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'Three New Governments' mod complete!


Dec 13, 2001
Updated for patch 1.21

The main features of this mod are:

Three new forms of goverment, Martial Law, Coalition, and Oligarchy.

Two new resources, one luxury and one strategic. They are bananas and cobalt.

Lots of tweaks to unit upgrades and some changes to tech costs to make advances fall closer to where they did in history.

Railroad requirments changed and turns to build railroads increased.

More impovements reduce corruption.

All changes documented in the civilopedia.

Here is the readme, and the zip is attached below. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome of course.

New Forms of Government

Martial Law form of government added, requires military tradition
Police station available with military tradition instead of communism
Coalition government available with radio
Oligarchy available with genetics
Germany favorite government changed from republic to oligarchy
Japan favorite government changed from republic to oligarchy
Aztecs shunned government changed to coalition from republic
Zululand shunned government changed to coalition from republic
Egypt shunned government changed to coalition from republic
France preferred government changed from republic to coalition
India preferred government changed from democracy to coalition
Communism unit support cost changed to 2
Monarchy unit support cost changed to 2

Changed to one ruler title for each government

Anarchy - "Chief"
Despotism - "Great One"
Monarchy - "Royal Highness"
Communism - "Comrade"
Republic - "Prime Minister"
Democracy - "President"
Martial Law - "Adjutant General"
Coalition - "Secretary General"
Oligarchy - "Minister Supreme"

Tech Costs Increased

Democracy cost changed from 60 to 90
Invention cost changed from 42 to 60
Military Tradition cost changed from 68 to 100
Theory of Gravity cost changed from 64 to 120
Steam power cost increased from 140 to 160
Industrialization cost increased to from 140 to 150
Tech rates:
Tiny - 40
Small - 80
Standard - 150
Large - 250
Huge - 300

New Resources

Luxury - Bananas, found in Jungle
Gives +1 food, +1 commerce

Strategic - Cobalt, found in mountains and hills
Gives +2 shields, +2 commerce
appearance ratio 50, disappearance 100

Culture changes

Change border multiplier to 5 instead of 10
Change level multiplier to 500 instead of 1000
"repulsed by" when culture ratio is 1:4 added
"confused by" when culture ratio is 4:1 added
"selling their kidneys to see" when culture ratio is 5:1 added
"unaware of" when culture ratio is 1:5

New Railroad and Oil Requirements

Oil available with industrialization
Railroad needs iron and oil and industrialization instead of steam power, iron and coal.
Railroad turns to complete changed from 12 to 20

Espionage cost reduced

Sabotage production base cost reduced from 10 to 2
Steal plans base cost reduced from 10 to 2
Steal technology base cost reduced from 10 to 1
Investigate city base cost reduced from 10 to 3
Initiate propaganda base cost reduced from 100 to 60
Expose enemy spy base cost reduced from 80 to 50

Chance of intercept increased

Chance to intercept air missions increased from 50% to 80%
Chance to intercept stealth missions increased from 5% to 10%
SAM battery air power changed from 8 to 12
Jet fighters can do precision strikes when the tech is available

Explorer and Ship Changes

Explorer has defense strength of 2
Explorer available with Map Making instead of Navigation
Explorer requires 40 shields and two population instead of 20 shields and no pop
Explorer moves 4 instead of 2, but does not get all terrain as road
Explorer can build cities
Explorer upgrades to rifleman (to make them obsolete)
Scout cannot upgrade to explorer
Galley - no change, upgrades to caravel
Caravel available with Feudalism, has no attack or defense strength
Caravel can travel safely in the ocean
Caravel upgrade to galleon
Privateer no longer hidden nationality
Privateer attack/defense of 2.1, requires iron and saltpeter
Privateer can transport 2
Privateer upgrade to frigate
Ironclad upgrades to destroyer
Ironclad requires industrialization
Frigate upgrades to ironclad
Submarine attack strength changed from 8 to 10, movement changed from 3 to 4
Submarine given zone of control
Nuclear sub attack strength changed from 8 to 12, movement changed from 4 to 5
Nuclear sub given zone of control
AEGIS cruiser changed to allow blitz

Corruption Changes

Walls reduce corruption
Barracks reduces corruption
Bank reduces corruption
Harbor reduces corruption (transportation costs)
Airport reduces corruption (transportation costs)

Unit Changes

All bombard lethal for land, sea, and air
Modern armor requires cobalt instead of rubber
Radar artillery requires cobalt
ICBM requires cobalt
Nuclear sub requires cobalt
Jet fighter requires cobalt
Stealth fighter requires cobalt
Stealth bomber requires cobalt
F-15 requires cobalt
SS Thrusters requires cobalt
SS Engine requires cobalt
Strategic missile defense requires cobalt
All artillery bombard strength increased by 4
Marine defense strength changed from 6 to 8
Marine cost changed from 100 to 110 shields
Paratrooper attack strength increaed from 6 to 10
Paratrooper defense strength lowered from 8 to 4
Paratrooper op range increased from 6 to 8
Paratrooper given blitz ability
Paratrooper cost changed from 100 to 140 shields
Paratrooper movement changed from 1 to 2
Swordsman change to upgrade to rifleman
Horseman upgrades to knight
Longbowman upgrade to rifleman
Musketman upgrade to rifleman
Knight upgrade to cavalry
Cavalry has no upgrade
Cruise missile range changed from 2 to 4
Cruise missile bombard strength increased from 16 to 20
Mech infantry changed to allow blitz
Helicopter transport capacity increased from 1 to 2
Helicopter operatioanl range increaed from 6 to 8
Jet fighter op range increased from 6 to 8
Stealth fighter increased from 6 to 8
Legionary can upgrade to rifleman
Immortals can upgrade to rifleman
Rider can upgrade to cavalry
Mounted warrior can upgrade to cavalry
Samurai can upgrade to rifleman

Civilopedia Updated

v10 (patch 1.17) dls - 187


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Where do you put this file after you unzip it?
You should make a backup copy of your civ3 directory, then just unzip this file to your main civ3 directory. All the files will go to their proper places.

If you don't want to make a backup of your whole civ3 directory, you could just save your current versions of PediaIcons.txt, resources.pcx, civ3mod.bic, and civilopedia.txt. Then when you want to play your current version again, just restore those files. If you mess up and want to go back to stock, you can always just reinstall, and prolly just reinstalling the 1.17f patch will be all you need to do. I'll send anyone who needs them the stock 1.17f files in a zip if to replace the files in this mod if you need them.
Very nice,
but how about adding Nazism or Fazism(the Italian version of Nazism).
You should atleast add one of them. They should be placed under Nationalism.
I am in the process of updating this for 1.21 and making some additional tweaks as well. Do any of you folks who have tried this out have any feedback? Any "I would like it better if . . ." comments? I'll see what I can do about Fascisim.
I've updated this for patch 1.21 and made a few more tweaks. Here are the changes:

Made land, sea, and air bombardment lethal (right on!)

Increased standard, large, and huge map tech rates (size same as in 1.17)

Gave explorer defense value of 2

Increased railroad build time to 20 turns.

Cobalt now found in hills in addition to mountains, and now has 1 in 100 chance of disappearance.

Added banana shadows :crazyeye:

Updated civilopedia to 1.21 changes
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