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Religion questions


8th grade English teacher
Mar 31, 2004
I'm struggling to obtain an achievement:

We are family - Become the dominant Religion in every Capital city on a standard-size or larger map.

So, I'm playing Russia on a standard pangea map on Prince and winning. I sent around 3 prophets and grabbed religious control of each capital city (I think). This is problematic because I'm not entirely certain what each country's capital is. Paris for France, Beijing for China, and London for England are easy, but I'm also facing the Netherlands, Pacal, and Arabia, but I thought I got them, and still didn't get the achievement. Questions:

1) Is there an easy way to identify a civ's capital city? I settled for trading with them and seeing which city they couldn't trade, but there must be an easier way.

2) How can I tell which religion is the dominant one in a city? I recall the pop-up about religion saying something about it would be visible somewhere on the city header or something, but I see nothing.

3) Do I have to position prophets next to each capital simultaneously to gain the achievement? I suspect my opponents are converting their capitals back right away.

4) Any other suggestions for how to gain this achievement?


A Stranger on a Train
May 26, 2012
I think it was actually bugged, don't know if they fixed it.
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