Polynesia Space Victory Suggestions?


Dec 18, 2021
The Khanate of Kazan
I started the game to repeat the success of a forum participant in gaining dominance - but in the process I quickly realized that I couldn't do it and switched to Space Race
So, i'm almost did it on Marathon/Regent (missed few turns) , just need reload and dont waste espionage points on sabotaging England's, USA's and even Germany's Lunar program, and concentrate on stealing Tech
Spoiler :

But it was extreme lucky game. I found Catholicism in Sydney, got 3 tech from villages and about 7 from India and China (and even one from Rome), then i was able to build Fish market in core, coz somehow Los-Angeles was still under Spain control, Japan was outdate and of coz i sabotage England's PaddyFields
Then, while i send some troops to take collapsed Arabian's Kuds and Мекка and some to protect Spain's Western coast (battle for Los-Angeles we lost, but San-Diego was still stronghold) from USA and gifted almost all Fighter Jets to help Spain in their war with Russia in Europe - England canceled Defence Pact and attacked my undefended cites in India with massive airstrike. So Patna fall in one turn... The great general died as a hero during the defense of the city
In any case, this event turned out to be a great luck, too
I was able to steal last 2 tech very cheap)))
Also i was able build Statue of Liberty, Bellrock and Hermitage.

So, the question is - how to win space race without such luck on Monarch difficulty?
Lyubyanka and Party State is must have, im also build Palace in Patna - so i got -15% for state religion, +2% for Distance, -15-20% for trade route and (i'm also used spread culture with spies) -20% for culture
After State Party i settled all historical islands in Oceania. So i have a plane for a late game, but from start to industrial - how get best condition?
First and only core city - Manu'a,
Spoiler 50 mil ppl on 56km2 :

then city on Papua to get passage to Australia - then Sydney, then Manila and then in South Africa on Gold, then in Australia on sheeps (Adelaid) and then i captured Jakarta. So, maybe there are better spots or you should try to early expand to India? (but how?) Also i tried to capture Japan but wasnt successful, i collapsed fast coz overextension
Running Republic to get a couple GM? Reload until you'll be able to build Great Lighthouse?
So any tips welcome here
upd. You can get Protestanism in Sydney after reformation (do something if not) and build something (i build The Bourse with GE) to keep my economy
Actually you can play Orthodox, Catholic, Buddism\Hinduism or late Protestant civ. But as you way behind in tech - many wonders will be build before you even research them
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Right know i'm thinking of settling Edo or Tokio, maybe even build Palace there to spam workers and setllers or settle Mekka
And another good spot - Djenne - coz Mali start late and its very nice science city and you can get islam
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I found Catholicisms again in Australia (on Monarch), so it's not so rare
Probably you need Church to found it
UPD. Church don't help
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Well, i tried to play as Catholic civs, but even having friendly relation with France, Spain, England and Viking - no free tech from them.
Best case - Buddist China and India
UPD. Well, it's look like it's complete random. Even staying pagan and pleased relation with almost everyone - not often you'll get free tech
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