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Jul 8, 2011
As I said, Polynesia. I can't make a good story, thus I post it as a guide.
Spoiler :

Discover polytheism (pantheon) and then priesthood.
You need to discover priesthood early for the malai.

Starting situation: Mua for New Zealand and Niue for easter island.
Note, that Mua controls its fat cross, cause it is the settler farm.

Then discover masonry (moai status).


Jul 8, 2011
The main strategy for all cities management is the same:

Spoiler :
Immediately after settling the city assign the only citizent for construction of malai:

After malai, assing him as an artist:

At some point the city expands opening a new route to new horizons.

After that the city has accomplished it goal. You can turn citizent automation on and play at will (just train a couple wakas though).



Jul 8, 2011
The third city you found is Manua (towards Hawai).
The fourth is Tahiti.

Tahiti and Mua are the only exception to the previous micromanagement rule.

Spoiler :

In fat cross you can work the workboat in Tahiti, thus have both an artist working and a developing city. When Tahiti opens the route towards easter islands CONTINUE having the artist assigned.

You need Tahiti to reach 3rd ring to open route to Marquesas. Moreover, if you need a great artist, the best city to farm him is Tahiti.

Spoiler :

Assign a great artist in Mua until it reachs the third ring. Then you have a route to 7th city New Zealand, and the first island you need to reach is reached.
Apart from malae Mua only train settlers, nothing else. Mua should work all tiles in fat cross (clam, fish and islands).


Jul 8, 2011
City founding order depends on how culture expands.
There is some small flexibility, but you have to chose which islands will be the first. I chosed New Zealand and Easter Islands to be reached first.

Spoiler :

The fifth city is Tokelau (towards Hawaii) and 6th Mangareva (towards easter islands).

The 7th is New Zealand as mentioned above.

Spoiler :

The 8th city is Kiribati (towards Hawaii) and the 9th is Rapa Nui (easter islands).
Right now both New Zealand and Easter islands, you have done 1st goal.
And if you follow the same city order, you need to settle only two cities, Hawai and Marquesas.


Jul 8, 2011
Spoiler :

You should know masonry and adopt polytheism before settling Rapa Nui.
Thus you can start building Moai status ASAP. You can postpone it, although there is no reason to me.


Jul 8, 2011
Spoiler :

Tahiti opened route to Marquesas. Continue working the artist to spawn the great artist, if needed.

Spoiler :

Great artist will help you in Kiribati, if time is running out. It is doable without him, but having plan B is never a bad idea.

Spoiler :

Marquesas and Hawai reached.
That's it, 2 first goals achieved.


Jul 8, 2011
Spoiler :

After Moai Status are built you're done.


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Jun 19, 2011
I think we need a different graphics for cape tiles so one can see the difference between capes and coasts without hovering over the tile.


Apr 26, 2014
Sorry to necro this thread, but... how did you get a route to New Zealand that way? As far as I can tell, the third ring of your capital only leads to more ocean -- the only way I can see to reach New Zealand is to go west and plant a settler on the one-tile rainforest island (I think it's Vanuatu) north of the jungle/hill (part of the two-tile New Caledonia), wait until that city fills out its third ring, then plant a city in Australia (near Sydney, most likely) and fill out its culture until you can make the jump to NZ.

Did Leoreth change the Polynesia map between the time you did this strategy guide and the ver 1.13 release? I did think it was pretty weird to have 'capes' beside an island whose only function is to cut off access to ocean tiles, but equally weird to change a 3x3 area of coast to ocean without mentioning it...


Apr 26, 2014
Well I feel sheepish. It turns out it was coast all along. I'd been looking at the area through Worldbuilder, and assumed that since there weren't any :food:/:hammers:/:commerce: markings, it was an ocean tile. I wound up replaying from the start anyway, to streamline, so it worked out in the end. Sorry for the terrible necro...


Jun 24, 2017
:'( my first city is the capital, second in somewhere in indonesia and third is sydney for wonder builder to grab the religious victory :D

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May 9, 2016
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@citis guide is most impressive, and works at all difficulty levels. Here's the log of a game I played at Paragon level.

Late colonisation of Tahiti (Turn 143) is due to me stupidly waiting for Niue's northern cultural extension - I think it had opened to the south several turns earlier. Oh, well. It's not a perfect game, but I won.

Don't know why I researched Writing before Masonry. Having Writing made no difference except giving me something to build.

I tried to play on past the UHV but even though I had settled no unnecessary islands, I had to gift one island to Indonesia to make any economic/research headway. Things started looking up when I got Monarchy and could increase my population for more income, but I was never in the hunt and eventually gave up. I did have a nice productive Melbourne going by then. Might be worth trying again in Marathon at Regent level, someday.

Spoiler Paragon Normal Polynesia game :


Turn Note
74 Settle Mu'a > Harbor (30)
Settler lands on Niue
Waka explores
Work Boat fishes Clams
Research 1. Polytheism (25), 2. Priesthood (29), 3. Writing (30), 4. Masonry (20), 5. Monarchy (90). (Won't reach Monarchy before the UHV.)
75 Waka explores
Settle Niue, +1 Citizen, > Pagan Temple (8)
Mu'a works Clam
76 Waka explores
77 Waka explores.
78 Waka to Fish. (Mu'a will cover Fish next turn.)
79 Waka fishes Fish. Mu'a works Fish.
81 Mu'a grows to 2, +1 Citizen (Harbor 23 > 12)
83 Niue builds Pagan Temple > Waka (11)
89 Mu'a grows to 3, works Clam
93 Mu'a builds Harbor, -1 Citizen, works Island, > Settler (8)
94 Niue builds Waka1 > Harbor (15)
Waka1 parks W of Clam (waiting for Settler)
101 Mu'a builds Settler, +1 Cit off Clam, > Pagan Temple (3)
Niue works clam (Harbor 8 > 15)
Settler boards Waka1
Waka1 goes 1 N and waits
102 Settler lands on Manu'a
Waka1 goes 1 SE and parks
103 Settle Manu'a, work Island, > Pagan Temple (8)
104 Discover Polytheism > Priesthood (22)
Mu'a builds Pagan Temple, -1 Citizen, works Clam, > Settler (8)
Niue +1 Citizen (Harbour 12 > 6)
Revolt to Pantheon (1)
105 Mu'a grows to 4, works Coast
111 Niue builds Harbor > Granary (15)
112 Manu'a builds Pagan Temple > Harbor (15)
113 Mu'a builds Settler1, +1 Citizen off Coast, > Warrior (2)
Settler1 boards Waka1
Waka1 2 E, parks E of Niue
115 Mu'a builds Warrior, +1 Citizen, > Waka (8)
Warrior fortifies (happy police)
117 Mu'a grows to 5 (max for happy, grows in 6, 6 to Waka)
120 Mu'a +2 Citizens off Clam, Coast, Stagnant, Waka in 2
122 Mu'a builds Waka2, -3 Citizen, works Clam, Coast, > Settler (8)
Waka2 parks on Clam
126 Discover Priesthood > Writing (9)
Niue builds Granary > Mala'e (10)
Quest: Herbalists discover new plant (option 1, +1 happy for 10 turns)
127 Manu'a builds Harbor > Mala'e (10)
129 Manu'a grows to 2, +1 Citizen (Mala'e 8 > 5)
130 Mu'a builds Settler2, +3 Citizen, > Mala'e (2)
Settler2 boards Waka2
Waka2 goes 3 N, parks N of Manu'a
132 Mu'a builds Mala'e, -3 Citizen, works Clam, Coast, +1 Artist, > Settler (9)
134 Manu'a builds Mala'e, -1 Citizen, +1 Artist, > Waka (11)
136 Niue builds Mala'e, -1 Citizen, +1 Artist, > Waka (22)
138 Culture Passage opens N of Manu'a
Waka2 goes 2 N
Settler2 lands on Tokelau
Waka2 goes S headed for Clam (2 turns)
139 Settle Tokelau, +1 Citizen > Mala'e (10)
Waka2 parks on Clam
141 Mu'a builds new Settler2, +1 Priest off Coast, > Granary (10)
Settler2 boards Waka2
Waka2 goes 1 W, 2 SW and parks
143 Culture Passage opens to Tahiti
Waka1 to Tahiti
Settler1 lands on Tahiti
Mu'a +1 Citizen off Clam (Stagnant, Granary > 8 to 6)
Niue -1 Artist onto Coast
Manu'a -1 Artist onto Coast
144 Waka1 goes 3 N and parks on Fish
Settle Tahiti, +1 Citizen, > Mala'e (10)
145 Manu'a builds Waka3 > Warrior (7)
Waka3 2 S and parks on Clam
146 Discover Writing > Masonry (16)
149 Mu'a builds Granary, -1 Priest, > Library (23)
Tokelau builds Mala'e, -1 Citizen, +1 Artist, > Harbor (30)
150 Mu'a grows to 6, -1 Priest, > Settler (9)
152 Manu'a builds Warrior > Waka (11)
Culture Passage opens to New Zealand
Waka2 goes 1 W, 4 SW, sights northern tile of NZ
153 Waka2 goes 3 S, 1 SE into a bay
Settler2 lands in NZ on Grassland tile
Whaka2 starts back to Mu'a's Clam
154 Tahiti builds Mala'e, -1 Citizen, +1 Artist, > Harbor (30)
Settle Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara (Wellington) > Warrior (7)
156 Whaka2 parks on Clam
Tahiti culture covers Fish; Waka1 becomes Fishing Boats
158 Niue builds new Waka1 > Warrior (13)
Waka1 parks on Clam
159 Mu'a builds new Settler1 > Settler (9)
Settler1 boards Waka1
160 Discover Masonry > Monarchy (57)
Choose not to revolt to Slavery
161 NZ builds WarriorNZ1 > Mala'e (10)
WarriorNZ1 fortifies (threat from Tribal Village 1 SE, 1 S)
Waka1 heads E toward Tahiti
162 Waka1 parks 1 NE of Tahiti
163 Manu'a builds Waka4 > Library (22)
Waka4 parks on Clam
164 Mu'a generates Great Artist
GA boards Waka3
Culture Passage opens to Mangareva
Waka1 goes 1 E, 1 SE
Settler1 lands on Mangareva
Waka1 starts back to Mu'a
165 Settle Mangareva, +1 Citizen, > Mala'e (10)
166 Waka1 parks on Clam
168 Mu'a builds new Settler1 > Settler (9)
Settler1 boards Waka1
Waka1 & Waka3 form Fleet1 and sail N aiming 2 N of Tokelau
169 Fleet1 parks 2 N of Tokelau (1 E of Island)
170 NZ builds Mala'i > Pagan Temple (7)
171 Niue builds Warrior > Library (45)
172 NZ culture covers Tribal Village > Scout
Scout goes 1 SW
173 Scout fortifies on the Christchurch Grassland tile
175 NZ builds Pagan Temple > Waka (8)
Mangareva builds Mala'e, -1 Citizen, +1 Artist, > Harbor (30)
177 Mu'a builds new Settler2 > Settler (9)
Settler2 boards Waka2
Waka2 goes E toward Mangareva
179 Tokelau builds Harbour > Pagan Temple (15)
180 Culture Passage opens to Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
Waka2 reaches Rapa Nui
Settler2 lands on Rapa Nui
Waka2 heads back toward Mu'a Clam
181 Settle Rapa Nui > Moai Statues (38, could do in 30 with Citizen)
183 Waka2 parks on Clam
NZ builds Waka5 > Library (11)
Waka5 becomes Fishing Boats
184 Tahiti builds Harbor > Pagan Temple (15)
Niue (pop 5) +1 Artist to prevent unhappy pop
185 Manu'a builds Library > Granary (15)
Culture Passage opens to Kiritimati
Fleet1 goes 2 N to Kiritimati
Settler1 & GA land on Kiritimati
Fleet1 goes S towards Mu'a Clam
186 Mu'a builds Settler2 > Settler (9)
Settler2 boards Waka2
Waka2 heads for the Island NNE of Tahiti
Settle Kiritimati, +1 Citizen, > Mala'e
GA culture bombs Kiritimati, reveals volcano 5 N (Hawaii!)
187 Fleet1 breaks apart and parks on Mu'a Clam
Waka2 is 1 SW of Kiritimati
188 Waka2 goes 5 N to 1 SW of volcano
189 Waka2 goes 2 N to O'ahu
Settler2 lands on O'ahu
Waka2 explores the coasts around the Hawaiian islands
190 Settle O'ahu, work Pearl, > Mala'e
Economy sucks (11 in Treasury, -4 net income, 100% taxes)
Kiritimati -1 Citizen, -2 net income
Tokelau -1 Citizen onto Pearls, +1 net income
Mangareva -1 Citizen onto Island, +2 net income
192 Waka2 becomes Fishing Boats on Hawaiian Pearl
193 Culture Passage opens to Nuku Hiva
194 Tokelau builds Pagan Temple > Library (45)
Waka4 heads for Tokelauan Pearl
195 Mu'a builds Settler1 > Settler (9)
Settler1 boards Waka1
Waka1 heads for Nuku Hiva
Waka4 becomes Fishing Boats on Tokelauan Pearl
Waka3 heads for Tahitian Pearl
196 NZ builds Library > Harbor (8)
Waka3 becomes Fishin Boats on Tahitian Pearl
Tahiti -1 Artist onto Fish to start growing
Settler1 lands on Nuku Hiva
Waka1 heads for Nuku Hivan Pearl
197 Manu'a builds Granary > Waka (7)
Settle Nuku Hiva, GOLDEN AGE (9) BEGINS, > Mala'e (5)
Waiting on Moai Statues (18 turns, so ~Turn 215-217)
Waka1 becomes Fishing Boats on Nuku Hivan Pearl
198 Tahiti builds Pagan Temple > Warrior (7)
Mangareva builds Harbor > Pagan Temple (3)
199 O'ahu builds Mala'e > Harbor (10)
200 NZ builds Harbor > Granary (4)
Kiritimati builds Mala'e > Harbor (15)
201 Mangareva builds Pagan Temple > Library (12)
800 AD - nominal date for UHV 1
202 Manu'a builds Waka1 > Work Boat (7)
Nuku Hiva builds Mala'e > Harbor (8)
Waka1 parks 1 NW of Mu'a
203 NZ builds Granary > Waka (3)
Mu'a builds Settler1 > Library (10)
Settler1 boards Waka1
Waka1 heads West towards Papua
205 Tahiti builds Warrior > Library (11)
Settler1 lands in Papua near Kokoda Track
Waka1 explores N
206 NZ builds Waka2 > Settler (9)
Waka2 explores NZ waters
Settler1 walks the Kokoda Track
207 Niue builds Library > Waka (22)
208 Settle Ture Ture > Harbor (15) [Economy back into red]
210 Stagnate Mu'a to avoid unhappy pop 8
211 Ture Ture meets Japan; no OB
O'ahu builds Harbor > Pagan Temple (7)
Waka2 parks by NZ's East Cape
212 Manu'a builds Work Boat1 > Waka (11)
Work Boat1 heads for Whale SE of NZ
Waka1 heads for Mu'a
213 Waka1 parks off Mu'a
215 NZ builds Settler2 > Waka (5)
Settler2 boards Waka2
Waka2 heads for Kokoda
216 Mu'a builds Library > Settler (9)
217 Rapa Nui builds Moai Statues


May 16, 2015
I finished a Polynesian game in 1.15, and it was tight, and challenging!

So, DoC 1.15, Regent Normal!

The tech tree had me almost quit the entire game (after bad experiences with Egypt, Carthage and Babylon, where UHV and tech tree weren't adapted to each other)
Yet again, I started with so few technologies and had to colonize the entire pacific.

As described above, the magical key are: the Mala'e (monument), the Atua (pagan temple), the Harbour, and the quick Wakas.
And settlers, you need lots of settlers. Always build them early, because you will need them sooner than you have them.

So the research order is: mythology, ceremony, crap crap crap crap crap, shipbuilding, mining, masonry, crap crap crap crap crap, navigation, crap crap crap, writing. The dozens of crap technologies made me wonder whether or not polynesia should need its own special tech tree. Or at least special rewards - maybe a pig resource appearing in the capital once they researched pastoralism. Because otherwise they don't even find animals in Australia, yet have pastoralism. I researched as far as markets and alloys in my game.

Mu'a is the first city (SIP) Its last ring opens the way to...
-> Otautahi (my settlement in New Zealand, the central hill. Crab, whale)
Niue is the second city (the easternmost of your three core islands, its second ring opens the way to...
-> Tahiti (pearl, fish, 3 islands, rainforest tile)
--> Mangareva (2 islands)
---> Nuku Hiva (pearl, island)
---> Rapa Nui (stone)
Manu'a is the third city (the northernmost of the core), its third ring opens the way to...
-> Tokelau (pearl, island, better have a great artist ready unless you were always in time)
--> Kiritimati (nothing, you definitely need a great artist here)
---> Hawaii (pearls, whale, island, hill, rainforest tile)

Those are in total 11 settlements, which need to be as cultured as you can manage. Work the Mala'es!

After I won, I continued playing, and found that this civ is ideal for the pagan religious victory:
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May 16, 2015
Sorry for double-posting, but I misclicked and couldn't attach the images.

So, this shows the blurry extent of Polynesia in the year 1850, right after the discovery of my newest type of ship, called a "car-a-vel". Soon, I will know the world!
The Dutch are a special friend, their harbor is just a waka-trip of five tiles away and my spy visits there every five rounds now.

And these are the twice fulfilled victory conditions.

Double victory - British and Chinese may be stronger and more cultured and whatever, but I won.
From my little corner in the world, I have seen notifications from strangle places where 31 distant civilizations claimed their place on the stage, and 24 civilizations that went down.


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Apr 25, 2016
God, seeing this Polynesia game reminded me of someone talking how a Chinese player managed to win a Science Victory as them.
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