[SOLVED] Mods not loading into a match, but appear in Mod tab in the main menu. [SOLVED]


Dec 29, 2021
I have created 2 mods (Pretty Basic) over the past day or two, now it comes time to test them and they appear to load in the main menu, but don't appear in the pause menu in a match, and I get no error messages.

The Mod that loads is an old one of mine, YD's Bakery. But the new one YD's Butchery, (With very similar code) won't load in, neither does YD's Better Legion, which is literally a 2 line Mod at the moment that just increases build charges.

[Image_01] - Mod Menu showing the YD Mods active.
Screenshot (262).png

[Image_02] - Showing the in-game pause menu with active mod list, not showing YD's Butchery or YD's Better Legions as active mods.
Screenshot (261).png

Any help is greatly and desperately appreciated.

Thanks in Advance
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