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Scenario Problems

Discussion in 'Orbis Modmod' started by Brazen, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Brazen

    Brazen Chieftain

    Dec 8, 2010
    Apologies if this should go into the Bugs thread, but I've been facing quite a number of issues regarding scenarios (that I presume aren't happening to everyone else using Orbis) and thought that it might instead be related to something peculiar to my installation.

    I'll try to provide as much relevant information as I can think of, in case anyone has any ideas that might help:

    Operation System: Windows XP SP3
    Game: Beyond the Sword 3.1.9
    Mod: Orbis Patch 1.0b with Elemental Unity Hotfix, Orbis Soundtrack and FfH2 Media Pack
    Fall from Heaven 2 was installed, and then I deleted it, had some bugs before and after, but the thorough testing was done afterwards. I'm not sure if its presence is at all relevant.

    I've tried all the scenarios I have available (only those without prerequisites) and encountered the following (running Normal speed and Noble difficulty):

    Selection Scenario: Starts fine the first game load, but crashes the second time per game restart.
    Grand Menagerie: Starts fine, haven't played through.
    Fall of Cuantine: Started fine, then crashed after about a minute having only opened a few city screens.
    Return of Winter: Receive "You Have Been Defeated" message immediately upon game start.
    Barbarian Assault: Received "You Have Been Defeated" message immediately upon game start when playing as the Hippus or Luchuirp, also tried the Ljosolfar and only started with 1 Archer and no Settler.
    The Splintered Court: Crashes after selecting the scenario (to play, not the description).
    Gift of Kylorin: Starts fine, although I don't know if Dain should begin with any spells because he doesn't and can't select any with promotions at least initially.
    Beyond the Wall: Crashes after selecting the scenario (same as in The Splintered Court).

    Also, all the (what I presume to be) small icons in the scenario selection screen are pink, I'm presuming this is a missing texture indication but don't really know.

    Beyond the Wall I had played previously in the current setup and was working fine. Then all the problems began without any changes to my system that I can recall. Since then I have tried:

    Uninstall FfH2.
    Reinstalling Orbis.
    Deleting the "Trophies" folder under the "Fall from Heaven 2" folder in "My Games", I didn't find an "Orbis" folder so assumed the folder was shared for both mods.

    Also, I rarely encounter any other bugs running Orbis (sporadically with a few spells I can't recall at the moment), and can play normal games with most gameplay options (haven't tried them all, but none have given me trouble so far) on or off.

    Thanks for anyone who can offer any advice. And my thanks for Ahwaric for creating such a great mod that I thoroughly enjoy.
  2. Kalina

    Kalina Just lurking...

    Sep 29, 2008
    Łódź, Poland
    Scenarios (at least most of them) don't work with Orbis 1.0 though they worked with older versions. Amount of changes in major modmods makes them incompatible without much effort put into modifying them.
  3. Brazen

    Brazen Chieftain

    Dec 8, 2010
    Okay, coolio. I'll give them a go in original FfH2 if I do then. I realise the thread I read saying they mostly worked was quite old, must have been pre 1.0. Thanks for the advice.

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