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Team Information

Discussion in 'Team CivFanatics' started by Bowsling, May 29, 2012.

  1. Bowsling

    Bowsling Deity

    Nov 14, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Team CivFanatics, a.k.a. Team CFC. Y'all picked the winning team! [pimp]


    Login Information:

    Team Email: diplo.civfanatics@gmail.com
    Password: hangingGardens

    Pitboss IP: caledorn.no-ip.org
    Password: banana

    The Fast Worker

    This web app, designed by team member tobiasn :)worship:), displays all of our screenshots in one place, organizing them by turn.
    Username: cfc
    Password: ftw

    Important Threads:​

    - State of the Empire: Turn summaries from every turn.

    - A guide to playing a Pitboss game: The basics of logging in and out of the game.

    - Installing the APT Mod: A forum post by Caledorn explaining how to install the APT Mod, which is required to log in to the game.

    - Resources and References: A repository of useful articles and such.
  2. coanda

    coanda Emperor

    May 12, 2009
    Late joiner here; 2metraninja invited me. I may be in and out, but I'll try to provide the best advice I have when I'm around.
  3. Bowsling

    Bowsling Deity

    Nov 14, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Welcome! :thumbsup:
  4. kiwitt

    kiwitt Road to War Modder

    Jan 11, 2006
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    KiwiTT joining. Many know who I am (check my sig for details). Some people may know me as KiwiTT from Road to War - Historical 1.04. KiwiTT - Stands for Kiwi (New Zealander) TT for Tiger Tank. I am a big WWII history enthusiast and have over 200 books on the subject now.

    I have been playing wargames for over 4 decades now; starting with Chess, Stratego and then onto model soldiers. Eventually I started making my own tabletop games - making my own counters and maps by hand. I did get into miniatures and used Wargames Research Group rules for 1/300th scale games against opponents. Even had terrain and houses - I've still got it all too. Even joined a Wargamers club from 1981-1984 in Sydney and 1990 to 1994 in Wellington.

    PC wargaming came along recently (last decade or so) and I loved the strategic overview games (now I think they are called 4X), starting with Civ II. I had played Total War: Shogun and Medieval and the rest of the later series. I much preferred Total War:Medieval with it Risk-Style European Map of Provinces. I did try the Paradox series of games as well, but they just seemed too complex.

    Eventually I narrowed my focus to Civilization IV (including a brief trial of Civ V) and developed my own version of Road to War - Historical 1.04. And am now researching and developing 2.0 based on Road to War - Ultimate 1.1.

    I am also currently researching a "Giant Modern Earth Scenario" for Earth 2010, which involves extensive research into cities and nations. I hope to have it completed in a couple of months. The map will for the basis for Road to War - Historical 3.0 - which I am considering as a World War 3

    I also played IOT games Iron and Blood:Redux and Iron and Blood 2 (check out the detail for my nation ) and GMed Iron and Blood 1 (where I was voted GM of the year for 2011) and Iron and Blood 3.

    I should also say I am now playing 3 PBEM games as well.

    Earth 2010 as USA
    Earth 2010 - Minor League as Japan
    Angular Momentum as Hannibal leading the Persians with Advanced start on Random Map.

    I should also declare I have real life contact with Dale of WePlayCiv. Not sure if he is part of the WePlayCiv Team.
  5. Cutlass

    Cutlass The Man Who Wasn't There.

    Jan 13, 2008
    US of A
    Hi. 2metraninja invited me. Hope I'm in the right place. I'm not clear on what you're trying to accomplish here, so someone want to bring me up to speed?
  6. 2metraninja

    2metraninja Defender of Nabaxica

    Sep 19, 2007
    Plovdiv, BG
    The whole this subforum is for Team CFC to organize and discuss the ongoing Inter-Site Democracy game 2012. It is Inter-site, because each team in this ISDG is made of and represents a specific Civ4-related site. There are 9 teams from 9 sites. Each team plays one nation and compete against the rest of the teams in a pitboss Civ, which is almost the same as PBEM, but no saves are sent around, because the game runs on a server and instead we connect to it. It is Democracy, because the whole team have its say when things must be decided - what we produce, where we settle, where we explore, what we tech, who we befriend, who we attack and generally each aspect of a civ game. So the main thing about demo-games is there is a lot of discussion, team spirit, comradeship, a healthy bit of chauvinism (we play for our "home" site CFC) and a lot to learn while discussing or outright arguing with the others team members.

    So, please look around things we had discussed to get feeling about how the things are made and how our nation looks and what we do.

    And welcome to the team :)

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