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[C3C] Steam version, Windows 10 - Whither save files?

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Technical Support' started by vorlon_mi, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. vorlon_mi

    vorlon_mi Just One More Turn

    Oct 21, 2004
    Chelsea, MI
    Just got a new laptop with Windows 10, no optical drive, so I bought the Steam version. I already had Steam to get Civ V, so I took the red pill.

    Each time I hit Ctrl-S to save the game, it seems to be saving them in the cloud somewhere. I see other save files that I didn't put there. Is there an option to save my games locally, rather than "out there"?
  2. jarred!

    jarred! Chieftain

    Jun 26, 2017
    W-S, NC
    Can you navigate back to the 'normal' save location (.../conquests/saves) when the directory pops up? It should default to the last-used location next time you save.

    Also, it's recommended you install outside of program files, but I'm sure you already knew that.

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