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Rhye's and Fall for Civ5 is coming

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Rhye's and Fall of Civilization' started by Rhye, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. Rhye

    Rhye 's and Fall creator

    May 23, 2001
    Japan / South America
    It's with a bit of emotion that I write again on this forum, which one used to be our home. Is anyone left? Can anybody hear me?

    I came to announce that the long awaited Rhye's and Fall for Civ5 is in advanced stage of development and will be released by this spring.
    Some of you may already know that I started working on a preliminary version called "Rhye's Catapult" a few months ago, and opened this thread:

    I also have to explain why it took so long since the release of Civ5 and what happened to me in the meantime. If you want to know in detail you can read the spolier.

    Spoiler :

    2010 Started working on RFC for Civ5
    2011 The RFC development goes on but far to be completed, also because collaborators sometimes had to leave. At some point I moved to Japan, changed field to robotics; started Ph.D.; free time to zero due to the frantic lifestyle of Tokyo.
    2012 Moved to Germany and back through many business trips, free time even less than the previous year. Found external help to do some more progress on RFC, but couldn't integrate on the previous versions.
    2013 Moved to the US, then Germany, then Japan and other places in a rush to finish Ph.D. Uninstalled Civ5.
    2014 Moved to the Netherlands, Brazil, then to London in a restless barbarian fashion
    2015 Moved back to Japan, started post-doc; published a scientific article on the mechanisms of RFC together with Soren Johnson
    2016 Heavy workload; keep developing robots
    2017 Bought Civ6, quickly gave up; moved to Russia and then Peru
    2018 Working in Japan/Peru, heavy work load with teaching duties
    2019 Same as 2018. My work can be seen here: http://rhye.civfanatics.net/gabu/press.php
    2020 Coronavirus

    So coming back to modding happened because of...Coronavirus. This worldwide disaster had the unexpected collateral effect of giving free time at home...

    Catapult turned out too good to be left incomplete, so I'm going forward developing it until its complete form.

    I will post updates on the CFC thread, and will store all the documentation on rhye.civfanatics.net.
    You can already see some screenshots: http://rhye.civfanatics.net/pages/civ5-RF-gallery.php

    I hope, for those who are still tied to Civ4, that this will be the good chance to give Civ5 a try. All the concepts behind RFC are there in the new mod. You're gonna like it.

  2. stillblackadder

    stillblackadder Chieftain

    Nov 20, 2019
    Hello Rhye!
    I just want to thank you for kickstarting this whole concept of RFC which still lives on today.
    I tried out catapult during its early stages and will be looking forward to see how the whole thing turns out.
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  3. EdmundIronside

    EdmundIronside The fake sound of progress

    Jun 27, 2017
    Grand Rapids, MI.
    When I finally get round to playing CIV5 this year, your mod will be the first one I try. :worship:
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