Problems with GameFont.tga


Oct 2, 2006
I'm replacing Confucianism with Hellenism in my personal mod, and I'm having a much harder time than I thought. I've edited the Civ4ReligionInfo.xml file fine.. for example Confucianism is gone, and Hellenism is founded once you research Writing. In game, the tech tree and convert religion pages show the icon as the coin used in the Alexander mod.. which is fine. But under player names and on world map view of cities, the Confucian symbol still shows up.

I tried to fix this by editing the GameFont.tga and GameFont_75.tga files, literally pasting lightning bolts over the Confucian symbols, but no luck. I tried renaming the new GameFont files and referencing so in ArtDefines_Interface.xml, but it still won't recognize the lightning bolts. Any advice? After I get this sorted out, I should be able to add in the Hellenic buildings and missionaries from the various Warlords mods fine.. but the Confucian symbols are killing me.
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