Tips for Playing CCM Mod


Chief Windbag
Aug 14, 2023
I don't know if this belongs in here, but CCM 2.52 is a different beast. I'm especially puzzled by the low rate of expansion.

I need some tips on the following: expand, governments, wonders, tech research, what units to use on offense. Yeah lol.

I dunno if this belongs in here, but I think the ccm thread in the mod section is way too cluttered and small. However I think this is really the most interesting, also historically close mod. I need some tips.
CFC member @CommandoBob wrote an "Intro to CCM" a good couple of years back. I think it was for v.1.6 or thereabouts, but a lot of that info should still be good for v.2.5.

Posting on my phone right now, so locating that article will take a bit of time...

Found it:
I think the primer's a bit outdated and also too short.

For instance, why would I want a City-State govt? Except perhaps to lose worker inefficiency, it's just not that good or effective in the first place compared to Despo. Revolutions take too much pop.

Also Monarchy vs Republic pros and cons??
Do I really also need to play this with as many opponents as possible, so I can take their cities to form my own core? Thanks.
I'm happy playing CCM on the Std size (23 opponents), but whatever map-size you pick, it's always a good idea to play a fully inhabited map, because reducing the number of opponents below max will also make Strat/Lux-resources scarcer.

Plus, more opponents means more opportunities to Enslave their units into Workers. Since you can't build Workers yourself until the mid-Industrial Age, taking advantage of this ability is vital, in order to supplement your autoproduced Apprentices.

Autoproduced Settlers from the Palace also means that most Civs will all be founding new towns at roughly the same rate (unless they manage to build -- or capture -- one of the few GWs which also autoproduces Settlers). So unless they forward-Settle particularly aggressively (or you choose an 80% water map), their first 4-5 towns will (1) take 80-100 turns to appear, and (2) generally lie (well) beyond 'core' distance from your capital.
Good, excellent. I'll do it then. But hey, let me say, do you pick Monarchy for unit support and Castles, or do you pick Republic for the extra trade? Also in what situations are "tile-penalty" govs like City State or Theocracy feasible?
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