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Trying to get my first win on the impossible Prince difficulty


Jan 29, 2009
Bethel, Vermont, USA
I know, I know, I've read up on the deity games... quite humbling :)
Essentially, up until I found this forum, I mainly just played "click the recommended stuff" to win. And this works quite well up through noble once you understand the basic mechanics of the game.
But I want more. MORE!
So I have read up on both the Specialist Economy, and to a lesser extent, the Cottage Economy. I tried the SE once on settler setting, and I felt I did a very, very poor job. I think I'm just not getting it.
So my question is, I have seen games where people play and post their games every 10 turns or so, and get advice on what to do next. Yes, I realize this is usually done in the most difficult of difficulty levels. But I was curious if I could do one on Prince setting, so that I could get a feel for how to do either SE or CE (I think I would prefer CE as I get bored if I micromanaged too much).
If not, I fully understand; but I figured I would ask.

I think I may be one forum too deep for where I should have posted this. Mods, please feel free to move this to the appropriate forum. Thanks!

Thank you Supr49er for pointing me in the direction. Mods, please lock and/or remove this thread.
As you realized, post your game in the Strategy & Tips forum.

There are games of many levels there.

Welcome to the Forums Itstoearly. :beer:
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