RFC Dawn of Civilization - The Historically Accurate Mega Campaign

So I'll restart the campaign with the 1756 AD turn. Decided that I'll not place Tallinn. Will place Odessa once I get very decent economy. Will need Bodajbo, Cicikar and Vladivostok before the Soviet Union period in order to have the Siberian coast for the Trans-Siberian railway UHV and also to establish a border with China and Korea. Also will conquer Fars and Central Asian cities by the early XX Century. Once I'll get the state party I'll go after placing Pavlodar, Bijsk, Ajan, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Norilsk, Velikiy Ustug, as well as going full on into conquering Mongolia and other neighboring nations as the city cost would not matter during this period. Totalitarianism would also be helping an effort, having no revolts upon city conquest. Might also conquer Mongolian cities before the Soviet Union only to release them as unified Mongolia once I switch to Central Planning and then reconquer them later on. As soon as the democracy is enforced by the UN I'll release most of the conquered cities.
How did it end up going?
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