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Pollution, 'Leemur', and acronyms, oh my!


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Feb 10, 2002
Well, being an avid Civ 1 and 2 fan, Civ 3 was certainly different... (I have v. 1.07f) Ok, I have a few questions:

1. Pollution - Can it be completely eliminated? My guess is that in Civ 3, it's no. (which is one reason I don't like the computer making all of my cities build hospitals.). I know about the resources, mass transit, and recycling..

2. I read about the 'Leemur' cheat, that gives you 100,000 gold, and a PW (what's 'PW'?) when you type that in as the leader's name. It doesn't work on my game.

3. Acronyms. I've seen a lot of abbreviations here, and I'm not sure what they are.. like, "GA, GW, PW, GL" etc..

I guess they're...

GA - Golden Age
GW - Great Wonder
PW - ???
GL - Great Leader

Any others?

4. Great leaders and leaders - any difference between the two?

- back to being an archoelogical dig tour! -
1- I don't think pollution can be completly eliminated. You have to deal with it. Mass transit and recycling help a lot as you won't have to deal with it frequently.

2- The only PW I know is Public Works, but that is a concept from Call To Power. I'm intrigued by this acronym being mentioned in a Civ series game. Public Works (PW) from CTP functions like this. You acumulate points. You can use those points to build roads, irrigation, railroads (etc) inside your empire borders. The worker unit doens't exists.

3- The GL is hard. It can be Great Leader, Great Library or Great Lighthouse. You have to see the context of the post. There's a thread about acronyms that you might want to take a look.

4- Great leaders are those leaders you get from battles that can build armies and rush production. Leaders are the civilization leaders like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Abe Lincoln. However, you'll have to pay attention to what the person means in the post, because those terms are used as the same thing by a lot of posters.
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