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TSG40 After Action Report

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Game Of The Month' started by leif erikson, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. CappyAA

    CappyAA Chieftain

    Mar 17, 2009
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 40
    Date submitted: 2012-08-12
    Reference number: 26902
    Your name: CappyAA
    Game status: Science Victory
    Game date: 1884AD
    Turns played: 312
    Base score: 844
    Final score: 1361
    Time played: 3:00:00

    These GOTM's sure are fun! :) I feel much more comfortable in King right now than I do in Emperor, but then again, I feel like this setup put me in less challenging situations. As others have said, I DOFed pretty much everyone. Sweden denounced me once, but I never got DOWed all game. My last RAs wrapped up right as I was researching the last techs for the spaceship.

    Again, used the 4 city Tradition approach. I opened Commerce since I finished tradition before Rationalism was open. I then made it down the left hand side of the Rationalism tree as well. I was in a very good gold situation the whole game from all the trading and my GPT, so I definitely was subsidizing other people's RA's. However, this also helped me rush buy unis and public schools in cities where my production was a bit lower.

    My military was lacking for most of the game. I only had a couple composite bowman and a pikeman up until about turn 270. Then Sweden denounced me and I bought/built a few better units (as well as some good naval units) as I waited for my research to catch up to my production of the spaceship.

    Overall, it was a lot of fun - I'm looking forward to the next game! :)

    Here's my final 4 cities at victory. I love seeing that spaceship go off!

    Spoiler :
  2. Minor Annoyance

    Minor Annoyance Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2007
    Hamilton, Ontario
    Looks like I was the only one to go liberty and try a wide empire. Also, no one else put their boots on the Mayan capital?
  3. Mistwraithe

    Mistwraithe Chieftain

    Aug 11, 2012
    Well I did Liberty and a wide empire, finished turn 311 as posted on page 9 (though I didn't take any enemy or CS cities). However the wide empire was more because it was my normal play style than a conscious decision.

    If I can find time I'm tempted to try TSG41 and a tall culture empire. Definitely out of my comfort zone but sounds interesting.
  4. virginflat

    virginflat Chieftain

    Aug 13, 2012
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 40
    Date submitted: 2012-08-13
    Reference number: 26925
    Your name: virginflat
    Game status: Science Victory
    Game date: 2009AD
    Turns played: 429
    Base score: 1407
    Final score: 1655
    Time played: 12:02:00
    Submitted save: Boudicca_0429 AD-2009.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: virginflat_C504001.Civ5Save

    First GOTM! well I had a bit of fun here. I was surpised at how friendly the Ai's were - only went to war against Sweden when he got the pip.
    seems I take a long time to get to the end... I just like buiding things! hahaha
    Could have got a diplo or culture victory earlier - so will try to focus better in future!
  5. EDaddy

    EDaddy Chieftain

    Nov 27, 2001
    Ypsilanti, MI
    My first thoughts when I was playing is that it was going to be a hard game. After all, in all my practice games with the Celts using the exact same settings, I did not win. There was always someone who was either acting like a bully conquering everything possible or a genius in the bunch. What made this different however is that I was on an island all by myself! So I took advantage of that and researched only scientific/naval techs. In fact, I did not even research Steel until the Modern Ages!

    The only mistake I think I made is that I was a little slow early on and that I did not build the GLib. At that time, I thought I was going to be on a continent and that I was going to be able to conquer a foe or two. So I beelined to BW, built barracks and by that time I realized that it was an archipelago map.

    So anyways, after BW, I went for archery (another mistake, should of gone for writing first), then AH & Trapping to get the furs online. Then I researched pottery, writing, calendar, & sailing and then beelined straight to education! I then went for acoustics to unlock rationalism, but missed the opportunity to adopt it by one turn! I then researched masonry, construction, IW, engineering and MC in that order to get workshop. Then I beelined to Architecture to get PT. After PT was built successfully, the rest of the game fell into place.

    For the most part the game was a sleeper. In the first 250 or so turns, everyone was one big happy family. Then Theo denounced Attila and the civs were split into 2. Basically it was Gustus/Attila/Izzy vs. the rest of us although later Gust & Izzy turned on Attila. The only war I was in was the war vs. Attila. I also agreed to a war vs. Dido as well, but it came too late as the game was already over by then.

    For Religion, I chose Christianity as my religion and Hunt/Tithe/Pagodas/Religious Community/Itinerant Preachers as my beliefs. For most of my practice games, I chose Ceremonial Burial instead of Tithe, but chose Tithe for this one cause of the island situation. Tithe was the big lifesaver for my game -- without it there was no way I would of won as fast as I did! It's not surprising though considering the fact that in my Celtic practice games, I was struggling in the gold department. Even in a game where I conquered 2 civs, I was still lacking in gold! The Mayans were very agressive with their religion, Judaism. They popped GPs like there was no tomorrow and managed to convert Edinburgh -- twice!!! They also converted ALOT of Christian cities which lowered my overall gpt. That was really annoying indeed!

    Oddly enough, no one attempted to steal a tech from me! :D Not even Attila after I DoW'd/denounced him! So I used my first spy to defend the capital and the rest on CSs. The most important CS was La Venta as their borders eventually expanded on the Aluminum tile and as you all know, Aluminum is needed to construct spaceship parts!

    For the most part, I built science buildings as soon as I got the techs for them. I also built ALOT of ships in order to make sure that my island didn't get attacked. I rarely built a land unit the entire time, unless it was a ranged unit. I only had 2 Pictish Warrior (which later became pikes) and 2 Infantry as well as 3 archers (upgraded to Crossbowmen). The rest of my military were ships. I only built 6 wonders the entire game (Oracle, PT, CR, SoL, HST, & SoH). Not building wonders every chance I got actually worked better -- it gave me time to actually construct critical buildings in the cities. As I said, I should of build GLib too, but I didn't know I was going to be alone. Oh well!

    I remained friendly with everyone except Attila the entire way through, another oddity! :lol:

    I enjoyed playing GOTM. It was a much different experience from what I am used to. Can't wait to play the Emperor game. In all the times I played Civ, I have never played any Civ game on Emperor before, so it will be interesting to see how I do!

    Thanks for the game! :)
  6. PeppermintLarry

    PeppermintLarry Chieftain

    Aug 2, 2012
    Atlantic City
    My second GOTM, my first was 41, haven't done science in a while, was different

    Game: Civ5 GOTM 40
    Date submitted: 2012-08-14
    Reference number: 26928
    Your name: PeppermintLarry
    Your email: Moderator Action: email address removed for security reasons.
    Game status: Science Victory
    Game date: 1914AD
    Turns played: 334
    Base score: 1067
    Final score: 1616
    Time played: 4:55:00

    No difficulty what so ever with any competition from other civs. Only built 4 cities, all over pop 23 by end of game, I probably could have optimized better but whatever.

    Had Great Library and National College in capital before 2nd city founded. Had 9 academies in capital radius by end of game and used last two GS from hubal telescope to boast techs. Was 2 turns away from final tech at game win.

    Also I pretty much completely ignored Religion, had a max of 30 sumthing faith a turn at end game, useful for 2 GS and swords into plowshares...religion can be ignored to easily

    I think I built 2 scouts and 2 boats for entire game (not counting civilian units) in the way of units, noone bothered me even though my military was nothing, but surprisingly not worst, poor Mayans were the crummiest at everything
  7. Rhodro

    Rhodro Chieftain

    Aug 7, 2012
    Game status: Science Victory
    Game date: 1802AD
    Turns played: 271
    Base score: 909
    Final score: 1683
    Time played: 7:07:00

    2nd GOTM, first one was 41.

    I made some mistakes, like selling all my coal 1 turn before i was going to build factories.

    Religion: i first got a prophet with my faith to establish my religion, then i bought 4 pagoda's -> enhanced religion -> great scientist spam.
    The pagoda's were pretty nice for the happiness. Midgame i could sell all luxuries for money.

    I build tower of pisa, picked an engineer and built porcelain tower with it. Also built big ben because i was buying lots of science buildings, they get quiet expensive.

    I think i kinda messed up with the tile improvements: i mostly made lumbermills on the forests, which really messed up my growth rate. In the end i removed all the lumbermills for farms. I might have gotten a bunch of free hammers from chopping forests which could have been quiet handy at the start.

    I used my spies to rig elections from some city states. Spying on the other civs was no use, because i eclipsed everyone on research. They also didn't spy on me, so a counter intelligence spy was also useless.
  8. TandooriChicken

    TandooriChicken Chieftain

    Dec 16, 2002
    Launched somewhere in the 270s... Played very sloppily, missed several RA opportunities. Mismanaged religion, got beat to GMOD. Ethiopia enhanced before me and got religious texts, at which point I should have realized religion battle was lost and just hoarded faith for GSci. Could argue that this is the best approach regardless, since one late-game GS is worth more than any number of IFD-ing missionaries in the mid game, especially given how fast I was teching and how quickly religion stuff was increasing in cost. Wasted LToP GE on PT that I should have hard-built (no one else had a chance). Missed it later when I had to spend six extra turns on HST. Failed to identify utility of faith-CSs as puppets despite having enough CBs sitting around to do the job. Lazy with scouting. Lazy with CS missions. Sloppy with culture progress, wasted a policy on Patronage that could have been the rationalism opener if I paid closer attention.

    Overall I learned a ton... Obviously I still have a ways to go before joining the SciVic elite. :)
  9. Half Nelson

    Half Nelson Ancient Mariner Supporter

    Jun 10, 2006
    Dundee, Scotland
    Civ5 GOTM 40
    Science Victory

    Finished ages ago but will post for posterity to continue from my Game In Progress. In summary:- City growth too slow, leading to low bpt and underwhelming RA yields. I managed to fund and complete 31 RA overall but would have been better spending some of the cash to rush science/growth buildings. Hopefully I have learned from mistakes. I like the religion and espionage themes.

    Attached Files:

  10. Rciv

    Rciv Chieftain

    Aug 7, 2012
    Game status: Science Victory
    Game date: 1907AD
    Turns played: 327
    Final score: 2345

    Pretty easy game. From the start I led the research and I built almost all wonders. Founded 5 cities and anexed Genova to the south. I didn't bother too much with religion (just the obvious Goddeth of the hunt at the beginning). Sweden went to war with me, but after I killed 10 or so their ships they offered a peace treaty and all their gold and luxuries.

    After that the only problem I had was RA's only two nations agreed to DoF and RA's all others were hostile or guarded. Was this because I anexed a city state?

    So there was not much of research from RA's and this really slowed me down.

    At the end of the game I got bored so I built a big army and destroyed Sweden, Austria Dido, and the poor guys too the south. At hat time i built the spaceship. All other nations were only at industrial age.
  11. Ozymandias9891

    Ozymandias9891 Chieftain

    Jul 26, 2012
    Montreal, QC
    I didn't get a chance to finish this game, which sucks. But I don't think that I was going to win, anyway. The Ethiopians started running away with it.
  12. Puchacz

    Puchacz Chieftain

    Oct 9, 2012
    Warsaw, Poland
    Game status: Science Victory
    Game date: 1926 AD
    Turns played: 346

    Huh, first won GotM. Could've done better, but instead of spamming cities and conquering Mayans early I decided to go tall. Anyway fun game, I'm looking forward to play next (46th) GotM :)!


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