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The Falklands War

probably there is a proper thread in the offtopic section on the declaration of casus belli clauses on cyber attacks on the US . It must have stung a bit , that riposte while US of A was celebrating the downfall of the Playstation network once again . ( Bushists have never forgiven the Japanese for the sea food they served Bush the first . ) A claim more fixed in the land of hyperbole from more than one angle though it made lots of Turkish commentators -uhmm- happy . Especially the part with hack us and you'll receive a bomb down the chimney part . What if , just what if the guys pay the generous Uncle Sam with double what he gives plus Santa Claus and Rudolf the red nosed reindeer ?

american defence works is too much internal politics . As the first paragraph hobbles to give a small example about . Who , in the first place , could guarantee that the South would not be the army of Europe in the 1838 case , as they were very ready to do and actually tried hard to be accepted as such in the Civil War . And later the 1910s case is sure to be some sleight of the hand trick to ensure US would remain out of the war that coming , a proof against Germany the savage Hun bent on world domination .

edit sometime after: ı just heard ı might be 180 degrees off as it could well have been a guarantee that noboby could harm Americans at home and it was safe to pick up on people , being proper expansionist thugs and all .
Pretty much. The Empire hasn't been the same in the traditional sense since before the Great War; it's been steadily re-naming itself since then to take account of that fact. It was only in 1997 or so that they changed the description 'British Subject' to 'Commonwealth Citizen', but the basic 'point' is the same as it always was - more the old EU than the United States.
I would also add, once again, that prestige was a huge issue in the war. The British wanted to show that they could do it and do the job alone.
Well, yes, but this is especially relevant because it was post 1910. If only I could track down the citation.
It's really just that I wanted an excuse to put that quote in, because it's one of my favorites. :p
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