Team Color (generic) Euro Musketman


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Nov 12, 2001
This is a generic team-color European-style Musketman. It's based on earlier work by AlazkanAssassin, but all the files weren't together nor were clearly identified, so I thought something like this should be made clearly available to all.

This European style Musketman's jacket will be whatever the primary team color is for the using nation (red, blue, pink, purple, brown, whatever).

Uses "Redcoat" animations

In-game shot (yellow team color)

Download Here
Wow, I am sure that will be of a huge use! I am so glad that we have more unit makers joining in. :p You should actually put it in the DB (I could for ya if you want).
Truth be told, I'm not sure how much mileage a unit like this would/will get. If this was widely available the day Civ4 released, it might have been worth something, but now... well... so many "nation-specific" musketmen are already out there, I wouldn't know it has much of a home.

I used this unit as my "placeholder" for the Austrian Musketman... well dang... even know it's outdated as some smart-alek went and made an Austrian-specific Musketman unit!

I have no idea how to get it in the download database, but if someone wanted to put it there, they should!
nice one :)
Good job Wolfschanze - I'll put it to personal mod in place of reifleman.
Thanks Wolfshanze! I'm just in the process of assembling European-looking units for the EraArt mod. :goodjob:
Oh cool! I have been looking for a unit image for a unit to put in between musketmen and riflemen. I'm going to make the current musketman an "arquebusier" and this image will be perfect for a musketman with better guns!

Okay... I fixed the download link on the 1st post... assuming anybody wants this thing! :lol:
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