The game needs some tidying up and TLC

Ita Bear

Dec 8, 2020
Hello folks,

With the release of the new expansion the game is in a fine place from a gameplay perspective but parts of the game are quite sloppy to look at. Some of the main issues:

- new wonders lacking their own artwork
- changing leader doesn't alter the civ selection screen's archetype (no matter who you pick as Rome, it will always show Tactician, for example)
- translations are unacceptably poor. Entire swathes of text just haven't been translated and left in English. A very bad look for the non-English speaking audience.
- inconsistent and confusing leader descriptions, though this may be linked to the above poor translations. Hovering over Caeser shows that all units begin with the promotion that grants a bonus against tribal warriors (I don't play in English so not sure of the English name) but his traits expansionist (not correctly translated) and Commander don't reflect this in any way. I started a game and my starting warrior didn't have this promotion, so something seems wrong.

The team does an excellent job in catching bugs and performance has much improved. The above issues can really detract from the experience though. It would be great if the team could spend some time improving the general user experience.
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A lot of what you mentioned has already been fixed and will hit the test branch this week.

Unfortunately we got a little behind on art, but that should be fixed this week.

And yes, localisation for this DLC isn't finished. We had quite a bit of late text updates/additions which missed initial translation. That will be completed soon though.

Julius Caesar grants XP to infantry units. That was changed late and the description not changed. Apologies for that.
I've also noticed that Amanirenas uses the same artwork for her leader portrait as she does for the leader selection screen, which is inconsistent with the other nations in the game. Her leader portrait also doesn't age as a result.
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