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Question: How to select multiple bases at once and have them build the same thing?


Sep 27, 2007
Hello There,

New to the forum.

Apologies if this question has been asked before (I'm sure it has but I honestly did use the search option prior to asking the question and was unable to find the answer! :) )

Could someone tell me how I can select multiple bases at the same time and set their production to the same thing (be it unit or structure etc.).

Its plagued me for a while now (been playing Civ for about a year) and I cannot find the answer in the BtS manual (I've lost my original Civ manual).

Also, if anyone could direct me to a thread/site that would list similiar tips/answer to the above question I'd appreciate it!

Many Thanks!

Press and hold the shift key while left-clicking on the plaques of the cities in question. Then select the desired build order at the bottom of the screen.

Check this page for a list of very useful commands - look under "Mouse shortcuts" for easy ways to select all your cities, or all your cities on one continent.
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