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The same game, it seems that great people discoveries do not count towards English UHV. Great person in London gives geography, but the counter stays at 1.
This is because France already knows Geography.
That's a fair point I didn't fully consider. The impact levels were mostly chosen with considerations for their actual birth in mind, where their whole impact during all of history comes into play. But it also influences collapse priorities (rarely: when vacating the last available slot) and respawn priorities. This might happen at a time where the historical importance was not as high as their original historical importance. Greece is a good example of this.

My first thought would be to assign a lower impact to civs that are already past their fall date, but that's not as easy either: China retains its impact for all of its history, others lose it somewhat, even others lose it entirely. I already recognised that the concept of a "fall date" may be too crude anyway, considering that it forces e.g. China to be considered "past its fall date" for all of its history. Maybe the correct solution to this problem is to have "fall/decline windows" that can begin and end, just like there are for respawns.

Alternatively, you could reconsider the rankings not based on their spawn dates, but on their relevance going forward from the moment the 32nd civ in the game spawns (that's the first moment when a cap of 32 civs would impact. I think the 33rd civ is Mongolia? So then, I'd recommend considering the civs importance from 1200 to 2020. Even for this though, you could have different periods, if you want to distinguish the Middle Ages from the modern times, etc.
It's very likely that a few civs will have collapsed by the time Mongolia can spawn.
Tibetan capital does no count towards UHV (I believe) - I have 5 cities but it is still 4/5


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Not having looked into the save, how did you gain those cities? Founded, conquered, anything else?
When I choose the third starting year option, every new civ spawn is accompanied with a huge lag and a bunch of python errors. It doesn't happen with the first and the second starting options.
When I choose the third starting year option, every new civ spawn is accompanied with a huge lag and a bunch of python errors. It doesn't happen with the first and the second starting options.
Can you show an example in case I cannot reproduce it?
This save does that to me.


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New update:
- fixed setup of checks for victory goals
- fixed autoplay for Arabia, Tibet, Indonesia in the 600 AD scenario
New update (important: breaks savegame compatibility):
- civilization history graphs are retained even when different slots are used
- added history graphs for population and land area
- added a mechanism to carry over the number of created great people and their golden ages between player slots for each civilization

Also, I am considering this branch stable and feature complete now. There may still be issues and required improvements, but I am planning to merge it into develop soon, and deal with further issues there.

There will be a develop release before the merge.
This is further enhanced by a fifth impact level, named "Player". No civilization inherently has this impact level. Instead it is always the impact level of the civilization controlled by the player, as well as other civilizations considered "important" for that particular civilization's gameplay. Those usually include neighbouring civilizations as well as conquerors etc. that should be expected to be relevant for the game experience of that civilization. For example, America includes its neighbours Canada and Mexico, but also the colonising civilizations of England, France, and Netherlands. Since "Player" is considered higher than every other impact level, this virtually guarantees that these civilizations will always be in the game when you pick a certain civ to play.

This might be a stupid question, but does this mean that civs with conditional spawns will spawn regardless of whether the conditions are met? So for example if someone was playing as Arabia and Turkey had the "Player" impact level, but the player made sure the conditions for Turkey's spawn never occurred, would Turkey still spawn?
No, conditional spawns still follow their usual conditions.
So, Prussians sent an incomprehensibly large stack of arquebusiers and bombards at me (France). Such that I could not have built enough units to fight it back given probably a hundred more turns. I've played a few times on Play now and it seems that the stacks new civs get are substantially larger than previously. Has the mechanic for starting units been substantially changed?
Please upload a save from before the war declaration so I can investigate.
Please upload a save from before the war declaration so I can investigate.
Best I can do is one or two turns after the war declaration. I guess that's not helpful. Also after reading recent posts, I suspect it's not compatible with the latest test version. In future if I have an issue I'll be sure to keep track of the autosaves.


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Playing as Arabs, Mexica Peoples spawn at 1140AD Zoroastrian and ruled by Khosrow I. A few turns later Italians spawned ruled by Alexander... something is up.


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