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Raliuven SG3.5 Regent

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Succession Games' started by Raliuven, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    Man is there a lot to do! But it is almost over. I will hopefully have my set up tonight. I was up until 2AM and just decided I couldn't do that last few turns. Quick summary - We are at war with the Zulu and Aztecs and we are rolling over them. No iron in sight so it has been cav vs. spears the entire way. The Aztec war has generated 2 GL so far because of all the nice elites we have stacked up.

    We have sufficient ship chains to bring units to both continients and harbors to connect to coal and iron. The southern continient could use some more units but I will hopefully have that addressed by the end of my set. All that will be left is to mop up the survivors and DOW on Japan.
  2. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Sounds like a fun turnset. Can't wait to read about it!
  3. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    Conquest by 1420AD (Turn 274; 30 turns to go)
    Establish Ship Chain to eastern continent. (Done)
    Start war with Aztecs. (Done)
    Will not trip the Domination Limit. (Not Done :D)

    Civilian units:
    Settler: 7
    Workers: 171
    Slaves: ??? (plenty)

    Military units:
    Knights: 8 (all elite)
    Cavalry: 96
    Infantry: 11
    Galley: 1
    Caravel: 2
    Frigate: 16
    Galleon: 49
    Army: 10 (cav 16/18, cav 11/15,

    Unit Support:
    Total Units: 371
    Allowed Units: 344
    Support Cost: 54 gpt

    Enemies/Hit list:
    Mongols=> Eliminated
    Carthage=> Eliminated
    Spain=> Eliminated
    Scandinavia => Eliminated
    Japan=> Republic=>Strong compared to=>13 cities (-)
    Zulu=> Despotism=>Strong compared to=>4 cities (-5)
    Aztecs=> Republic=>Strong compared to=>5 cities (-13)

    We have lot of cities. Total Enemy cities: 22.

    Babylon % of World Area: 58
    Babylon % of World Population: 90
    Rival Remaining: 3

    Research: Science: 0% (lone scientist), Industrialization, 33 turns +1940gpt, 7818gp in the bank.

    I abandoned the western ship chain and they are moving down the east coast of the other continent to help units move from north to south (or vice versa). I don't know that this will be necessary, we are flooding units into both theaters of battle as fast as we can make them.

    There was a slowdown in unit production - I swap everything to banks because I thought we were running up too many units. This helped our gpt but we don't really need that. Even so, we've got plenty of units but I did strip our mainland bare. Basically all we have left are the two armies that are too large to move by galleon. However, we are basically completely railed and even if the AI tried a landing they would be easily repelled.

    I had a great run of luck with GL - I even got two in a row right at the end! Of course it is overkills now. the Aztecs and Zulus have 5 cities apiece, I think. Neither will attack an infantry so I am using them to cover cities workers laying rails.

    Regarding ship chains

    Easter ship chain:
    This has 3 check points for transfer. The last move is only 3 squares. We've got plenty of ships at all stops and frigates guarding them but the AI has not challenged our control of the sea at all. Start at There be Whales and ends at Aztec Invasion FOB.

    Southern ship chain:
    We have fewer ships here but also a smaller gap. There is really on one stop. Start at the white circle (Saldae) and move to the first check point (red circle). Swap galleons and then move to the lime green circle. At this point we have two galleons (S-A and S-C). They are one tile outside of Zulu Invasion FOB (blue cirlce). use S-A and S-C to move the one tile in and back out - this way they can empty two galleons each.

    Turn Log
    Spoiler :
    Turn 235 (1200AD)

    Do some more rushing on the east coast.

    Galleon for 176gp, 176gp, 84gp.

    Upgrade 11 knights to cavs for a total of 165gp (15gp each).
    upgrade 2 rifle to Infantry for a total of 30gp (15gp each).
    Upgrade 1 musket to Infantry for a total of 45gp.

    Load all galleons and then . . . a misclick sends the entire stack in wrong direction. :mad: They will now arrive on turn 5 rather than unload on turn 4. :mad:

    After worker actions and sending out settlers we are at +1299gpt and 3835gp in the bank.

    IBT - a barb steps out of the fog by Nottingham.

    Turn 236 (1210AD)

    Frigates: 4
    Galleons: 12
    Infantry: 3
    Worker: 2
    Cavalry: 2

    Even after using almost all our settlers we are still at only 52% landmass.

    Upgrade 2 knights to cav for a total of 30gp (15gp each).

    Cav cleans up the barbs.

    Rush a southern galleon for 124gp
    Rush a eastern galleon for 168gp

    4693gp in the bank, +1333gpt. Unit support down to 14gpt.

    IBT - zzz, but really, what can they do at this point?

    Turn 237 (1220AD)

    Frigates: 1
    Galleons: 2
    Worker: 3
    Cavalry: 6
    Settler: 1

    Load 4 infantry into Galleon Q and move to 1st check point in chain where Galleon R is already waiting. Transfer to Galleon R and move to 2nd check point. Galleons S & T move into position to start forming the east side of the ship chain.

    At eastern end rush galleons: 172gp, 196gp, 168gp, 196gp, 168gp, 196gp. That should do it.
    Rush one last Frigate: 120gp.

    Southern ship chain is gathering. Galleons are listed as S-A, S-B, etc. Frigates are S-01, S-02, etc.

    Rush southern galleons: 196gp, 196gp, 196gp.

    4222gp remaining. +1333gpt.

    Rush a handful of settlers for a total of 372gp. Swap many worker builds to settler builds.

    IBT - zzz

    Turn 238 (1230AD)

    Army: 1
    Frigates: 1
    Galleons: 9
    Worker: 1
    Cavalry: 2
    Settler: 10

    Load 8 cav onto Galleon S & U and sent to check point 1, loading to Galleons T &Q, move to check point 2. Galleon R w/4 infantry moves from check point 2 to check point 3, but no galleons in the chain are there yet, but it has caught up with the main invasion force which all land next turn. Galleon V & W take up position at the western end of the chain. Galleons X, Y & Z make for the western end of the chain to take up position next turn.

    Southern Ship Chain is almost ready.

    5183gp in bank. +1333gpt.

    Complete a round of MM. Rush a few items, swap military builds to banks for towns making 30gpt or more. Swamp most worker builds to settlers. Realize we are still running 10% science and turn that off w/lone scientist at work.

    4687gp in bank. +1506gpt.

    IBT - Aztecs request an audience. Hello, Red Will Rule Inc., how may we destroy you today? Monty wants to offer us a MMP and a ROP. Tempting but we are about to attack you so it would not be prudent at this juncture.

    An Aztec galley sails past our armada heading towards the Japanese island.

    Turn 239 (1240AD)

    Galleons: 1
    Worker: 3
    Settler: 1

    First wave lands on Aztec lands.

    Galleon R also drops its load of 4 infantry. Galleons Q &T move to 3rd check point and are almost in place with the returning frigates from the landing force. Galleons V & W load and move to check point 1 and unload to Galleons S & U, move to check point 2 and wait. Galleons X, Y & Z are now on station in the west.

    It is time to DOW on the Zulu. Shaka is annoyed with us. I send him a basket of cavalry (15/15 cav army, 1 cav, 2 infantry, 1 settler in the first wave).

    For southern invasion rush:
    Galleons: 188gp, 196gp, 196gp
    Frigate: 236gp

    Rush a few other things. 4773gp in bank. +1542gpt.

    IBT - Zulu impi flees from Bapedi and our approaching army.
    Aztec galley sails in circles.

    Turn 240 (1250AD)

    Frigates: 1
    Galleons: 3
    Worker: 2
    Infantry: 1
    Settler: 2

    Settle on tip of Aztec continent. Build Aztec Invasion FOB. Start a harbor. Disband a 4/4 knight. Rush Harbor for 172gp. Move army to chokepoint. All 36 invasion cavalry follow.

    Swap units from Q & T to A & B. A & B drop 8 new cavs on the Aztec lands. Q & T move back to check point 2 to start building chain backward. S & U move to check point three and transfer units to C & D for immediately drop on the Aztec mainland. Form new cav army at Aztec mainland.

    Battle for Bapedi - 15/15 cav army vs 4/4 impi - flawless win. 15/15 cav army vs 3/3 impi - win, -2hp. 13/15 cav army vs 4/4 archer - flawless win. Raze the city. No slaves.

    Found Zulu Invasion FOB. Start harbor. Disband a cavalry. Rush harbor for 160gp. Unload 4 more cavs. Use ship chain to drop 4 fresh cav. This was done by loading Galleon F and meeting Galleon B at the 1st check point. Then Galleon B sailed to the tile outside of Zulu Invasion FOB. Galleon B will stay on location there because when Galleon B arrives it unload into Galleon A. Galleon A with 4 move points can move the single tile there and back twice to drop off two loads. Workers will be in the next load to start railing once the harbor is constructed. The 8 cav dropped on Zulu land move on Zimbabwe.

    DOW on the Aztecs and drop the new army and 1 Infantry & 1 cav on the doorstep of Chalco.

    Advance Cav army & stack of 45 cavs into Aztec lands.

    IBT - Aztec galleys sail in circles.
    Zulu 4/4 horse dies to 4/4 cav.

    Turn 241 (1255AD)

    Zulu Invasion FOB builds a harbor. Start a barracks.
    Aztec Invasion FOB builds a harbor. Start a barracks.

    Frigates: 1
    Worker: 4
    Infantry: 1
    Settler: 2

    Zulu War
    Battle for Zimbabwe - 4/4 cav vs 4/4 impi - win, -1hp. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 impi - win, -2hp, promote elite. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 impi - win, -1hp. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 archer - win, -2hp, promote elite. Capture city. We have another harbor. 1 resister (of 1).

    Capital jumps to far away Mpondo.

    Cav army and 3 cavs advance on Isandhlwana.

    Via ship chain unload 5 fresh cav, 1 fresh infantry and 2 fresh workers. All but one of the cavs joins the advance on Isandhlwana - a misclick sends one to a hill. Lay two tiles of rail into zululand, workers covered by infantry.

    Aztec War
    Battle for chalco - 12/12 cav army vs 3/3 spear - flawless win. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 spear - win, 1-hp. Capture city & sink a galley. 2 resisters (of 4).

    Battle for Cempwhatever. 12/12 cav army vs 3/3 spear - flawless win, promote 13/13. 13/13 cav vs 3/3 spear - flawless win. 3/3 LB is top defender. There was a defensive shot from a longbow. That will be the threat to our cavs.

    Battle for Tlalmanalco - 5/5 cav vs 3/3 spear - win, -1hp. 5/5 cav vs 3/3 spear - win, -3hp. Raze city. 2 slaves.

    Scouting cav finds another nearby city - Tula. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 spear - win, -2hp. 5/5 cav vs 3/3 spear - win, -3hp. This city has a short name so we keep it. Capture 2 slaves. 4 Resisters (of 5). Advance knights to hold city, cover cavs.

    Capture a wandering worker with a 5/5 knight.

    Two forest chops at Aztec Invasion FOB - rush barracks for 80gp. Lay 3 tiles of rails inland.

    Ship Chain drops 1 infantry and 7 workers.

    Scouting Cav finds Malinalco. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 spear - lose, -1hp. 5/5 cav vs 3/3 spear - win, -1hp. 5/5 cav vs 3/3 spear - flawless win. 5/5 cav vs 3/4 spear - win, -1hp. GL. Rename Aztec Slayer*. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 LB - win, -1hp. Raze city. 4 slaves.

    Form Aztec Slayer Army (ASA). Leave unfilled for the moment until the 5/5* can rejoin.

    Use a scouting cav to find Tamuin. Rest

    5/5 cav vs 4/4 spear in the open - win, -2hp. 5/5 cav vs 4/4 archer - flawless win.

    Move settler forward and found a city.

    Battle for some T city - 13/13 cav army vs 3/3 spear - win, -2hp. See a 4/4 horse coming.

    Abandon the idea of the western invasion - take all ships in that area and move them down towards the divide between the north and southern continents. They will be the transfer fleet labeled W-A and W-01 for galleons & frigates.

    Rush some settlers & a few galleons.

    5743gp, +1597gpt.

    IBT - Aztecs - two 4/4 horses suicide on a 5/5 cavs, -1hp. a 4/4 LB suicides on a 4/4 cav, -3hp.
    Zulu shuffle units, no attacks.

    Japan wants to talk. They will give us dyes if we given them wine and 161gpt. No thanks. We're doing just fine.

    Resistance in Zimbabwe ends.
    Resistance in Chalco ends. riot. Starve the city.

    Turn 242 (1260AD)

    Aztec Invasion FOB builds a barracks=>worker

    Galleons: 5
    Worker: 3
    Infantry: 2
    Settler: 12

    Zulu War
    Drop a new load of cavs, some settlers and workers.

    5/5 cav vs 3/3 impi in the open - win, -2hp.

    Battle for Swazi (on the northern continent) 4/4 cav vs 3/3 impi - win, -1hp, promote elite. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 impi - flawless win. Capture city, sink galley. Set to taxman & wealth.

    Battle for Isandhlwana - 4/4 cav vs win, -1hp. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 impi - flawless win. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 archer - flawless win. Capture city. No resistance.

    4/4 cav vs 4/4 impi in the open - flawless win. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 horse in the open- flawless win, promote elite. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 impi in the open - win, -1hp, promote elite. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 impi in the open - win, -1hp. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 impi in the open - flawless win. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 impi in the open - win, -1hp.

    Battle for Ulundi - 13/15 cav army vs 4/4 impi - win, -1hp. 12/15 cav army vs 4/4 impi - flawless win. Capture city & 1 slave. We have dyes now. 1 Resister (of 5). This also moves the Zulu horses out of their control (but not into our control).

    Aztec War
    Battle for Teayo - 4/4 cav vs 4/4 spear - retreat, -2hp. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 spear - flawless win. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 spear - win, -2hp, promote elite. 4/5 cav vs 2/4 spear - win, -1hp. Capture Teayo. 3 Resisters (of 7). It's got a barracks, which is nice.

    Battle for some city - 13/13 army vs 3/3 LB - flawless win. Raze the city. 2 slaves.

    Fill ASA with cavs.

    Battle for Xochicalco - 5/5 cav vs 4/4 spear - win, -1hp. 5/5 cav vs 3/3 spear - lose, -2hp, promote vet. 4/4 cav vs 2/4 spear - win, -2hp. Raze city. 3 slaves. Uncovers a hores. Planting a city here will give us fur.

    Settle Fur Town. Drop Lux to 0%. +1697gpt. 7097gp in the bank. Settle Salt Lake City on Aztec salts and a freshwater lake. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 horse in the open - win, -2hp. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 horse in the open - flawless win. See LB. 5/5 cav vs 4/4 horse in the open - flawless win. 11/13 cav army vs 3/3 LB in the open - flawless win. See Jag Warrior.

    Battle for Tamuin - 4/4 cav vs 3/3 spear - flawless win. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 spear - win, -2hp. Capture city and 2 slaves. 2 Resisters (of 6).

    Battle for Atzcapotzalco - 4/4 cav vs 4/4 spear - lose, -3hp, promote elite.. 12/13 cav army vs 3/3 spear - flawless win. 12/13 cav army vs 3/3 spear - flawless win. 5/5 cav vs 2/5 spear - win, -1hp. GL. Make Monty's Revenge. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 horse - win, -3hp. Raze city. 6 slaves.

    6037gp, +1812gpt. +2978 from cities, +634 taxes, -1643 corruption, -111 maintenance, -46 support.

    IBT - Lose a 4/4 cav to a 4/4 zulu horse. Aztec galleys are still sailing around with nowhere to go.

    Turn 243 (1265AD)

    Worker: 4
    Cavalry: 1
    Settler: 2

    Lots of banks build, +1929gpt.

    Zulu War
    5/5 cav vs 2/4 horse that killed our cav - flawless win. GL. Immediately form an army. Form the Zulu Slayers.

    Drop a load of workers & 1 infantry.

    Position units and build rails.

    Aztec War
    Shave off a worker from Teayo for 36gp.

    Battle for Calixtlahuaca - 4/4 cav vs 3/3 spear - win, -3hp. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 spear - win, -1hp. 4/4 cav vs 4/4 LB - win, -1hp, promote elite. Raze city per the orders of CommandoBob. If I can't pronounce it, it must be destroyed. :D 3 slaves.

    Load Monty's Revenge with cavs. Send them out scouting the Aztec lands for the next attack route.

    4/4 cav takes a worker in the open to get it out of the way of the invasion path.

    Battle for Tlacopan - 5/5 cav vs 3/3 spear - flawless win. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 spear - flawless win. Raze city. 2 slaves.

    Battle for Tzin . . . soon to be razed town - 4/4 cav vs 4/4 spear - win, - 2hp. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 spear - 2hp. Raze city. 1 slave. that gives Japan room to grow which will start spreading out their units for easy pickings in a few turns.

    4/4 cav meets a 4/4 Jag Warrior in the open - flawless win. Find 2 archers, 2 LB, 1 spear, 1 settler, 1 warrior. Wow, they are pulling out all the stops on this one. 4/4 cav vs 3/3 spear in the open - lose, -1hp after a defensive shot. 5/5 cav vs 5/5 warrior - flawless win. 4/4 cav vs 2/3 spear - win, -2hp. 5/5 cav vs 4/4 LB - win, -2hp. GL. Create the Green Killing Machine.

    Find next enemy city in the mist.

    Battle for next-soon-to-be-razed city - 12/13 cav vs 4/4 spear - flawless win. 12/13 cav vs 4/4 spear - win, -5hp. 13/13 cav vs 3/3 spear - win, -1hp. Raze city. 3 slaves.

    5/5 cav vs 4/4 archer in the open - win, -1hp. GL! Make the Soldiers of Fortune. 5/5 cav vs 4/4 LB - win, -1hp, but no GL. Darn cheating game. That's one whole elite battle without a GL! 4/4 cav vs 3/3 archer - flawless win.

    Attached Files:

  4. Verarde

    Verarde Pondering Wearing A Hat

    Nov 25, 2009
    Northern VA
    Bumpity bump bump bump.

    Commando Bob?
  5. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    I'm up again? Oops, I missed that.

    Got it.
  6. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    100% Tax
    000% Science
    000% Luxury

    Turn 243

    7818 gold, +1940 gpt

    Industrialization in 33 turns.

    City Builds
    1. not for 250 cities

    City Build Recap

    • 007 Settlers
    • 171 Workers
    • 218 Slaves
    • 008 Knights
    • 096 Cavalry
    • 11 Infantry
    • 001 Galley
    • 002 Caravel
    • 016 Frigate
    • 049 Galleon
    • 010 Army
      • Current Units: 371
      • Allowed Units: 344
      • Support Costs: 054 gpt

    Compared to Everyone we are Strong.

    We are at War with Aztecs and Zulu.

    10 Horses are connected.
    08 Iron are connected.
    05 Saltpeter are connected.
    04 Coal are connected.
    07 Rubber are connected.

    06 Wines are connected.
    02 Furs are connected.
    03 Dyes are connected.
    06 Incense are connected.
    07 Spices are connected.
    05 Silks are connected.
    04 Gems are connected.
    00 Ivory are connected (our only missing luxury)

    City Count
    250 Babylon (Ralivuen 3.5 people)
    013 Japan
    004 Aztec (that we see)
    004 Zulu

    Wonder Races Report
    • We own them all

    Conquer the world by 1415 AD, which leaves us about 30 turns.

    Random Notes and Tasks
    See that can rail five tiles on New World South; we need more workers there.
    Have plenty of workers in New World North.

    Need a combat settler near Tenochititlan/Tlaxcala for easier access to both cities. We should be able to reduce Aztecs to a one city civ next turn.

    Need one on the north Japanese border, too. If we are lucky, we might be able to claim a roaded jungle tile.

    We have to go though Japan before we can eliminate the Zulu on the south continent.

    Newly produced units will get fed into the Zulu war.

    We are at 58% of the world's land area (Good).
    We are at 90% of the world's population (Bad).
    So, we won't be capturing many new cites.

    Almost Within Reach
    1. Kill Aztecs
    2. Kill Zulu
    3. Kill Japan
  7. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    Sorry, I've been out of it for a while. I've been dealing with a sick family and I've been sick myself. Just checking in to see where we are at. I figure this game won't get back to me. :D I think we will win this one with a comfortable margin on 1415AD.

    Sorry for being gone!
  8. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    0 1265 AD

    Move a settler across the Aztec borders on the northern end of their short-lived empire. Place it under our Army Monty's Revenge.
    Rush a worker in Teayo for 80 gold.
    Do a little bit more rushing, not much.
    Flip proof our cities, except for Chalco. It needs two units but only has one.
    Add extra units in Tula and Tamuin to squash the crabbies.
    Lose a Cavalry to an Aztec Arrow unit (0 of 1).

    Iron Range: Bank -> vCav in 3.
    Shuruppak: Courthouse -> vCav in 5.
    Resistance in both cranky cities ends.
    Tamuin has a sit-down hissy fit.

    Palace Expansion; we build a second story hallway on Stage Right.

    1 1270 AD

    Aztec War
    Build Red E or Not, which puts Tlatelolco within Knight range. We rail to our new city.

    Tlatelolco (9)
    eKnight is bested by rSpear (0 of 2).
    Second eKnight does no better (0 of 3).
    Third eKnight gets our first win (1 of 4, 0 of 1e).
    eKnight stomps 2/4 Spear (2 of 5, 0 of 2e).
    eKnight tramples 1/3 Spear (3 of 6, 0 of 3e).

    Good News

    We accidently keep this city, netting 3 resisters.

    Red Baron grabs land near the Aztec capital.

    Tlaxcala (3)
    Scout with a vCav; rSpear defends; rSpear dies (4 of 7).
    eCav falls to rSpear (4 of 8).
    eCav whacks 2/4 spear (5 of 9, 0 of 4e).

    Good News

    We raze it and gain a slave.

    Tenochtitlan (7) (capital)
    eKnight scouts; rSpear on top; eKnight retreats (5 of 10).
    eCav shoots; rSpear disappears (6 of 11, 0 of 5e).
    eCav arrives; rSpear departs (7 of 12, 0 of 6e).
    eCav comes; rSpear goes (8 of 13, 0 of 7e).
    eKnight faces 2/3 Spear; eKnight survives (9 of 14, 0 of 8e).

    Good News

    Another one bites the dust. Three gold and three slaves.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers opens the path to Teotihuacan.

    Teotihuacan (7) (capital)
    eCav catches vSpear at ease (10 of 15, 0 of 9e).
    eCav buries rSpear (11 of 16, 0 of 10e).
    eCav stifles rSpear (12 of 17, 0 of 11e).

    Good News

    We create more ruins, but gain 3 gold and 2 slaves before the city is reduced.

    The Aztecs are now a one city civ.

    eCav rides down wounded Longbow (13 of 18, 0 of 12e).
    Grab two undefended slaves.
    vInf is beaten by rSpear on a mountain (13 of 19).

    Load up 4 Galleons with 1 Army and 12 Cavalry and ship chain them towards Ixtapalu, the last Aztec city. They will arrive next turn.

    Sink a nosey Aztec Galley along the way.

    Zulu War
    Hlobane (2)
    eCav skewers an Impi (14 of 20, 0 of 13e).
    eCav slices and dices another (15 of 21, 0 of 14e).

    Good News

    We keep this city to have easier access to the two remaining coastal Zulu cities. We gain 3 gold and 2 slaves.

    Grab a standalone slave on the road to Intombe.

    Rail to Hlobane.

    Intombe (2)
    eCav is out fought by rImpi (15 of 22).
    vCav doesn't wimp out (15 of 23).
    vCav wins the day over wounded rImpi (17 of 24).

    Good News

    Four gold and we keep this wide spot in the road.

    Ngome (2)
    vImpi defends and is smitten down by vCav (18 of 26).
    rImpi is flawlessly destroyed (19 of 27).
    Next rImpi manages to inflict 1HP of damage (20 of 28).

    Good News

    Ngome is ours, which puts us at 60.1% of the world's land area. These three cities skirt the west side of Japan and, once the fog is removed, offer easier access to some of Japan's cities.

    Strike down a vImpi inside Japan (21 of 29, 0 of 15e).
    We find Nara, Japan.
    We send four units over Japan's borders looking for geisha girls, but they find none.

    Hlobane and Intombe can be abandoned next turn but we need to keep Ngome; it is in direct contact with Japan's borders. We see 10 of their 13 cities.

    No armies were used in any of these battles.

    Ship across 12 Workers and we road to Ngome.
    Rush Galleon in Saldae.
    Move a settler to gain us easier access to Nara.
    Put together a one turn jungle whacking stack of slaves.
    And a one turn jungle roading stack, too.
    Rush an Aztec settler in Tula.
    The Aztecs take Red Baron, which was undefended. I don't know how I missed that unit.

    We lose 17 gold and some tiles.

    Zulu land two units near Blocking Town.

    We agree to Japan booting out our units.

    Seaside Shores: Bank -> vCav in 4.
    Mr Ed: Bank -> vCav in 4.
    Aarhus: Bank -> vCav in 5.

    2 1275 AD

    eCav avenges Red Baron (22 of 30, 0 of 16e).

    Unload Cavalry and Army next to Ixtapaluca, in a forest.

    Red Belt eats into Japanese territory near Nara.

    4/5 Cav spikes a vImpi at Blocking Town (23 of 31, 0 of 17e).
    4/5 Cav rustles a vHorseman in the same area (24 of 32, 0 of 18e).

    Send 2 Inf, 2 Cav, 4 Settlers and 4 Workers to Zulu.

    We rail towards our new city that will be built next turn on the north border of Japan.
    Rush some builds for the excitment of next turn.

    We are 229 tiles away from a Domination Victory. Japan, Zulu and Aztecs combined control 296 tiles.
    Silky Red Pajamas: Bank -> vCav in 7.

    3 1280 AD

    Aztec War
    Ixtapaluca (5) (capital)
    vCav downs vSpear (25 of 33).
    vCav repeats that (26 of 34).

    Good News

    We capture one slave in the city and net two more when the city is razed.

    Better News

    About time.

    Red Riding Hood is placed 2N of Yokohama. But there is no road connecting us to Yokohama.

    We call up the leader of the Land of the Rising Sun. They refuse to grant us all their 17 gold. So we declare War on all their 13 cities.

    Japanese War

    Matsuyama (4) (North Japan)
    This city is isolated and shared this island with the last Aztec capital.
    vCav spots an rSpear; kills it (27 of 35).
    vCav followup takes out another rSpear (28 of 36).

    Good News

    We keep this city so that we load our troops into boats here.

    Shimonoseki (4)
    Red Riding Hood snagged a Japanese worker inside its borders when we built the city; vCav makes it ours.
    vCav dusts off rSpear (29 of 37).
    Next one retreats (29 of 38).
    vCav makes up for the retreat by becoming Elite (30 of 39).

    Good News

    We keep this city to get to the other 3 cities nearby.

    Nagasaki (2)
    No roads lead to this city.
    Two vCavs plink away at the two rSpear defenders (32 of 41).

    Good News

    Not much of city, really.

    What is worse is that the jungles in North Japan have prevented a road network.
    We move slaves to build a road to Nagasaki next turn.
    Move 5 eKnights 1N of Yokohama.

    Nara (7) (South Japan)
    vSpears is the best defender; vCav wins withour great effort (33 of 42).
    Next vSpear draws some blood, but not enough to matter (34 of 43).

    Good News

    We keep this city for tactical reasons. We gain no gold, 4 resisters and an Impi at the city gates.

    Mpondo (5) (capital)
    Zulu Slayer, a 3 Cavalry Army, gets in the first licks on Mpondo. One Impi is impish no more (35 of 44).
    Army of Darkness, just named and also a 3 unit affair, gets the followup attack and snuffs an Impi (36 of 45).

    Good News

    We gain 24 gold, one slave and a large section of Japanese border.

    Better News

    And the Zulu are gone.

    We rail to Mpondo.

    Ship across 8 vCavs.

    Edo (6)
    vPike defends, a bit tougher than a Spear. But not that tough (37 of 46).
    Neither is the second Pike (38 of 47).

    Good News

    We gain more ground and three resisters. We rail to Edo and spot Nagoya to the NE.

    Nagoya (7)
    Pike is not a problem, nor is a Spear. The next Spear is really tough, defeating our Cavalry and promoting at the same time (40 of 50).
    eCav is called up and the Spear is shattered (41 of 51, 0 of 19e).

    Good News

    Three resisters in this city and we spot Ancient Cavlary milling around this city.

    We rail to Edo and then pick off 3 ACs near the border, losing one of our own (44 of 55). We spot two more.

    Two Swords meet their doom (46 of 57).

    Infantry protect our exposed workers.

    We scout around and find Toyko and Osaka. We have located all of the Japanese cities.

    we can safely keep any cities we capture. The Domination Limit is 155 tiles away. At 9 tiles per captured city, we would need 18 cities to reach the limit. Japan had 13 at the start of this turn.

    We can fill four ships (Saldae to Zulu Invasion FOB) next turn.

    In Aztec Invasion FOB load Aztec Slayer, Army of Nothing, Green Killing Machine and Monty's Revenge into Galleons and sail them home, headed for Japan.

    Some stay busy, some get parked around the capital.
    Lose a scouting Cav to Ancient Cav (46 of 58).

    Lots of 'We love the King!' days being celebrated throughout our empire.

    Palace Expansion; we add a pagoda style topper to the middle stack.

    4 1285 AD

    Check and see that we connected to Ivory on the road between Edo and Nagoya. Missed this milestone earlier.

    North Japan

    Yokohama (4)
    An Archer takes a free shot at our eKnight and misses. rSpear misses, too (47 of 59, 0 of 20e).
    eKnight trounces rSpear (48 of 60, 0 of 21e).
    eKnight bowls over Archer (49 of 61m 0 of 22e).

    Good News

    We got it but we don't want it so we raze it. We get a Japanese slave.

    Load up 4 eCav into a Galleon in Nagasaki and unload them next to Izumo.

    South Japan
    Red Robin grants us shorter access to Satsuma and Kyoto.

    Misclicked on a ship transfer and only 3 Armies made it to Japan.

    Five Armies and five cities. Time to get rolling.

    Tokyo (8)
    Army of Darkness chews up a Pike and two Spears (52 of 64).

    Good News

    We like Ivory, so we keep the city. It has 5 resisters.

    Osaka (10)
    Zulu Slayer has a tougher time with 2 vPikes and a Spear but prevails in the end (55 of 67).

    Good News

    With this Army down to 2 HPs, it needs a city and some friends to protect it, so we keep Osaka. And again we get 5 resisters.

    We rail to Red Robin.

    Kyoto (5) (capital)
    Green Killing Machine has the honor of calling upon the capital city, which is defended by a vSamurai.
    vSamurai slices and dices and bleeds and dies (56 of 68).
    vPike and vSpear meet their ancestors (58 of 70).
    vCav stings vSpear (59 of 71).

    Good News

    The Statue of Zeus is ours. Three resisters out of four citizens.

    Pick off an Archer outside Kyoto (60 of 72).

    Satsuma (10) (capital)
    Aztec Slayer Army faces 2 Pikes and Spear and has no trouble with any of them (63 of 75).

    Good News

    We captured a settler and got two slaves. And seven resisters.

    Kagoshima (8) (capital)
    Monty's Revenge rushes into battle and decimates a vPike and vSpear (65 of 77).

    Good News

    We could keep it but we don't need any more resisters, so we raze it instead.

    With this continent secure, time to protect our exposed units and such.

    Five Ancient Cavalry face their modern counterparts; The Statue of Zeus is no match for The Model 1873 of Winchester (70 of 83).

    That leaves a Pike and several Swords and Spears in various parts of the countryside.

    We place Infantry to guard our workers.

    Two vCavs have some fun with an Archer and Sword in open ground next to two cities (72 of 85).

    I missed an Ancient Cavalry; it was covered by a Pike. We let it live.

    Busy work, mostly.
    AC attacks wounded Cav and wins (72 of 86).


    Barbarians bother Cirta. My bad.

    Mongol's Doorstep: Courthouse -> vCav in 16.

    5 1290 AD

    Izumo (4) (capital)
    Frigates try to bombard; 3 Frigates and 1 HP of damage inflicted.
    eCav inflicts fatal damage to an rSpear (73 of 87, 0 of 23e).
    eCav dances on and around a 2/3 spear (74 of 88. 0 of 24e).

    Good News

    We keep this city as a tourist spot. We even start a harbor!

    Better News


    We are 94 tiles away from a Domination Victory.

    Great News!

    Gloating Time
  9. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Finishing in 1290 AD beats the time of 1420 AD for Regent, Conquest, Large Map set by zerksess. If this were a solo game, it would have placed 8th in the HOF table.

    These settings in the HOF have only 8 games.

    We shipped 4 Armies from the Aztec war back to the homland and across and into the Japan war, but only 3 arrived. Due to their ability to fight more than once per turn, they were a big help in taking down the Japanese cities on the next to last turn. They weren't needed to win the war, but they were a big help in making it a shorter war.

    The units that were sent to take out the Aztec/Japanese island north of the Aztec ship chain never got back into battle. The Cavalry weren't able to board the ships when they arrived sinced the Cavalry used all their movement points to arrive in the city.

    Sending a full load of workers into the Zulu war paid off big time. It allowed our Cavalry and Armies to use zero movement when getting to their jumping off points for combat.

    Maybe we could try another Regent game and aim to win by Conquest by 980AD, currently 7th place in the HOF for Regent, Conquest, Large Map? Or perhaps 1280 AD (Monarch, Conquest, Large Map, 9th place)?
  10. Verarde

    Verarde Pondering Wearing A Hat

    Nov 25, 2009
    Northern VA
    Wow! We did it! Amazing!

    Thank you all for letting me participate in this SG, my first ever! I'm sure you all are used to the feeling of victory by now, but for me, winning with you all as a team is a brand new experience!

    CommandoBob, by any chance do you have the save from the moment before we won, so that I could download it? :D
  11. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Save from the end 1290 AD.

    Attached Files:

  12. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    Well that turned out excellently! I was starting to stress that finish date when we found that the other civs were in exile on a string of pitiful islands. But no problem!

    So it was suggested that we start another game and take aim at another HOF placement (not that we can submit it, of course). Any interest in that? Monarchy or Regent, either is okay with me. I'm a little stressed at work for the moment but hopefully life will get better in the next few weeks.

    But in closing, Congratulations everyone! A very entertaining game!
  13. Verarde

    Verarde Pondering Wearing A Hat

    Nov 25, 2009
    Northern VA
    I would be up for that! I recently won my first solo game on Monarch, and seem to be progressing very nicely in my current game, so I am a bit more confident on higher difficulty levels.
  14. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Monarch sounds fine to me. However, I will be unavailable for an SG until after September 5. If we get another one started before then, send me a PM and count me in!

    HOF: Monarch, Large, Conquest
    Column 1
    Rank Player Score Date Civ
    1 del62 10064 250 BC Iroquois
    2 Chamnix 10088 230 BC Celts
    3 Calis 9656 230 BC Iroquois
    4 del62 9813 190 BC Celts
    5 nerovats 9245 10 AD India
    6 CKS 8829 10 AD Iroquois
    7 Brennan 7531 650 AD Iroquois
    8 PrinceMyshkin 7839 710 AD Iroquois
    9 Marsden 4769 1280 AD Arabia
    10 Warelit 5351 1862 AD Iroquois

    If we went with this VC combo, we should at least aim for 1000 AD and probably try someone besides Iroquois.

    However, there are other tables, too, like this one:

    HOF: Monarch, Conquest, Huge
    Column 1
    Rank Player Score Date Civ
    1 DaveMcW 11198 590 BC Iroquois
    2 Dianthus 10273 330 BC Iroquois
    3 Denniz 10210 330 BC Iroquois
    4 Denniz 9077 30 AD Iroquois
    5 Dianthus 8806 520 AD China
    6 Pacioli 7778 980 AD Iroquois
    7 Brainiac18 6474 1774 AD Persia
    8 CommandoBob 4926 1848 AD India

    Another one where 1000 AD looks like a good target. And if together we can't do better than the last one, we've got big problems! :D
  15. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    I'd love to play a Huge SG game - so long as everyone is patient with the turn logs! :D Monarch, Huge, Conquest, 1000AD sounds good to me. Maximum opponents or just the 8 required in the HOF? Pan landmass?

    Civ? I've never played the Celts except in a COTM that was totally not suited for GS. They'd be good for a quick conquest too?

    Or China? The Rider could be really good and Industrial/Militaristic. Russia? Scientific/Expansionist with a Cossack. Extra defense not so important but blitz ability?
  16. darski

    darski Regent in Training

    Jan 29, 2007
    Ontario, Can.
    :goodjob:Excellent game gentlemen. I look forward to your next effort. This is a great team.
  17. Toxicman007

    Toxicman007 Custom User Title

    Sep 28, 2009
    I'm totally up for that. I'd prefer China over Russia any day (my favorite civ, woo). So if we're going for votes, I say Monarch, Huge, Conquest, 1000AD, China, Pangea, 80% water. Anything else I don't really care about.

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