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Russia First Look [Peter]

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by bite, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. agonistes

    agonistes wants his subs under ice!

    May 30, 2007
    Starting with all of those bonus tiles may, MAY, be the strongest trait we have seen from any civ so far.

    In any version of civ that I have played (I never played I), a fast and strong start pretty much guarantees a victory. A fast and strong start usually is quite dependent on having easy access to good tiles. Hopefully with Russia you won't have the usual delays in getting to choice tiles as your city demands them. And not only are you getting those tiles sooner, you are preventing your neighbors from acquiring them too.

    Not to mention clearing out barbarian camps too.

    I didn't see it in the LP video, but someone mentioned also the UD gives a +1 amenities adjacency bonus, and its built at half the cost being a unique district, plus the luxuries you are acquiring with all those extra tiles...

    Russia looks pretty strong to me.

    I, too, am a touch disappointed in the +1 tile per GP expended, and the trade route bonuses, but I think they first and foremost wanted a Russia that had a lot of land. And didn't want to repeat America's 50% reduction from V. So they went with the photo bomb (sorry, that's how I keep hearing it in my head). And then they balanced from there.

    But if you can grow that fast, and on top of that have a massive amount of faith generation, which can be used towards a faith victory, OR for great people generation or just getting your picks of religious bonuses, or both, which translates into pretty much any victory type you want, well, I don't see how Russia could be viewed as weak. Maybe the synergy and straight up bonuses aren't as jazzy, but the civ is strong.

    And I wouldn't necessarily run the tundra borders, either. Gobbling up the watery grasslands could be the nastier tactic. So head north or south, not east or west, with your first settlers, and let the AI make do with the tundra.

    edit: is there a civic that allows for cheaper tile purchasing?
    edit 2: and here is yet another civ that you probably don't want as a neighbor. Seem to be quite a few of these this time around.

    Well, his profile says he is from Southern Cal. I, though, AM from Vermont. While religion does indeed affect policy in the US, it does not do so nearly so much as pure greed does. And greed tends to turn a blind eye to the morality teachings of philosophy/religion... thus, separation of church and state. If you want to go off-road with constitutional analysis.

    edit 3: of all the resources you can acquire in the game, gold and faith are the two that can be used for the greatest variety of outcomes, aren't they? And Russia seems to be good at stocking up on both in the early game.

    -- in fact, it will be interesting to see if a player can build key early wonders faster as Russia, or as Egypt or China.

    edit 4: you know, it would be neat if they gave us the option to rename wonders that we have built.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
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  2. Manifold

    Manifold ModderProtectionAdvocate

    Aug 27, 2007
    If you have knowledge in both greek and roman education you know that roman civilization was the next step in human development from the greek civilization. The greek culture, literature and science was more religious, the Romans were more realistic and pragmatic. Rome was in many points of the society very modern. They were adventurous and adaptable because of the different influences which they were exposed. That´s a very good situation for being a scientific Civ.

    That could beside the point. But we talk about sciences and not culture, right?

    Would you say the English culture like eating beans in the morning:joke: is completly outshined by 5th century Saxony berserker culture because the English speak their language? - No.:thumbsdown:
    Following this thread there could be only ONE scientific Civ the inventors of the fire.

    In Civ6 the development of society and technological applications is divided. So Rome remains the best scientific Civ in all time! - my opionion!

    Thanks, all the longer I think about the Russian bonuses for trading routes... I guess they are good selected. They fit to Peter and his modernization efforts and also to the later relapse while focus on internal market and expansion in Siberia.

    Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses - silence is golden

    Prometheus was a scientific powerhouse about we agree. Everyone after him was good at adapting.

    Of course in the Civ game the progress and playing must go on. It would be very disappointing to stop the techtree for 1000 years or even take techs from the gamer away when he reaches the middle ages. That is a no-go. In the game mechanic it should pass over by lesser and simple non focus techs.

    I mean that Caesars legions would have made hamburger meat from the swiss
    pikemen 1000 years after the fall of Rome. And Roman legions showed at Masada how to siege a impregnable castle 1000 years before the fitting tech appears in the techtree of Civ6 .

    Military advance like Roman pioneers, the turtle formation, enter bridges....could be shown as a tech in Civ games like knighthood.

    Now back to education and topic please:)

    If a artist and LH-creator could give Peter just a very long beard and a dusty Toga he would be perfectly go as Prometheus LH. The background with the ark fits ideal.:banana:
  3. local_hero

    local_hero Chieftain

    Mar 9, 2013
    I think Russia looks strong. Okay, the Lavra is strong because of it being early and a unique district. The extra tile seems like a very negligible bonus and worse... it's a really really boring bonus. Now to the good parts; I rate the additional tiles very highly and the tundra bonus is interesting. In every let's play I've seen yet, (in my mind) there has been too few tiles and the AI doesn't mind settling on your doorstep. And I hate that. The extra tiles will give you more breathing space to your cities.

    Coastal tundra cities with sea resources will probably be very viable, but I will probably have to play the game to decide if it's "enough" to make inland tundra cities viable. But still cool, in civ 5, no civ had any incentive to settle this terrain. The Cossack looks solid, especially with the large territory Russian players will have and because I hadn't realised that mounted units can't move after attacking. I think that the Cossack will be better in "reality" than on paper.

    And the LUA has gotten a lot of flak, but I think it looks okay at least. Don't know the numbers and it might be subject to balance changes but I don't get the argument that you have to be behind. I consistently ignore parts of the technology tree, but that doesn't mean I'm behind tech wise, often on the contrary. I just don't care about the sailing technology for a long time. But other's will research it, a game with Norway/England has potential to give some extra science. This will probably apply on the civics tree aswell.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2016
  4. Denkt

    Denkt Reader

    Jul 3, 2012
    Not in a Civilization City Atleast
    Or national parks. Russia will likely have alot of territory which can bring in a massive amount of tourism with national parks.
  5. Iristi

    Iristi Chieftain

    Oct 8, 2016
    i also agree Russia looks strong, most people i read seem to think the UD is worthless, sure its doesent sound much, but combine that with early Pantioun, Aura with gives 1+ faith on tundra from Adjicent tiles of the holy district and the +1 faith and +1 production means Russia will be getting ALOT of faith, and with teochracy goverment russia can spend that on troops, and overall great people. also they may build these district in pretty much every city since it does not take up a slot for district.
    also as most pleople tend to stay away from worthless tundra alot of space opens up for settling cities, wich can each have a district giving +1 food +1 prod+2 faith unimproved tiles. i think thats pretty good.
    And Peters ability makes sure you dont lag behind to much while focusing on anything else then since and culture, as it gives both. gives you time to build settlers and unicuq districts instead of campuses and monuments.
    wich i think is pretty great, its might not seem the best, but used right its very useful.
  6. Cyon

    Cyon Cosmonaut

    Mar 7, 2011
    Sweden, Stockholm
    Chinese leak confirms that it is 1 science/culture for every 3 tech/civic they have that you don't. Kind of hoped that it would be 1 for every 2. How often will they know 6 techs that you don't? Oh the leitet hand of thete is one science of culture powerhouse then you could send a lot of trade routes to them, and they will probably have theatre square and campus so thats 2 of culture and science as well.

    Peter seems weak even if Russia seems quite strong. Does this mean that any future alternative Russian leader have to be equally weak?
  7. KrikkitTwo

    KrikkitTwo Immortal

    Apr 3, 2004
    on the plus side it could be rounded up, and there are a lot of 'dead ends' you can leave.. particularly in the civic tree (you can reach the end and only research ~1/2 the tree)
  8. Monika TSarn

    Monika TSarn Chieftain

    Aug 25, 2016
    I wonder if it might be worth it for Russia to simply avoid a bunch of techs just to profit from Peter's bonus. There are a bunch of dead ends you don't really have to research if you don't want to.
    Ignore the 4 ship building techs until you need them for steam power. Ignore archery. Ignore Military Tactics (Pikeman). There, you have +2 science for a long time, and only loose some military options. Just use mostly heavy charriots, you want some of those leveldd up when you get your Cossacks.
    The civics tree has dead ends as well - maybe the entertainment district thingy, naval tradition and the 4 military policies in the top line.
  9. stealth_nsk

    stealth_nsk Warlord

    Nov 28, 2005
    Novosibirsk, Russia
    If the bonus is rounded up, you could avoid a single dead end tech to get permanent +1 science from foreign trade routes. Take Archery, for example. It doesn't open anything other than Archers. If you're not going for full-scale war before Medieval, you could completely skip it.
  10. ehecatzin

    ehecatzin Chieftain

    Jun 29, 2007
    I think you have the right idea, to get the most of it, Russia should take very unusual research paths to ensure the bonus kicks in.

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