Rhye's of Civilization OCC


Jun 9, 2004
Lately I've been taking a break from playing epic games and to add some variety I've been trying out different mods. This particular mod was created by Rhye, who is in my opinion, a genius at mod making. The mod is set on a 170x170 detailed Earth map and features 31 civs all in their correct starting locations. A few standard civs have been removed and some original civs take their place and between the civ changes and a few new units and techs sprinkled throughout the mod, you get a whole new experience from the same old epic game.

As with any OCC I knew I'd need a civ with a good start point and reasonably close access to good resources. I chose to play as England because they fit the bill but Carthage and the Ottomans also looked like good picks. I played on Monarch difficulty and space/culture/diplo/conquest/domination victory conditions were enabled. This OCC was played with version 2.46 of Rhye's which was the current update.

4000 BC - I start working on a curragh. I'm going to rely on heavy trading so I need to meet my neighbors.


3650 BC - My curragh completes and I start a warrior to go exploring. I can see the culture borders of the French and Dutch. I'm happy to have them nearby at least until they get Map Making. I begin researching alphabet, due in 36 turns.


3550 BC - I contact both the Dutch and the French, they already have my starting techs so I have nothing to trade.

3400 BC - Warrior completes, I start building workers. Unimproved land makes me twitchy.

3300 BC - Fortune shines down as I get The Wheel from a goody hut

The Wheel

3100 BC - I find a second hut and get Ceremonial Burial! Nice. Still nobody to trade with though. I meet the Portugese, they have nothing worthwhile.

Ceremonial Burial

3000 BC - First worker is done and gets busy. I start another.

2850 BC - I meet Hannibal of Carthage. He has nothing to trade

2600 BC - 2nd worker is ready to pick up a shovel. I start a temple. I neeeeed culture. I'm hoping to expand my borders fast enough so I won't have to rely on colonies.

2550 BC - I meet my future nemesis, Caesar. Trading begins in earnest. I sell the Romans Pottery for 35g. The Dutch give Bronze Working for Burial + 70g. I sell Wheel to Carthage and Portugal for 10g each. 10g? Isn't that kind of pathetic?

2300 BC - Alphabet comes in. I start Writing due in 43. This is a good time to mention that in Rhye's mod, the max length for research is 70 turns instead of 40 in C3C so the min research gambit that is great for epic games is not so good here.

2200 BC - I meet the Greeks and peddle the Wheel to them for 10g. The Dutch cough up 70g and the French 45g to share my alphabet. I trade Alphabet and 90 of my precious gold coins to the Portugese for Warrior Code

1975 BC - I meet the Byzantines and swap Ceremonial Burial for Masonry. I then sell Masonry to Portugal for my 90g back. I also meet the Ottomans this turn and sell them CB for 20g.

1950 BC - Temple completes, I start a barracks. I'm starting to get paranoid on my island.

1850 BC - Meet Babylon and sell The Wheel to Hammurabi for 26g.

1825 BC - Barracks done, I need a spearman.

1725 BC - Spearman goes on guard duty, we start a granary. I need to get to size 12 asap.

1700 BC - I connect some Dyes. Psychedelic Tie-dye T-shirts become the fashion around London. I send my spearman out to suppress the Hippies.

Between turns, Henry of Portugal starts feeling froggy. He demands the princely sum of 31g. I refuse and he chickens out. You're at the top of my list now Henry.

Henry the Punk

1650 BC - A quick check of the diplomacy screen shows that all the known AI are bankrupt and behind in tech. Good.

1525 BC - Joan of France tries to bully me for some cash. I refuse and notice that she has Iron Working. I try to trade but Joan is a hard case and asks way too much.

1500 BC - Hannibal has Iron Working too. Fortunately he is more reasonable and offers it up for Alphabet. We jump on that trade and laugh at Joan for her greed.

1475 BC - Granary completes. I start working on warriors for the ever popular warrior ---> swordsman upgrade.

1350 BC - I finish another worker and start roading to some iron. He'll build the road and then make the colony. I'm at 70% research and now losing 1 gpt.

1275 BC - I have nothing important to build atm so I switch to wealth. Caesar comes knocking and demands Iron Working. I say "work this" and send him packing. He fails to declare. I see that Henry has Riding but he's stingy and won't trade.

1250 BC - Writing is finished. I start Philosophy due in 43. The rush to philosophy and the free tech is my favorite thing about the ancient age. It's fun to slingshot ahead in the tech race.

1125 BC - London is looking good at 6 pop and I'm still down 1 gpt. I trade Alphabet and Iron Working to Greece for Riding. The Dutch and of course Henry also have Riding but they both wanted Writing in return and I want to delay them getting Map Making as long as possible.

1075 BC - I meet the Vikings and sell them Ceremonial Burial for 10g. I hate Ragnar already. I build my iron colony and upgrade some swords. Now I can handle the small invasions that are inevitably coming. I start building the Colossus. I need the commerce and it'll trigger my Golden Age perfectly to get the Great Library.

1000 BC - Disorder in London. I need to pay better attention to micro managing.

950 BC - Meet the Germans, sell them Alphabet for 11g. I ask Bismarck to please refrain from landing Panzers on my island when he gets them in 2500 years.

925 BC - It's a sad day as I disband my interpid curragh to save on upkeep. I'll think of him again when my first Man o War rolls off the docks.

850 BC - Henry, acting with stunning lack of foresight, demands writing and then declares war when I refuse. Portugal lacks the ability to build galleys. I laugh.

710 BC - Osman of the Ottomans displays his shrewd business acumen and extorts Alphabet, The Wheel, AND Iron Working in exchange for Mysticism.

I immediately sell Mysticism to the Dutch for 49g. Joan has Mathematics but won't budge on a trade if I won't include writing and I won't. We'll stick to counting on our fingers for a few more centuries. All the other AI are flat broke and eating our dust on tech.

550 BC - Henry finally decides to talk. He acts insulted when I offer s straight peace deal and refuses. Henry, YOU HAVE NO SHIPS.
Apparently, someone in Rome has been burning the midnight oil because they just jumped like 3 techs and now have parity with us including writing. To my horror I find that someone else got writing and passed it around. I break down and sell Writing and Mysticism to Joan for Math + 8g. I give Henry Math and Mysticism for Peace + 25g just so he'll shut his pie-hole.

490 BC - Rome demands a bribe of 31g. I tell Caesar to go pound sand. Nobody who doesn't have the sense to build ships before making threats against an island country is getting a dime from me. He declares. I hope Legionaries can dogpaddle.
470 BC - Philosophy comes in. I take Literature as my free tech. I start studying Currency, due in 41. Unhappiness has stopped growth in London, that's real bad.
Osman demands writing. Nope. He declares. Yawn.

I sell Writing to the Greeks for 34g. Joan demands Philo. I decline, she declares. Joan, someday you're going to get what's coming to you.

450 BC - I finish the Colossus. My Golden Age begins and I start the Great Library, due in only 15 turns!

230 BC - I sell Mysticism to Theodora for 18g. To my dismay I see the genie is out of the bottle and Carthage has Map Making. I buy it from Hannibal for Mysticism + Mathematics + 120g. I notice the Ottomans have Polythesim during a futile peace discussion.

190 BC - I build a furs colony. Now maybe my ingrate citizens will zip it and get back to work.

130 BC - Complete the Great Library. I take a gamble and start on Mausollos before building up my island defense force. I think I can squeeze out 1 more wonder before galleys start showing up. I also decide to try and use Literture to sweeten some peace deals. Joan bites and throws in 3g and the Ottomans follow suit but give up 39g. I sell Literature to Hannibal for 61g and to the Germans for 25g. Caesar decides to be stubborn so no libraries for him.

110 BC - First dividend from the Great Library as Polytheism comes in.

70 BC - Bismarck demands Philosophy. He declares when I refuse.

50 BC - My Golden Age ends. I finish researching currency and start on Code of Laws, due in 17. I am at 80% science.

The Ottomans finish the Oracle.

10 AD - A new Milennium begins. Here's how we look.

10 AD

70 AD - Ragnar demands Literature. I cave. I'm not ready for raging Vikings.

130 AD - Get Construction from the Great Library. Now I can put fortresses on my colonies.

150 AD - Complete Mausollos. I wave goodbye to my disorder problems. I start a library.

170 AD - Trading time again. I sell Math to Byzantines for 33g, Philo to Greece for 41g and to the Ottomans for Peace+ 44g and finally to carthage for 21g

I also build embassies in Paris and Amsterdam. I am happy to see that these two are at war. France is also at war with Rome.

190 AD - I see a German ship on the Horizon. I have several Swordsman ready so no big deal.

230 AD - No German landing yet. I see a French ship coming now too.

270 AD - Germans land an Archer. French land a Spear/Settler pair. The Dutch demand Philosophy and I cave. Caesar lightens the mood by offering me peace for Philo + 250g. I'll pass.

290 AD - I start cranking out units. If I let these fools settle on my island my colonies will be swallowed up. I kill the Germans and French. 1 French slave worker becomes a horse colony.

310 AD - We start the Middle Ages first. Study Feudalism, due in 23.

330 AD - Literature to Babylon for 62g. Currency to Dutch and Greeks for 31 and 24g.

430 AD - Another French galley appears.

450 AD - Laughable French peace proposal. More French invaders die as my army buildup continues.

470 AD - Monarchy comes in courtesy of the Great Library. I am waiting for Republic to revolt. I notice that the Romans, Greeks, and the Dutch have reached the Middle Ages. I sell Currency to Carthage for 84g and they join us.

510 AD - Disaster for France. The romans took 1 of their port cities and the Dutch razed the other. No more galleys for Joan.

610 AD - Ottomans build Temple of Artemis. I start a marketplace. I am really poor.

630 AD - Persians build Statue of Zeus.

650 AD - Germans land a lonely horseman. We send him to the big pasture in the sky. They are up 2 techs.

670 AD - German tech lead evaporates as the Great Library brings in Feudalism and Monotheism. I was only 4 turns from Feudalism myself. I hate wasted research. I start on Theology and upgrade my units.

I make peace with Joan straight up. She is pretty beat down. Currency sold to Ottomans for 22g + 1gpt. They make Middle Ages.

770 AD - Carthage builds the Great Lighthouse. That's good for us.

China builds the Great Wall. In this mod you need Silk as a prerequisite for it so they're almost a lock every time.

830 AD - Interesting turn. I start out selling Monotheism to the Dutch for 63g and to Osman for 109g and 4gpt. The Euro AI are pummeling each other mercilessly so they're a bit behind their usual pace. I'm surprised to find that the rampaging romans have destroyed the French!

Greeks build Holy War which is like Knight's Templar but requires spice and creates 5/1/1 Fanatics.

890 AD - Romans build the Hanging Gardens. I have played dozens of Rhye games and never have I seen the AI do so much damage as Rome.

970 AD - I begin to wonder if all the AI have forgotten me. No enemy landings for some time now.

990 AD - Republic come in from the GL. I'm sticking is despotism a few turns to finsih up a Cathedral and Theology.

1030 AD - Rome asks 540g for Peace. Caesar is such a tool.

1040 AD - I rebel and draw a 4 turn anarchy. Very nice. I start research on Printing Press. I am at peace with everyone but Rome and Germany.

1080 AD - We are now a Republic. Printing Press is due in 13. Here comes a Roman galley from the French port they captured.

1100 AD - We trade MI's but I finally kill the Roman invader.

1120 AD - My GPT deals expire and I'm running a 13g deficit. I trade Feudalism to the Ottomans for 40g and 4 gpt, that helps a bit.

1140 AD - Portugal lands an Archer/Settler pair. Good, I need slaves.

1180 AD - Chivalry comes from the GL. I upgrade my stables.

1200 AD - Legionary lands. I lose 2 MI to it before a knight can kill it. RNG is lame sometimes.

Bismarck offers me the "deal" of Peace for Theology. Get lost Otto.

1210 AD - Printing Press comes in and Engineering arrives from GL. I start Invention due in 13.

1230 AD - I sell Monotheism to the Vikings for 33g. Engineering to babylon for 27g + 6gpt and Printing Press to Greece for 30g + 12gpt. I am back in the black.

1260 AD - London finally makes size 12. My goal for the MA is to get at least 1 of the science wonders and Shakespeare's. If I can do that. I'll be in business.

1270 AD - My lone galley goes down against an invading Roman galley. My bad luck with the RNG continues.

1280 AD - Romans continue to land and then die. I am cranking out trebuchets to make this easier.

1330 AD - Invention is in. I start Gunpowder, I need better defenders because the Vikings will have Berserkers soon. Henry makes a peace proposal that is downright stupid.

1340 AD - Osman tries to bully us for Invention. Nope.
Romans are landing non-stop now. It's a good thing the AI is terrible at seaborne invasions.

Osman wannabe bully
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1350 AD - The most powerful Medieval Infantry unit of all time lands on my shores. It successfully defends against an elite knight and then forces a veteran knight to retreat before I can finally kill it with a 3rd knight. Who needs mechanized infantry when you have nearly unkillable 2 defense units?

Alexander offers me a trade. His Education for my Invention. I turn him down but realize the Great Library is about to go bye bye

1370 AD - Education comes in through the GL. It was a fun ride while it lasted. Was definitely worth building.

1390 AD - Carthage lands a settler in Ireland. I don't think their city will eat any of my colonies so it's no big deal.

1400 AD - The Greeks land a settler on Ireland too. I am a little more concerned about this city.

Rome lands 2 more MI outside London, my knights nearly soil their armor.

1408 AD - I am getting a lot of landings and it's a real nuisance. I have a lot of city improvements to build before I can take a run at Copernicus so I won't be able to replace any troops for a while. I'm worried about someone building a city in Scotland.

Trading has really slowed down but I sell Literature to the Byzantines for 15g just for the fun of it. I am at tech parity with eveyone except the Greeks and Ottomans who have Music Theory.

Carthaginian Irish

1440 AD - I get Gunpowder. I can handle about any landing now. The Greeks build a city in Ireland that will absorb my furs colony when it expands. I have Mausollos now though so luxuries are just uhh... a luxury at this point.

I start on Astronomy due in 16.

1464 AD - I do some trading for spare cash. I'm also trying to keep all the AI bankrupt.

Currency to Byzantines for 16g and they're finally in the MA. Greece has banking so I trade them Gunpowder and get it +20g. I trade Gunpowder to the Ottomans for Music Theory+ 5gpt + 3g and then Gunpowder to Germany for Peace + 32g. This is a risk because if they turn around and land a settler in Scotland I will have to kill it and break the treaty. Gunpowder to Carthage for 25g + 4gpt and Printing Press to Hammurabi for 20g +1 gpt. I'm going to need money to rush some buildings in time for Copernicus. I spend 328g on a University.

1480 AD - The Romans build Knights Templar. 5/3 Crusaders will be a pain to deal with if they start landing in force.

1488 AD - The Vikings land a Warrior and Settler. A Warrior? Isn't that a bit ridiculous?

1496 AD - Greek city expands and the wailing of English ladies distraught over the imminent closing of every fur coat boutique in London is heard throughout the city.

1504 AD - The Dutch recognize the Vikings' mistake and pair their settler with a Swiss Mercenary. It takes 2 MI to do the job but we bury them next to the Viking warrior.

The Vikings land a settler and build a city at the extreme north of my island. It shouldn't threaten my colonies so I live with it. Our island is getting crowded.

crowded neighborhood

1512 AD - I try to convince Bismarck to do my dirty work against the Romans to no avail.

1528 AD - Romans build the Sistine Chapel. They are a beast in this game.

1544 AD - I rush a bank for 136g. Astronomy is due next turn and I want Copernicus to make his observations in London.

The Germans demand 39g and I cave. 39g is pretty meaningless right now.

The Romans are still landing but lately it's been Archers and Longbows. I wonder if someone pillaged their Iron?

1560 AD - The Vikings try an amphibious assault against London. I have 2 muskets, 3 knights, and 3 trebuchets in the city so they'll have to do it the hard way if they want my city. I'm working on Copernicus but fear I'll lose it in a cascade as soon as somebody finishes Bach's.

1584 AD - I give the Dutch Printing Press for Peace + 28g. I figure that between the Viking city and out cultural border, our island is no longer attractive to the AI for settlements so I can make up with some neighbors.

I sell Music Theory to Babylon for 42g

I crank science up to 80% to get Chemistry in faster. Greece is already ahead on the line to Democrarcy so I figure taking the bottom of the tech tree will give me some trade bait for Free Artistry in case they get it before me.

Theodora demands Monotheism. I cave because even though her empire is ghetto and half an age behind, the last thing I want to see is a swarm of Dromons snaking towards me.

1592 AD - The Greeks build Bach and I shiver at the thought of a cascade to Copernicus but it's my lucky day and nobody else has Astronomy. The thought of all those wasted AI shields makes me smile.

1632 AD - Chemistry in, I start Metallurgy.

I trade Chemistry to the Ottomans for Enlightenment,(modded tech that allows a happiness small wonder), +210g +10gpt

Chemistry to Greece for 18gpt + 390g
Astronomy to Germany for 13gpt + 80g. I risk the chance of them having a SGL and beating me to the wonder.

I change science to 100% and start studying Free Artistry, due in 6. Copernicus is due in 18.

1664 AD - I forgot to kill a Legionary last turn but he dies charging my musketeers.

1680 AD - Free Artistry is in. Now if somebody does have SGL to rush Copernicus, at least I can switch to Shakespeare as a consolation prize.

The Vikings are really annoying me with their constant Berzerk attacks. The last one redlined a musket. I pay the Dutch to help me out.

Dutch alliance

1712 AD - The Greeks and Romans are up Navigation.

I sell Engineering to Theodora for 3gpt + 20g

I check around and at least 5 AI have Navigation. I might start falling behind. There always seems like a point in every game where the AI's research complements each other and they trade amongst themselves to leap ahead.

1744 AD - I discover Economics. I want to trade it around for Navigation but find that the AI must have gotten it last turn and shopped it before I could.

Korea builds Sun Tzu. It also requires silks in this mod so Euro civs never see it.

1768 AD - I build Copernicus! I'm cruising now. I start a musket. I had to move some defenders out to my colonies and to strategic points on my island to prevent landings. I have 1 musket in London and he almost died to a Viking last turn.

I trade my WM + 950g to Carthage for Metallurgy.

I sell Astronomy to my newfound friend William for 2gpt + 46g

Economics to Germany for their TM + Navigation.

Our seemingly endless war with Caesar also ends as I trade Economics for Peace + 44g + Rome's TM.
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