasy Maps:
Edding's World

Original Maps:
Island Fortresses
The Ultimate Battle
The Ultimate Battle 2
The Ultimate Battle 3
Island Wars
Colonial Warfare
Land Grab
Possum vs Gorilla
EVG Logo

Civ3 ISDG Final Maps:
Official Civ3 ISDG Final Map (v2.34) (nb: not yet publicly released)
Promotional ISDG Map
Reference link to ISDG Community Forum

Need More Maps?
Reference link to full map library at Strategamer
This is the wring forum. This should go into the Completed Maps Forum.
I was told to put it here by a site moderator (Turner_727, a few weeks back). If you want to disagree, feel free to take it up with him. ;)

The completed maps forum is apparently only for just that - completed maps. This is merely a reference thread, no attachments contained within. Besides, it is fairly irrelevant where the actual topic resides - it is merely somewhere on-site for me to link to in my sig.

Additionally, I would prefer this not to be a discussion thread. Any comments about my maps should be made in the relevant map thread (as linked to above), not here in this topic. Thanks. :)
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