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Rat44 CCM - Ultimate Challenge

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Succession Games' started by ThERat, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Civinator

    Civinator Blue Lion Supporter

    May 5, 2005
    I never run into the forced anarchy while playing in democracy. But in CCM the setting for war weariness is the same as in standard C3C: The war weariness is high. But in CCM wars in democracy can last much longer due to the additional possibilties for happiness (additional religions, world religion and "cathedral boosting" possibilities). So in my eyes, if you have access to at least two religions, in CCM democracy can be a very considerable government. In my current CCM game I´m in democratic government since it was available, I´m always at war with differnt civs and it´s working great as I also had access to another religion and a worldreligion.
  2. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Feedback: Buy Steam Power ASAP; sell Imperialism while we can.

    0 1714 AD

    Buy Steam Power from France for 3470 of 3474 gpt and 227 gpt.

    We enter the Industrial Age and get Industrialization as our free tech.

    Egypt, Spain, France, Inca, Aztecs and Turkey are already in the IA. Nationalism, Scientific Method and The Corporation are what is known. Compound Steam Engine (railroads) has not been learned by them.

    We have the monopoly on Industrialization.

    Sell Industrialization to France for Sci Methods, The Corporation and 145 gpt.
    Sell Industrialization to Turkey for Nationalism and 74 gpt.
    Sell Industrialization to Egypt for 438 gpt.
    Sell Industrialization to Aztecs for 448 gpt.

    Start learning Compound Steam Engine, heading for Atomic Theory to get Motorized Settlers.
    Raise science to 70%, CSE in 14, +631 gpt, 4 treasury.

    American Rifleman are now availabe, and 8.8.1 unit for 80 sheilds.

    We have three Rubber connected.

    Cycle through the cities, making some clowns into geeks.

    Washington will now spit out Yankee Rifles every two turns instead of Muskets every turn.

    Sell Imperalism to Indo-China for 358 of 358 gold and 198 gpt.
    Sell Imperalism to Portugal for 259 of 259 gold and 39 gpt.
    Sell Steam Power to Korea for 289 of 289 gold and 123 gpt.

    Short rush some things, spending about half of the gold we got.

    Despite all this, Hakodate and Hiroshima are still rebellious.
    Spain wants to talk. They covet our new knowledge, though they only offer Peace for Peace. We stay at war.

    We lose an American Frigate and Famous Pirate at sea.

    Musketman reteats a Japanese Horse unit (1 of 1).

    Aztecs (12) and France (7) sign an MPP.

    National Rubberplantage, anyone?

    Military -> Military builds not recorded.

    Almalik: courthouse -> library in 4.
    Darkhan: town center -> town clock in 40.
    Ottowa: royal barracks -> vAmerican Rifle (vRifle for short) in 5.
    Victoria: town center -> courthouse in 4.
    Mississauga: bank -> light industry in 8.

    They Flipped Us Off!

    Hiroshima flips to Japan; we lose 6 units.

    Rhodes: town center -> academy in 7.

    We squash some Occcupy Hakodate folks and the whole city shuts down; go figure. We hire a clown.

    Ulaangom: town clock -> academy in 7.

    France is building Wall Street (The Corporation).

    1 1716 AD

    No visible enemy units inside our borders.

    Send a second Musketman to Erenhot.
    Send a Musektman to Houston.

    Houston-Matsuyama Area
    vHussar is out hussed by eSamurai (1 of 2).
    vUS Cavalry (vUSC) does a better job and eSamurai is erased (2 of 3).
    vUSC outshoots Asian Musket (3 of 4).
    Cannon pulverizes a Late Pike (4 of 5).
    This puts 6 units in the garrison outside Houston.

    rAsian Musket defends, on a hill.
    eHussar wins, but another Asian Musket defends (5 of 6, 0 of 1e).
    Send a Musket from Choir to defend this Hussar and wounded Knight.
    Later, move a Musket to 2S of Hiroshima and let Hussar and Knight move under that Muskets protection, inside our borders.

    Shuffle a Pike into Hohhot.
    eKnight in Washington heads for the front.

    Road the grassland that Baruun-Urt is working.
    Mine 1NE and 2NE of Dalanzagad.
    Eight Move1 slaves start a mine 2SW of Victoria; two turns.
    Two Move1 slaves do the same, 1W of Victoria; four turns.
    New Northeuropean worker in New York, send towards Buffalo.
    Lone Move1 Slave on unimproved plains between Hohhot and Choir; move into mountain garrison.
    Start a mine 1SE of Argo.
    Mandalgovi: temple -> town clock in 20.
    Argos: royal barracks -> vRifle in 5.
    Halifax: academy -> library in 3.
    Ephesus: courthouse -> academy in 6.
    Thermopylae: town center -> town clock in 16.
    Occupy Hakodate is dispersed.
    Hakodate: christian community -> Flag in 5.
    Seattle: town clock -> light industry in 16.

    Brandenburg Gate is built in Frankfurt, Germany.
    National Monument is built in Moscow, Russia.

    No counter attacks from Japan.

    2 1718 AD

    Three Firelancers, 2 Longbow and 1 Warrior are 1NW of Hohhot (forest).

    Compund Steam Engine dropped from 13 turns to 11 over the IBT.

    First Yankee Rifles arrive.

    See a Japanese Cavalry near Hohhot.

    We lose a US Cav as we sweep aside all but one Longbow in the forest (10 of 12, 0 of 2e).

    Shuffle a Pike into Houston.

    Send second Musket, USC and 2 Hussar to 1S of Hiroshima.

    Have units in place to attack Hiroshima and Mutsa-whatever next turn. I don't think they are well defended.

    3 Move1 slaves start a forest chop 1W of Choibalsan.
    5 Move1 slaves road the forest 2SW of Choisbalsan.
    Irrigate the grass that Baruun-Urt works.
    Mine BGs 1W and 1W-1SW of Dalanzadgad.
    Start 3 roads around Buffalo.
    Road 2 tiles at Argos.
    Road the moutain at Montréal.
    Four slaves mine 1W of Montréal.
    Three slaves road 1N of Montréal.
    One slave starts a mine 1S of Kazan.
    Build 2 roads at Vancouver.
    Mine 1N of Choir.
    Lose Musket and Hussar but take out a Longbow during Japanese counterattacks (11 of 15).

    Karakorum: basilica -> academy in 3.
    Montréal: academy -> library in 4.
    Vancouver: royal barracks -> vRifle in 4.
    Kazan: basilica -> library in 3.
    Ulaanbaatar: courthouse -> academy in 5.
    Choibalsan: courthouse -> academy in 4.
    Regina: bank -> town center in 7.
    Chicago: town clock -> academy in 4.
    Surrey: market -> library in 6.
    Sapporo: town clock -> town center in 10.
    San Francisco: town clock -> courthouse in 14.

    France is building Wall Street (The Corporaton) again.

    Wall Street is built in Lyons, France.

    We lost our supply of Wines and Gems.

    3 1720 AD

    We see that Japan has 17 cities.

    Asian Musket 2NW of Houston.
    Redlined Cavalry 1W of Hohhot.
    Longbow 1NW of Hohhot (forest).

    Saw forces moving through Matsuyama going west to east, like they are heading towards Choir.

    vUSC snipes at Asian Musket in Matsuyama but retreats (11 of 16).
    vUSC repeats and wins (12 of 17).
    vUSC gets caught doing the snipe (12 of 18).

    vUSC takes down vCav, not in Matsuyama (13 of 19).
    Wounded vUSC whacks a crippled Cavalry inside our borders (14 of 20).
    Knock out Asian Musket in Hiroshima (15 of 21).
    vHussar is retreated by Asian Musket (15 of 22).
    vMukset falls to that Asian Musket (15 of 23).

    Take out another Asian Musket in Matsuyama (16 of 24).

    Move Muskets from garrison to defend units in Japan.
    Move Muskets into unroaded hills to deflect the advance on Choir. These hills are on our side of the border.

    Irrigate the sugar at Baruun-Urt.
    Two more mines at Dalanzadgad.
    Mine at Argos.
    Two new roads at Vancouver.
    Mine 2SE of Choir.
    New forest road at Thermopylae.
    New road at Montréal.
    Start mountian mine at Montréal.

    Lots of cranky cities.

    Just noticed that Coal is not connected. We have some, north of Victoria, and that is the only source inside our borders.

    Now, just to be picky, I notice that the CCMpedia says nothing about needing Coal to make railroads. Or perhaps I did not dig deeply enough. In any event, I'm not going to risk it. While we cannot connect Coal this turn or next it will be done shortly.

    We sell Democracy to Persia for Wines and 26 of 26 gold.
    We buy Gems from Arabia for 51 gpt.

    That doesn't fix things, per MapStat.
    Luxury to 20%; that does the trick.
    Drop luxuries back down to 10% and no one is cranky. Must be an 'undocumented feature' in MapStat with luxury trades.

    Rush and short rush some things so that we can get back to building more military.
    Lose one of the blocking Muskets to an Asian Musket (16 of 25).
    Muskets defending the USCs win 3 of 4 (19 of 29).
    USC stops a Samurai/Sword unit and becomes Elite (20 of 30).
    Longbow is impaled on Pike at Hohhot (21 of 31).

    Almalik: library -> royal barracks in 4.
    Pfarsalos: hospital -> academy in 3.
    Victoria: courthouse -> royal barracks in 3.
    Military Academy prouces Schnider75.
    Rhodes: academy -> libary in 10.
    Hakodate: flag -> academy in 40.
    Ulaangom: academy -> libary in 10.
    Buffalo: harbor -> royal barracks in 30.

    4 1722 AD

    No cranky cities.

    Rename Mississauga to Mississauga - Mil Acad so that we (okay, just me) won't forget where this important building is located.

    Asian Musket 1NW of Houston.
    Firelancer and Warrior 1NW of Hohhot (forest).
    Late Pike and Longbow 1N of Hohhot (forest).
    Wounded (3/5) Asian Musket on a hill 1W-1NW of Choir.

    We have 4 USC (all wounded) and 1 Musket one tile into Japan near Matsuyama. This city was reinforced in the IBT from units that were headed to Choir; they came in from that direction and did not leave.
    We have 3 USC, 2 Muskets and a Lawyer 1S of Hiroshima. The wounded 2/3 Asian Musket is now a 3/3 unit.

    Retreat the wounded from around Matsuyama into Hohhot to heal next turn.

    Asian Musket at Houston retreats vUSC (21 of 32).
    But it does not do that a second time (22 of 33).

    vUSC brushes aside an Asian Musket (23 of 34).
    As expected, the second attack fails, but does promote the defender to Veteran (23 of 35).

    Well, that ends that for now. Last vUSC is 2/4, from last turn.

    Wait a minute, checked the CCMpedia. USC can attack multiple times per turn. No, not really. That is what it says but that refers to autoproduced USCs, not the ones built by us. The small wonder US Cavalry is in Philadelphia, where it autoproduces a US Cavalry every 6 tutns.

    So much for the thought that the cities were lightly defended!

    vUSC fights uphill but cleans out the Asian Musket near the Choir garrison (24 of 36).

    The center of our front line is Hohhot and both Matsuyama and Hiroshima are both 2 turns away from an attack from here. Need to get a strong USC force together here and then attack one city or the other. Trying to do both at the same time is not working.

    Road a forest with Move1 slaves at Choibalsan.
    Irrigate a plain at Baruun-Urt.
    Start two mines near Buffalo.
    Road the mountain at Victoria.
    Road a forest at Ephesus.
    Another mine at Argos.
    Another road at Montréal.
    Two mines at Dalanzadgad.
    New mine near Chicago.
    Begin to irrigate with Move1 slaves at Choibalsan.

    We find Scandinavia, but we cannot read the name of the city.
    Preboot from the Vikings due to our snoopy Frigate.

    Longbow tries to outshoot Muskets at Hohhot and fails (25 of 37).

    Tabriz: bank -> town clock in 8.
    Edmonton: bank -> royal barracks in 5.
    Byzanton: hospital -> courthouse in 9.
    Dalanzadgad: hospital -> courthouse in 5.
    Halifax: library -> royal barracks in 3.
    Quebec: hosptial -> light industry in 20.
    Regina: town center -> vRilfe in 8.
    Baruun-Urt: hosptial -> academy in 6.
    Ephesus: academy -> royal barracks in 9.
    Charlottetown: courthouse -> royal barracks in 8.
    Autoproduced US Cavalry in Philidelphia.
    We build one, also.
    Fredericton: courthouse -> vUSC in 5.
    Seattle: light industry -> royal barracks in 4.
    Houstson: christian community -> academy in 20.

    5 1724 AD

    Seattle is cranky; hire a geek and swap tiles with Choibalsan.

    Late Pike 1NW of Hohhot (forest).
    Firelancer and Warrior 2SW of Hohhot, on roaded forest.
    Five units left Matsuyama.

    vUSC burns Firelancer outside Hohhot (26 of 38).
    eCannon picks off the accompanying Warror (27 of 39, 0 of 3e).

    Name the units in Philadelphia US Cavalry_1724A and US Cavalry_1724B. One of them was built by hand and the other autoproduced. No way to know which is which. One of them should be able to attack multiple times on a turn.

    This campaign against Japan feels like the Allies advancement up Italy in WWII; slow and difficult.

    Another mine near Chicago.
    Roads at Ottawa and Charlottetown.
    New road at Montréal.
    New mine started at Montréal.
    Mountain mined at Victoria.
    Two hill roaded at Dalanzadgad; one of them gets a mine, too.

    We find Nyköping (9), Scandinavia, on a 3 tile island.

    Germany and Britian are in the IA. Inca still lacks Industrialization. Carthage could use Free Artistry. Need to check on these things.

    Our Furs for Incense trade wtih Britian ends in 4 turns.
    We lose our Dyes and 72 gpt from Carthage in 8 turns.

    Sell Industrialization to Germany for 313 of 313 gold and 169 gpt. Not sure if they are our next target after Japan, but we may not be finished with Japan in 20 turns, either. Especailly at our present rate of progress.
    Sell Industrialization to Inca for 272 of 272 gold and 144 gpt.
    Sell Free Artistry to Carthage for 73 of 73 gold and 76 gpt.

    Britian has 1550 gold and Coal for techs, but no gpt. Coal we will have connected next turn. And why sell them something at half-price? Even the Incas are paying over 3000 gold for Industrialization.

    We have 19 civs with which we have no embassies. It would cost around 2500 gold to establish embassies with all of them. We haven't made a big deal about embassies, so we'll continue to do nothing about this for now.

    Cycle through the cities another time, rushing and short rushing buildings.
    Outside Hiroshima we lose a Knight to a Cannon but retreat a second cannon (28 of 41).

    Babylon comes begging for our attention; 17 cities, 25 gold and they want an ROP and MPP. Nope.

    Karakorum: academy -> royal barracks in 4.
    Montréal: library -> light industry in 8.
    Daidu: town center -> town clock in 27.
    Kazan: library -> vRifle in 4.
    Almalik: royal barracks -> vRifle in 5.
    Uaanbaatar: academy -> light industry in 18.
    Delphi: town center -> town clock in 20.
    Mandalgovi: town clock -> academy in 8.
    Pfarsalos: academy -> courthouse in 6.
    Choibalsan: academy -> royal barracks in 8.
    Victoria: royal barracks -> vUSC in 3.
    Chicago: academy -> light industry in 13.
    Mississuaga Mil Acad: light industry -> vUSC in 3.
    Surrey: library -> vUSC in 8.
    Sapporo: town center -> academy in 5.

    6 1726 AD

    Athens is cranky; hire three geeks.
    Daidu is also upset; hire 3rd geek.

    Compound Steam Engine in 6; we gained another turn with our science buildings.

    Asian Musket 2NW of Houston.
    Late Pike 1SW of Hohhot (roaded forest).
    Four units that were 1SE of Matsuyama moved north into the grey.
    An Asian Musket and Cavalry are 1SE of Hiroshima, heading for either Choir or Hakodate. Neither city can be attacked this next IBT.

    eCannon mows down the late Late Pike blocking the road out of Hohhot and becomes *Cannon of Hohhot* (29 of 42, 1 of 4e)
    We gain MGL Lee.

    Four rush options for Lee in Houston; The National Exchange (149 turns), Capitol (249 turns), Great Palace (149 turns) and Battlefield Medicine (249 turns).
    Capitol acts like Forbidden Palace in C3C (reduces corruption); Battlefield Medicine is the same here as in C3C. Great Palace also acts like the Forbidden Palace, just cheaper, and National Exchange is similar to C3C's Wall Street.
    Rush Capitol in Houston.
    *Cannon of Hohhot* is fortified in Hohhot.

    Move 3 USC into Choir.

    eHussar hacks down the rAsian Musket outside Hiroshima (30 of 43, 1 of 5e).
    Lawyer tries to subpeona the now exposed and alone rCavalry but becomes the habeas corpus instead (30 of 44).

    eHussar crossed back into friendly land to heal.
    Move vRifle, vUSC, vMusket and eMissionary to 1S of Hiroshima.

    Since Japan appears to be focused on Choir/Hakodate, and has been removing forces from around Matsuyama, we plan to attack that city. Move 11 USC and 1 Hussar into Houston's garrison; they will attack next turn.

    Road a hill at Ottawa.
    Road a forest at Frederiction.
    Make a mine for Seattle.
    Start a mine for Choibalsan.
    Begin roading the just irrigated plain at Choibalsan.
    Road a forest for that city, too.
    Start a mine for Buffalo.

    Coal is connected. It is not in anyone's city radius, so National Coal Mine cannot be built.

    New mine for Philly.
    Start a mine for Argos.
    Start a mine at Mississauga - Mil Acad.
    Two roads and one mine for Dalanzadgad.

    ö = ALT+246
    ä = ALT+228

    We find Väsjö (10), Scandinavia. Its island is bigger.

    Rubberplantage and Marine Academy are available for building in Quebec.

    Begin working our workers/slaves back towards Washington to start railroads in a few turns.
    Wounded Cannon knocks off our wounded eHussar (30 of 45).

    Supreme Court in Toronto produces a Lawyer.

    Tabriz: Paddle Wheeler (!) -> courthouse in 8.
    Byzantion: courthouse -> town clock in 7.
    Dalanzadgad: courthouse -> light industry in 8.
    Baruun-Urt: academy -> royal barracks in 8.
    Ephesus: royal barracks -> vUSC in 8.
    Charlottetown: royal barracks -> vUSC in 10.
    Thermopylae: town clock -> academy in 6.
    Rhodes: library -> courthouse in 14.
    San Francisco: courthouse -> academy in 6.

    New Amerian Wonder

    Capitol is completed in Houston.

    Houston: Capitol -> academy in 10.

    7 1728 AD

    Asian Musket now 1NW of Houston, on a desert road.
    Redlined Cavalry 1W of Hakodate (hill).
    Around Hiroshima are five units.
    Asian Musket and Cavalry are 1SW of Hiroshima (hill).
    Samurai is 1S-1SE of Hiroshima (hill/border).
    Cavalry and redlined cannon are 1SE of Hiroshima.

    Their eyes are on Hakodate, which has 2 Knights defending.


    vUSC surprises Asian Musket (31 of 46).
    So does 2nd vUSC (32 of 47).

    Good News

    Matsuyama is now ours, again. It is size 1, so flip risk will minimal.

    There is a Saltpeter near the city that was inside Japan's borders but is now in no mans land.

    One cannon retreats from the Asian Musket at Houston, but not the followup (33 of 49).

    Move two Muskets from the Houston garrison towards Matsuyama.
    Move 5 USCs into Matsuyama.
    Send a monk to Matsuyama.
    Closest workers are Move1 slaves. They arrive at the Houston garrison, movement expended.
    Move 4 USC and Hussar from Houston's garrison to Choir's garrison.

    vUSC in Choir snuffs out the redlined Cavalry that tried to threaten Hakodate (34 of 50).
    vMusket blindsides the rCav 1SE of Hiroshima and becomes elite (35 of 51).
    eMissionary is too much for redlined Cannon; we gain a Japanese Monk (36 of 52).
    Send 4 USC and Rifle to 1S of Hiroshima.

    Disband the Paddle Wheeler in Tabriz to help with the courthouse.

    Send a monk to Matsuyama.

    Start a mine at Ottawa.
    New road at Mississuaga - Mil Acad.
    New mine at Buffalo.
    New mine for Seattle.
    Two new mines at Dalanzadgad.
    New mine started at Chiobalsan.

    Find Helsingborg (8) not too far from Väsjö. They are on the same 9 tile island.

    We spot a Portguese Catapult Ship and Galleass in ocean tiles.
    India, with 0 gold and 9 cities, wants to chat. MPP and ROP; NWJ (No way, Jose).
    Germany, with 40 gold and 17 cities, follows India. They want us to pay 130 gpt for an ROP and MPP. Keep dreaming.

    Athens: town center -> courthouse in 12.
    Sparta: town center -> town clock in 14.
    Tabriz: courthouse -> town clock in 8.
    Edmonton: royal barracks -> vUSC in 7.
    Pfarsalos: courthouse -> royal barracks in 3.
    Halifax: royal barracks -> vRifle in 4.

    8 1730 AD

    Culture expansion at Erenhot.

    Matsuyama is now Japan's focus.
    Firelancer, Late Pike, 2 Longbow and eSamurai* are 1NE of the city.
    A Cavalry and Samurai are within striking distance on the IBT.

    Lone Asian Musket is 1W of Hakodate (hill).

    We lose twice, retreat once but finally clean out the Japanese garrison NW of Matsuyama (37 of 56).

    USCs retreat, die, win and win (39 of 60).
    eMissionary destroys crippled Cavalry (40 of 61, 1 of 6e).
    vUSC ravages Heavy Artillery and promotes (41 of 62).

    Good News

    Hiroshima (2) once again belongs to the good guys. One resister, zero gold. Move in some of the attackers.

    Use nearby Rifles to block easy road/hill access to Hiroshima.

    USC makes the lone Asian Musket feel less lonely (42 of 63).

    Culture bomb Matsuyama; it is more vulnerable to counter attacks at the moment.
    Take out the Firelancer and Late Pike 1NE of the city (44 of 65).
    USC (wounded) and Horsearcher fail to kill the eSamurai* (44 of 67).

    Send a Musket into Japan to take pressure off of Matsuyama.

    USCs in Choir's garrison return to Houston's garrison to continue to Matsuyama next turn.

    Move Move1 slaves next to Matsuyama to road next turn.
    New mine for Bulgan.
    New mine for Buffalo.
    At Matsuyama, wounded Samurai moves 2N into Japan.
    Japan's Cavalry beats USC (44 of 68).
    Our Musket retreats Samurai (45 of 69).
    Both Longbow move 1W...dunno.

    Supply Shipment (Iron) in Philadelphia.
    Resistance in Hiroshima ends and the city does not riot.
    Matsuyama: christian community -> flag in 10.
    Seattle: royal barracks -> vUSC in 5.

    9 1732 AD

    Two Longbows 1NW of Matsuyama.
    Redlined Samurai 1NE of Matsuyama.
    Yellowd Cavalry 1E of Matsuyama.
    Firelancer 1E-1SE of Matsuyaman, heading to Hohhot (forest).
    Asian Musket 1E-1NE of Matsuyama, also heading to Hohhot.

    Road to Matsuyama is completed; another Saltpeter connected.
    Both US Cavalry_1724A and US Cavalry_1724B attack Longbows at Matsuyama and win, but neither can attack a second time (47 of 71).
    eUSC picks on the redlined Samurai, wins and becomes *USC at Matsuyama* (48 of 72, 2 of 7e).
    Sherman is our MGL.
    Atlanta is too far away, so we rush Battlefield Medicine in Matsuyama.

    USC whallops yellowed Cavalry (49 of 73).

    USC skewers yellowed Samurai inside Japan's borders (50 of 74).

    We send some forces towards Nara, two stacks. This is mostly just scouting in force, not a main attack group.

    One new mine at Bulgan.
    Mostly they move to Washington.

    We set Hiroshima to starve, from 2 to 1.

    Rush some buildings, but not many.

    The Furs for Incense exchange with Britian is offically over, but still continues anyway.
    Well, I spoke too soon. Britian's officals wake up and stop the flow of Incense into America. Potpourri prices skyrocket and commodity speculators invest heavily in scented candles and odor covering air sprays.

    Near Nara, Schneider75 ravages our eHussar (50 of 75).
    Musket retreats Cavalry (51 of 76).
    Calvary bests USC (51 of 77).
    Musket fights off something unseen (52 of 78).

    Karakorum: royal barracks -> vUSC in 5.

    Calgary shuts down. Geek -> clown (Big Bang Theory?) and things settle down.
    Hovd shuts down. No quick fix there.
    Byzantion shuts down. Hire a geek.
    Dalanzadgad shuts down.
    Pfrasalos shuts down.
    Halifax shuts down.
    Thunder Bay shuts down.
    Hiroshima starves to size 1.
    Hiroshima: christian community -> flag in 5.
    Rhodes shuts down.

    New American Wonder

    Battlefield Medicine is completed in Matsuyama.

    Matsuyama: Battlefield Medicine -> flag in 10.
    Sapporo: academy -> library in 8.

    10 1734 AD

    Earlier we lost two luxuries and nothing like this happened. I'm puzzled.

    We can get Incense from Britian or Germany. Britian would be my choice, but since this is the last turn I'll defer to the next player's decision.

    Firelancer 1SE of Matsuyama (forest).
    Asian Musket 1E-1SE of Matsuyama (forest).

    USC cannot upset Japanese Cavalry, though a vHussar can (53 of 80).
    Yellowed Musket then retreats the Schnieder75 into Nara (54 of 81).

    Send some units in across the borders SE of Nara and westward from Hiroshima.

    Iron shipment arrives in Washington.
    Workers arrive around Washington and get parked in stacks.

    And the save is attached.

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  3. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
    Latest Gains, 1734 AD
    Spoiler :

    Hiroshima flipped and we retook it. Matsuyama we had once before, lost it honestly in battle and now we rule it again.

    A vFirelancer (2.4.1) is 1SE of Matsuyama. Let it attack. Light Blue circle.
    A vAsian Musket is 1E-1SE of Matsuyama trying to find a way to die. Dark Blue circle.
    These are the only two visible foreign land units inside our borders.

    To the southwest of Nara are 11 units; 2 Muskets, 1 Horsearcher and 8 vUSC. Yellow circle.
    To the southeast of Nara are 2 units; a 2/4 Musket and vHussar. They retreated a Schneider75 into Nara. I don't know if they will survive the IBT or not. Bright Green circle.

    In the coastal hills northeast of Nara two Rifles are doing some grey-busting. Pink circles.

    Two east of Hiroshima are two vUSCs and a vRifle. They can't do much this next turn unless we conquer Nara but they may serve as a diversionary target for Japanese foreces. Dark Red circle.

    We also uncovered a Japanese city, name unknown, in the fog in the west.

    We need Incense from Britian or raise the luxury rate in order to get several large cities out of disorder. Britian is hungry for our new techs and they are not nearly so close as Germany, who also sells Incense.

    Calgary and Byzantion, currently 'fixed', can be readjusted after we get the fix for the loss of Incense.

    There might be good gpt deals for older techs. I did not check.

    Workers (west to east)
    Eight Move1 Slaves in Matsuyama; one active.
    One native Worker 1SE of Hohhot, road, will finish on the IBT.
    Two native workers 2NE of Hohhot, just finished road.
    One Move1 Slave 1W of Hiroshima, turn 2 of making a garrison.
    One Move2 Slave 1E-1SE of Dalanzadgad, heading for Washington.
    Fourteen native Workers 1SW of Washington; one active.
    Two native Workers 1NE of Atlanta, heading to Washington.
    Ten Move1 Slaves 1SE of Washington; one active.
    Eighteen Move2 Slaves 1E of Washington; one active.
    Four Move2 Slaves 1E-2SE of Washington; miskeyed into this tile.
    Three Move2 Slaves 2N of Philadephia.
    Three Move2 Slaves 1SE of New York.

    Settlers fortified in Choir and in Choir's garrison.

    Military Build Recap: 1714 AD
    Musketman [6]
    US Cavalry [6]
    American Frigate [2]

    Military Build Recap: 1734 AD
    American Rifleman [14]
    US Cavalry [15]
    American Frigate [2]

    We have more cities producing units, with about 6 more Royal Barracks in production. Not all are prime cities. Some are taking 8 to 10 turns to build USC and/or Rifles.

    Frigate Map

    We have five of these, trying to chart unexplored islands but mostly finding open sea.

    The Light Green dot has been sailing due east. It has found mostly nothing, except 2 Portuguese ships a few turns back.
    The Light Blue dot is also sailing due east, just north of the Light Green path. Right now it is due south of Nishapur, Arabia.
    The Orange and Yellow dots have found 3 of the 14 Viking cities. They were headed eastward but another ship can explore that area. These two should probably head NW until they are north of the Viking islands, with one heading north and the other west.
    The Red dot, just commissioned in Erdenet, can fog bust between the known Viking islands and Old Greece.

    Calgary and Erdenet are both making Frigates. Erdenet's can go anywhere, but those launched in Calgary need to sail east to avoid the Spanish ships that like to bombard Hakodate, Sapporo, Regina and sometimes Ottawa.

    For Civinator
    Noticed that in the CCMpedia -> Game Concepts -> Espionage and Espionage Missions both have links to the tech Espionage, which does not exist. The Espionage entry also references the small wonder Intelligence Agency, which has a cost of 400 shields and requires the tech Hidden Reserve. But I could not find a way to build Intelligence Agency. It looks like these three entries are copied from C3C and have not been fully updated for CCM (Game Concepts/Espionage and Espionage Missions and Small Wonders/Intelligence Agency).

    Once an embassy is established we can investigate a city, steal technology, steal world map, steal plans and initiate propaganda. In C3C only the first actions can be done with an embassy, the others require Intelligence Agency. I rarely build that in C3C games. As I understand it, Intellgence Agency is needed in order to plant a spy. On the Espionage screen in CCM, is planting a spy even possible?

    Also note that the entry for Hydro Plant from the Hidden Reserve tech page references an Assembly Plant. The link to Assembly Plant goes to the city improvement Light Industry.

    We have a single Japanese slave making a garrison 1W of Hiroshima. Right clicking on this unit we get this message: 'This worker has been ordered to Build Radar Tower and will be done in 1 turns. Do you want them to stop?' Is it easily possible to change the text to read 'Build Garrison' instead of 'Build Radar Tower'?

    The CCMpedia entry for US Cavalry states that it can 'attack multiple times in a single turn'. However, in the 1.7 biq the Blitz Unit Ability for US Cavalry is not selected.

    In this biq, can France and Britian still make Military Alliances? I haven't seen messages that they have made any MAs, but that means very little.

    Random Stuff
    No units on automove, in case the worker detail section implied that.

    Renamed Mississauga to Mississauga - Mil Acad, since that is where the Military Academy is located.

    We bought Steam Power from France and entered the Industrial Age. We got Industrialization as our free tech. It was a monopoly. We traded it for Natioanlism, Scientific Methods and The Corporation. We got good gpt for the trades. We also sold some older techs and got decent gpt for them too. An Aztec trade ended on the first IBT that let us keep an addtional 330 gpt. Most of our current gpt is from these trades.

    We have one source of Coal, recently connected, in a mountain between Philadelphia, Mississuaga - Mil Acad, Winnipeg and Victoria. It is not in any of their Fat-Xs, so no National Coal Mine can be built.
    Three sources of Rubber, near Quebec, Pfrasalos and Mycenae (National Rubberplantage).
    Two sources of Saltpeter, near Piraeus and recently acquired Matsuyama.

    Two small wonders avialable to be built are The Great Palace (300 shields) and The National Exchange (300 shields). Coastal cities can also build Marine Academy (300 shields).

    While not a small wonder, Artillery School (40 shields) can be built in Mississauga - Mil Acad.

    I considered starving Hakodate down to reduce the flip risk. The flip risk isn't very high, but we've had two cities flip on us on my turns. I'm just a bit worried, that's all. Hiroshima and Sapporo both have higher flip risks but Hakodate bugs me.

    This last turn some German units appear on their side of the border 4NW of Erenhot. They are obsolete units, Archer, Spear and Catapult, so they are no threat. Just something to keep an eye on.

    We need embassies with Egypt (240 gold), Turkey (124 gold) and Aztecs (134 gold). If we make peace with Spain we need an embassy also. They all have techs we can steal. Steel (hand built workers) is known by France, Aztecs and Turkey. We can attempt to steal this safely from France for about 5100 of the 6200 gold we have. It might be cheaper to steal from Turkey or Aztecs. I did not examine tech stealing in any detail until doing this writeup, after the turns were played.

    Had two good, uninterrupted days of Civ playing. No distractions, no drama and no emergencies. Doesn't happen often and for sure not often enough!

    • 01 Worker
    • 32 Pike +1
    • 05 Arqubusier
    • 08 Knight -1
    • 03 Cannon
    • 10 Musketeers -2
    • 03 Maces
    • 13 Late Pikes
    • 19 Musketmen -5
    • 11 Hussar -5
    • 27 US Cavalry +11
    • 03 Horsearcher -1
    • 01 Missionary
    • 01 Lawyer
    • 29 Move 2 Slave (from civAssist II)
    • 19 Move 1 Slave (manual counting)
    • 01 Monk (Greek)
    • 03 Monk (Japanese)
    • 01 Enslaver
    • 05 American Frigate +2
    • 18 Northeuropean Workers
    • 02 Northeuropean Settlers
    • 10 Native Spears
    • 01 Schneider75 +1 (new class)
    • 00 Famous Pirates -1
    • 02 Coastal Batteries +2 (new class)
    • 16 American Rifles +16 (new class)
    • 21 Tomahawk warriors
      • Current Units: 212
      • Allowed Units: 199
      • Support Costs: 039 gpt (3gpt/unit)

    Compund Steam Engine (railroads) in 2, +1530 gpt, 6236 gold.

    We won 54 of 81 battles (retreats counted as a loss). Seven Elite victories produced 2 MGLs, which gave us the Small Wonders of Capitol in Houston and Battlefield Medicine in Matsuyama.

    Two Missionary victories produced one Monk.
  4. ThERat

    ThERat Deity

    Nov 29, 2004
    City of one angel
    great trading :goodjob:

    lucky for us to get a monopoly tech, but we're back in the tech game. I will try and get our tech rate up to speed with more academies, libraries and unis.

    Got it, but I have a busy week and it will take til the weekend for sure for my set
  5. Northern Pike

    Northern Pike Deity

    Jul 29, 2003
    I was just going to post the same comments as Rat--tremendous trading to take advantage of our monopoly on Industrialization. :thumbsup:


    Rat, I probably can't play until the weekend anyway, so there's no problem with your taking your time (for once ;)).
  6. ThERat

    ThERat Deity

    Nov 29, 2004
    City of one angel
    I will slowly play and try to finish by Saturday (means Friday night US time).

    I started yesterday and played 1.5 turns. One of the priorities will be the rushing of many science buildings. Currently new techs take around 10+ turns to research which is way too long.
  7. ThERat

    ThERat Deity

    Nov 29, 2004
    City of one angel
    Managed to play 3 turns so far.

    The war with Japan is very slow but steady with them being gassed. It will require us to get proper RR crews north to speed this process.

    On the tech front, we got the RR tech. Seeing that France are fascists, I went for a safe steal as we had plenty of cash and succeeded. Not only that, but France had steel and obviously, I took steel over fascism.
    (There is something mysterious and remarkable. France is tiny by CCM standard and yet, managed to get Arm's Race as well as being on top of the tech game. How they manage to do that remains a mystery to me)

    Now, we are cranking out workers where it is viable and slowly get the workforce we need.

    Went for the path to hotchkisses rather than the first tier techs next.
  8. Elephantium

    Elephantium Elephants think that people are cute, like puppies

    Jul 12, 2006
    Minneapolis, MN
    I love it when CCM games get to the "hot kisses" stage.
  9. ThERat

    ThERat Deity

    Nov 29, 2004
    City of one angel
    Pre turn

    Rush some town centers, employ a few policemen, they get almost the same beakers and more production
    get incenses from Britain for some cash and rubber/furs

    IT we lose 2 units to the Japanese

    Turn 1 1736AD
    defeat 7 units and just take Nara, that has Buddhist art in it.

    sell Britain sci methods for 680gold and 105gpt
    same tech to Babylon for 130gpt and 484gold
    colonialism to Persia for 207g and 74 gpt
    sci methods to India for 187g and 190gpt, finally sell same tech to Germany for 184g and 94gpt

    IT Japanese response is laughable
    we get compound steam engine, steel next currently 11 turns

    Turn 2 1738AD
    gain a monk taking out a Jap redlined cav
    take Ise for the loss of one cavalry

    start to RR
    check that France got the Arm's Race and reckon they are fascists. Go for a safe steal and indeed,
    they have steel and fascism, take steel of course. :dance:
    change our research to chem industry in 13

    switch production where it makes sense to workers, rush a few
    do not sell compound engines now, it's still a monopoly tech and the prize we can fetch is pretty high

    Turn 3 - 1740AD
    sell Carthage ballistics for 99gpt, dyes and some cash

    capture Edo losing the obligatory cavalry
    uncover Nagoya in the fog, setup for an attack, continue to rail and rush stuff

    IT lose a cavalry in a counter by the Japanese
    we get the artillery school, it doesn't come with a pop up though

    Turn 4 - 1742AD
    manage to take Nagoya, culture bomb it as usual

    more rushing of workers and buildings

    Turn 5 - 1744AD
    we now have a 5 tiles per turn RR crew in the north
    get a MGL taking out a lone reg cav

    move to Izumo in the Japanese Alps

    IT no response from Japan

    Turn 6 - 1746AD
    use MGL to rush Industrial Core Center in Boston

    lose 3 cavalry but eventually manage to take Izumo
    with the RR crews almost reaching the front, the real battling will start next turn
    move a sizable force next to Nagasaki

    a check with the advanced civs shows all still pay market price for compound engine, hence I do NOT trade it yet

    IT Edo deposes us...

    Turn 7 - 1748AD
    first off, take Edo back without losses
    storm Nagasaki losing 2 cavs, via izumo, take Japanese Rostock

    unfortunately we need to change direction towards the Japanese capital, RR to follow

    sell imperialism to Arabia for 225gpt and 450gold

    IT Boston gets a steam engine as well and makes >80spt now

    Turn 8 - 1750AD
    found St. Louis in order to get to Kyoto
    lose 2 cavs, gain a monk and take the city

    the terrain beyond Kyoto is truly terrible for warfare, jungle galore
    am able to sneak up to Osaka

    IT Scandinavia declares war on Babylon :)

    Turn 9 - 1752AD
    take Toyama near the German border, a grizzly desert town
    capture Osaka that has the Himeji castle

    take out a Japanese settler pair we saw roaming around
    march towards Tokyo and kagoshima through terrible terrain

    with all the cash in hand, we rush things, but I again steal a tech from France, screw propeller this time :)

    Turn 10 - 1754AD
    hard to believe, but we meet Russia on the third continent
    they are also very rich and behind only by compound steam engine

    we move to attack those 2 cities next turn, but terrain won't get any better, it will take a while until we have taken care of Japan.

    our research has improved a lot with all the science builds. Chem Industry is due in 3 turns now

    if we sell that last trade able technology, we can make a ton of money by the way

    I will post pictures later today, but need to go to work now
  10. darski

    darski Regent in Training

    Jan 29, 2007
    Ontario, Can.
    :lol::lol::lol: good one!
  11. CommandoBob

    CommandoBob AbstractArt

    May 18, 2005
    Too near The Temple of Jerry Jones
  12. darski

    darski Regent in Training

    Jan 29, 2007
    Ontario, Can.
    Cbob youse is a funny guy!
  13. Northern Pike

    Northern Pike Deity

    Jul 29, 2003
    :) :D :lol:

    Rat, fine work against Japan--that was a lot of ground to cover. :thumbsup:

    I've got it.
  14. Northern Pike

    Northern Pike Deity

    Jul 29, 2003
    We're plodding through the great marsh to reach the last two Japanese cities, but there's no reason why our other operations should wait for that, so we've also declared war on Germany. We took three German cities on the first turn, and it should be a straightforward campaign.

    I'll post in time for the next player to play on the weekend.
  15. Greebley

    Greebley Deity Supporter

    Mar 28, 2002
    Boston Area, MA
    Ya I was thinking another war too. We got rails and can work on clearing the continent.

    Take your time if you need it. The turns are long now so I don't think there is a need to finish quickly.
  16. Butterball

    Butterball Bear

    Sep 5, 2005
    CommandoBob ... that was great. Very Funny!
  17. Northern Pike

    Northern Pike Deity

    Jul 29, 2003
    I think I'll take you up on that, if it's all right. I've had a completely frustrating week in terms of finding time to play, but today (Saturday) I should be able to fit in a long session. So I'll do that and post in the evening.
  18. Northern Pike

    Northern Pike Deity

    Jul 29, 2003
  19. Northern Pike

    Northern Pike Deity

    Jul 29, 2003
    1754 (0): The Egyptian offer for Compound Steam Engine is so low that they've plainly researched it much of the way, so we have to sell it now. Thus, CSE to France for 18261 gold; to Russia for 16494 gold; to Spain for 10017 gold; to Turkey for 8079 gold; to Egypt for 7560 gold (I may have forfeited 10 gold or so with a premature click ;)); to the Incas for 1032 gold and 135 gpt; and to the Aztecs for 176 gpt. The total, converting gpt to lump sums, is 67681 gold.

    The sale to the Spanish involves our making peace with them, of course, but they're at the other end of our continent and we'll have enough other targets for the next twenty turns. The loss of our carefully preserved war happiness requires a move of the lux slider to 20%, but we can well afford it.

    We pick up some walking-around money by selling Theology to the Vikings for 995 gold, Industrialization to Korea for 14 gold and 150 gpt, Economics to Carthage for 1 gold and 69 gpt, and Scientific Method to Indo-China for 7 gold and 178 gpt.

    We do a lot of rushing and short-rushing to clear the production queues for worker builds.

    We lose the redlined US cav outside Yokohama to a Japanese attack.

    We build 25 city improvements, mostly rushed, and 32 workers.
  20. Northern Pike

    Northern Pike Deity

    Jul 29, 2003

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