The Sneak Attack


Dec 20, 2003
Someplace in Siberia
The year was 1867, and Russia was thriving on an archipelego off the mainland. Through the ages, she accumulated her own resources, luxuries, and gold all on this small island. She lived in harmony, not fighting in the wars the other barbaric civilizations fought in. She was already in the Modern Age, as was every civilization. 12 civilzations, all in the Modern Age, and all capable of building nuclear weapons, and all of them were under increased tensions. Not a very nice mix. All the civilizations were annoyed with Russia for being so powerful and peaceful. They decided to make Russia pay. And well she soon would...

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A small company stood near a bunker at Kiev's beach. They huddled near the campfire, trying to stay warm through the cold night. They said little, and dispite that the fire was roaring away, it was dreadfully quite. One of them stood up. Off the horizon, a ship appeared. A battleship. No, not a battleship. An entire army of them. Transports popped up in dozens. Aegis Cruisers circled around them. A large nuclear submarine appeared to be arming it's nuclear missile.
The company couldn't believe what they were seeing. All of the 11 civilizations of the world seemed to have combined their forces to invade there homeland. A soldier of the company dove inside the bunker and picked up the telephone. He punched in the Russia Red Army's HQ number, and waited. "Da?" was the first thing that was said. "INVASION" screamed the private. The man on the other end dropped his the phone. The private heard it smash on the floor, and the line went dead.
Russia may fend them off, or lose, but either way, she was in trouble.
The company retreated up the beach, guns blazing. They manned the pillboxes and sentry guns. They wouldn't be able to fend them off, though, for the battleships were already bombaring the beach, and 3 of the 26 gun placements and 5 of the 56 pillboxes were already destroyed. The sentry guns were soon completely demolished withen a half hour, and the pillboxes were already crumbling. A few of the remaining men in the company fled, but were picked off within seconds. The invaders ran up the beach, and fortified the area. Tanks from the transports were already being unloaded. Kiev's beach was lost.
Kiev was endangered as the foreign troops approached it. Although reinforcements were to arrive, they would not arrive in time to save Kiev. The invaders were only 20 miles away from the city, and were already razing small farms, burning crops, and slaughtering citizens. By 2234 hours, the armies were within a mile of the city. Yet, the citizens of Kiev had not been notified yet. The troops entered the city, and only then the citizens knew of what had come.
The citizens screamed in terror as their beloved city was ruined. The tanks fired upon the buildings and houses, and they collapsed from the barrage, crushing all of the occupants inside. The soldiers placed C4 charges everywhere, filling the city with explosions. Everything that wasn't a part of their army that moved, they shot. Anything that wasn't a part of their army that didn't move was shot anyway. Within an hour, the city was almost completely burnt to the ground, and nearly all of the citizens that weren't being tortured were dead. Kiev was lost, and so was the Great Wonder, "Longetivity."

Modern Armor and Mech Infantry rumbled out of Moscow by the hundred. Marines and Paratroopers were loaded into helicopters. Stealth bombers were armed, and Jet Fighters were deployed.
Russia was now going to show the world what she was really made of. ICBMs and Nuclear Missiles were launched toward the worlds fleet, sinking them almost completely. Russia had already launched it's first counter-attack, but it had yet to win the onslaught.
The World Army had moved towards St. Petersburg, and was closing in. What they did not know was that Russia beat them to the job, and had garrisoned it. And as the World Army entered it, they were met by a thousand guns and cannons. Hand-to-Hand Combat was emminent, and the battle was bloody. Soldiers ran around with one leg, and no arms. Half a body, and no head. The sight was a bloodfest. Yet, Russia seemed to prevail. The World Army started to weaken, and Russia chased them out. Heavy casualties, yes, but victory was more important. A million deaths for a small victory would be better than a single death for a pathetic loss. Russia had won St. Petersburg's Struggle

To be continued.....
pretty good so far...I want to read more.

I Like your quote at the bottom too.
Well, since December, my internet connection was corrupted, and ended up having to switch to a new one. To make a long story short, I'll update this from April 17 to April 24th. Sorry for the delay.
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