Race To the Center Map


Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!
there might be a formal name for this type of map but that's what i call it the only real resources are in the center and each civ has 1 type of luxury. go for boats as fast as you can..... however note my official test isn't done yet.


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PLEASE TELL ME HOW I DID i worked really hard on this and the silence is worse than if EVERYON on this website told me to give up this Map/Mod making attempt..... please?.............
I only download maps with a pic attached.

A bit silly since it's easy enough to see what it looks like but i'd rather have a pic so i can see if I like the map first!
no9w that i have discovered the secret to map picture uploading i can show the pic... ok. where the land seems to touch it doesn't.


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these sound like my "4-gold rush maps" ive posted
This came fromc a series of tries which i can name( to prove my last post)
1) the idea of nations battleing over the only resourced area on a scarcely resouced map.
2)My first Map; a cross with starting pos. on all arms.
3)test the first Map, too easy.
4)Addition of barbarians to map 1
5)barbarians kept overrunning cities every time. we neeeded fair warning or more time to build up.
6)The idea for this map comes together and i build it as the direct descendant of my original, their founded on very similar ideas.
7)during the test it is proven that expansionist civs will dominate early on. (i'm playing german, the English steal a goody hut from me)
8) the top starting position is proven to suck as soon as we land on the main continent. the main resource there is oil, which i cannot see.
9)i slip past the northern desert penninsula into more fertile ground. i always land ground troops first, my colonization is far ahead of the AI's because i stored up settlers.
10)Eventually oil starts to matter and having also gotten large supplies of other resources. i build huge armies of panzers. enough of the world is conqured eventually to give me a win.
im going to try something like that i think it looks good

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