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Swaglord Beverly Heart-Muncher's National Identity Project

Discussion in 'CivBE - Released Mods' started by BevHeartMuncher, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. BevHeartMuncher

    BevHeartMuncher Chieftain

    Jul 18, 2015
    Hello! I made a mod. Well, am still making. It's done, but I'm adding more stuff.

    It's my first mod, it's simple, but I hope it's cool.

    I call it the National Identity Project, because I kinda thought the Sponsor bonus were really boring, straightforward and more like exclusive cargo items than national traditions.

    So, I made this mod which (currently) adds 16 new buildings, 2 unique buildings for each Sponsor. I plan to add a Wonder for each, and probably change the Sponsor bonuses anyway, just to give me some more experience with modding.

    Just a word of warning, some people may not appreciate my humor.


    Parade Ground: (Ballistics)
    Units trained in this city gain the Patriot promotion, and they heal +25 HP when they destroy an enemy.

    Military parades give military cultures a lot of pride, and makes nationalism cool. The soldiers get a big morale boost, too, and a belief in their own superiority which somehow makes them Wolverine (because they insta-heal). But only when they kill things.

    SPARTAN Project: (Bionics)
    +3 Science, +50 City Hitpoints.

    Yes, it's a Halo reference :D. Science from investments in genetic +enhancement research, and civilians getting enhanced means they can defend the city themselves when necessary.

    African Union:

    New Earth Gallery: (Pioneering)
    +2 Energy, and
    Increases tile acquisition speed by 25%

    Bringing back a bunch of cool stuff from the new planet and having people pay to see it gets you money, and makes people more interested in moving out into the world.

    Remembrance Festival: (Biology)
    +25% Food

    It's a very good idea conservation-wise to remember why we're still not on Earth. Plus, corn dogs.

    Kavithan Protectorate:

    Temple of Eden: (Terraforming)
    +0.5 Health from Tubers, Resilin, Chitin, Fiber, Silica, Fungus and Fruit.

    People will worship anything, and if it makes them happier, then who cares if they think an alien worm will give salvation?

    Paradise Garden (Alien Lifeforms)
    +1 Food from River Tiles

    Big botanical gardens filled with natural new-planet food attract a lot of visitors, and encourages farmers to grow said food because people like what they got in the garden. Also just a little bit of a Bible reference because (I think)the planet is called Eden. If it isn't, this mod calls it Eden.

    Pan-Asian Co-Operative:

    Work Ethic Campaign: (Engineering)
    Specialists yield +1 production.

    Whistle while you work, be a productive member of the team, and make sure everyone contributes. Every pair of hands goes a long way.

    Mega-City Mall (Fabrication)
    +0.25 Energy per population.

    Lots of people means lots of buying. Lots of buying means lots of dirty, dirty Energy that is actually clean because government-sanctioned business. How do people even trade energy, anyway? 3 k's on a treadmill for that vase with a raptor bug on it?


    Network Monitor: (Computing)
    1 free spy, -20% Culture and Science in city
    Maximum 3 allowed

    Spying on people is a good security measure. But people don't like it very much, and tend to not be fun people if they know Big Brother is watching.

    Development Plan: (Cognition)
    20% Production toward Buildings.

    Always plan your essays, kids. And your cities. Planning cities really helps.

    Slavic Federation:

    Titanium Fabricator: (Chemistry)
    Converts 15% of city Production and Energy into 2 free Titanium.

    No titanium around for your planet carvers? Make some! I wonder if orbitals lose effectiveness if your titanium goes away...Might be room for an exploit there. Sssshhh.

    State Republic House (Communications)
    Half the output of a Headquarters (2 Energy, 2 Production, 1 Science, 3 Defense)

    Will probably get nerfed, I don't know. SF had the bad end of the stick with the last building, so now they can make all of their cities mini-capitals. They are a Federation, after all. (Thanks to chicochicoCHICO for the idea)


    Public Market: (Planetary Survey)
    Trade Routes to and from this city produce +2 Energy. Purchasing Tiles costs 33% less.

    You can buy literally anything cheap here. Even people. Probably not, slavery is bad. I just make the mods, I don't know what Hutama keeps in his basement.

    Waste Processor: (Organics)
    +3 Production, +10% Food Carryover

    Eww. Who would live in a building made of...We should probably not tell people what the building is made of. Brings new meaning to a particular phrase, because now you literally can (profanity) bricks.


    Lucid Dream Inducer: (Alien Sciences)
    Reduces Unhealth by 5%.
    Maximum 10 allowed.

    It doesn't count if I cheat in my dreams. Even if I'm controlling the dream, and intend for it to happen. The receptionist was hot, okay? At least I'm not being a barbarian in real life.

    Moonlight Chandelier: (Robotics)
    +1 Culture from Energy buildings.

    Why have silly street lamps when you can light the whole city with holograms of pretty things and artworks projected onto walls!

    Planned Additions:
    New Sponsor bonuses that feel interesting, rather than +x% this.
    A unique wonder for each Sponsor.
    Probably a third round of buildings.

    Thanks for reading, please subscribe, and hit me with all the comments, ideas, and suggestions as humanly possible? I will give you an eHug?
  2. DefiantMars

    DefiantMars King

    Dec 10, 2014
    Honolulu, HI
    Alternatively, this could also be read as a slight nod to the Spartan Federation of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Either way, I think you win.

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