The Civ/Leader Thread

Caesar of Bread

No explanation needed.
Jan 28, 2023
You guys have played Super Smash Bros. or Street Fighter? Me too. I’ll use them as an example for my first part. Civs have to be in Civ. Do you want a fighting game like Smash Bros to have no characters? Civ is like historical smash bros in that way. We have to have civs like England, China, Egypt, America… or history nerds like me won’t play it!

Also, we should have multiple leaders per civ, but not the “civ changes leaders” mechanic - the second is WAY too complicated and I don’t want Ed and Sid to go through that trouble. But, multiple leaders highlights different periods of that civ’s history. You can’t tell me that the HRE and Bismark’s Prussia/unified Germany are the same, but they are part of a German culture. Besides, Paradox does that civ changes leaders through their weird games. But, stuff like the Iroquois and the USA being the same is bad, in fact, it’s horrifying to me.

There. What is your opinion on this stuff?
Im meaning to say that Civ is like a historical Smash Bros. because “everyone is here”, it’s a celebration of the history we’ve gone through
I would like to play with Gilgamesh because he seems strong
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