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Term 2: Your New President

Wow – I’m actually very honored to be the next president! Even though I was unopposed!

I can’t thank everyone who voted for me… so uhmm…. I’d like to thank everyone that didn’t run against me?

I’m a true believer in Team MIA – and I look forward to working more closely with all of you as we ascend to victory!

MIA forever!

Your humble servant of the People - President General_W
Good day Mr. President :salute:
i would like to know what you plan on doing this term
any general goals? in mind since there wasn't really any discussion between presidential candidates (you were the only one)
Thank you for your loyalty Kentharu!

As I understand it, the President’s role is to pretty much carry out the orders of the various Ministers.
(Me --> :king: :whipped: <-- Ministers)
I look forward to participating in the forum discussions like I always have – except I have the great privilege of actually executing the team decisions.

My main goal is to see better use of the “Instructions for the President” forum thread by the various ministers in my cabinet.

Where I lack specific instructions from the ministers or the people – I will focus my presidency on 3 things: Growth, Growth, and Growth. In my experience it is absolutely imperative to get as many cities established as early as possible. (In service of that end – I generally avoid “unnecessary risks” like popping huts, and only produce “extra” units like warriors, curraghs, and workers when I’m waiting for a city to grow so I can make a settler).

Of course – all my plans are totally secondary to the “will of the people” as expressed by the Ministers.

Looking forward to serving all of you!

- General W
Sounds like a good idea. Surround yourself with people smarter than you.
I would like more screenies posted ... ie an update of the Map .. zoomed out and maybe with grid on ... and close up of the action locations ... as there are many citizens who either Do Not or Can Not look at the save ...

I would also like information as to what orders you have executed ... eg Worker is digging road will be completed by 3 turns

Long Live the next era of team MIA :salute:

EDIT - Remember to NOT use the CFC posting area as all teams have access to that information ...

EDIT 2 - I also think that Peter_Grimes should be supported in a rules for new citizens ... which will include the above screenie posting warning

I'll certainly take that advice. I'm thinking about starting a "Daily Presidential 'Radio' Address" thread to keep everyone posted on what I'm doing.

Viva MIA!
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