Privateers - who????


just try to keep track to see if you can notice whose turn it is to move when they are attacking. At least that is a wat to find out on sp. Online mp with simultaneous turns I have no idea how that would work since I just play sp.

The actual ingenious thing is that you can attack with them without declaring war because you can't see who is actually doing the attacking. :D

I still remember a small LAN I had with two friends playing on simultaneous turns.
One of the guys was a bit in front in the tech race, so my other friend went to research chemistry, built like 25 privateers and blockaded pretty much every port he had. This not only pretty much wrecked my bud's economy (he was settled on two peninsulae) but also gave the one doing the blockading around 70 gold or so per turn. This situation lasted for some time until Chemistry was researched and all the Privateers destroyed by Frigates, allowing me to get on par tech-wise (and therefore the blockade guy, too, because we had an agreement that he'd steal my techs)
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