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[Vanilla] The Mechanism of Great People

The cost of a Great Person will be even higher if it's more than one Era over the threshold (of World Era + 1).

For Renaissance, the cost is 240 normal, 310 if one Era over, and 610 if two Eras over.
For Modern, the cost is 660 normal, 855 if one Era over, and 1685 if two Eras over.
For Atomic, the cost is 1245 if one Era over, and 2455 if two Eras over.

The Modern case first happened to me in a Deity game, where of course the AIs went for Scientists, but also Patronage passed for double Scientist points. After all the Industrial Scientists were taken, Einstein cost 1685.

Also, it's incorrect that only the first GP of a given era-group is extra expensive. In my current [GS] game, the cost of Modern Great General John Monash was 855. When it was taken, the cost of Modern Great General Samori Touré was 855.

And after that last Modern General was taken, the cost jumped to 2455 for the first Atomic General, Douglas MacArthur.
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So the best way for an SV is to eliminate the low-pace civs while remains 2 opponents with the fastest tech/culture pace. Either of them entering Modern will help you ignore those modern GSs(2,000 GP point), while either of them entering Atomic saves you 3,000 GP point from Atomic GSs.

I really don't understand this last paragraph. Can someone please explain this in more detail. Thanks.
I really don't understand this last paragraph. Can someone please explain this in more detail. Thanks.
Here's my take. Perhaps someone will offer some corrections/refinements.

The article talks about the prices of different great people; I believe that she focuses on GP, Great People points, rather than the price for buying a great person using gold or faith. My hypothesis is that the modeling of increases in price may be similar, whether one is using GP, gold, or faith.

Consider pursuit of the Science Victory, especially in GS or later where multiple projects are needed. Some great people are especially useful, including Carl Sagan, Stephanie Kwolek (Great Scientists), Robert Goddard, Sergei Korolev, and Werner Von Braun (Great Engineers). How to get to them sooner? How to know the price needed for them?

The author notes that slow-researching Civs will drag down the pace for advancing the World Era; more than 50% of the currently existing Civs have entered. If one is aggressive in wiping out the slower civs, then the tech pace from the faster civs will speed up the advancement and make the desirable great people available sooner. If you are reading to build the projects for a science victory, you would need the era to advance so that you can recruit the GP that will speed up your projects.
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