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TSG67 After Actions

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Game Of The Month' started by Hammer Rabbi, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. drakar8888

    drakar8888 Chieftain

    Dec 22, 2010
    My first try was a very boring next turn game, I settled on the hill in the middle and my capital sucked the whole game, eventually winning at turn 320ish and being beaten to every single wonder I attempted.

    But then I did another run planting the capital at the godly location in the south desert and tried to get all the victory types just for fun. Here is the result.

    Spoiler :

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  2. Theramoe

    Theramoe Chieftain

    May 31, 2013
    Sandefjord, Norway
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 67
    Date submitted: 2013-08-18
    Reference number: 29534
    Your name: Theramoe
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1923AD
    Turns played: 344
    Base score: 1157
    Final score: 1701
    Time played: 8:19:00
    Submitted save: Ahmad al-Mansur_0344 AD-1924.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: Theramoe_C506701.Civ5Save

    Up to 130 see opening thread.
    Building up cap was greatly slowed by the loss of food caravans, atleast 3 of them went down early. Wasted hammers.. The city up by Lake Victoria was rather poor, never got above 14 pop, while Marrakech enden up with 31. My two puppets were also mediocre, reaching 22 and 10 only with caravans.
    It wasnt easy, Polen was far ahead scorewise, but not techwise. He soon had allied most CS, and had above 200 more points than me with alot of them.
    Ended up getting freedom as world ideology, 5 spies on diplo and bought slowly up the remainding CS to get the 31 votes I needed.
    Assyria and Persia (backstabber) complicated the last 20 turns by DOWing me and puppeting two of my ally CS in the countdown to vote. Still managed to buy the needed two votes..
    Religion never took of, mostly cuz Mayan spammed misionaries and spread hard all over.
    Didnt feel I got to use any of the bonuses or units unique to M.
    In conclusion a bit slow mostly cuz of poor population in both cap, exp and puppet, mening science became quite poor, and even with all the CS allies the BPT on last round was 893.
    thx for game.
  3. kamikazees

    kamikazees Warlord

    Jul 5, 2012
    Reference number: 29533
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1928AD
    Turns played: 349
    Final score: 2356
    Time played: 3:57:00

    Well, I learned a valuable lesson about food: don't settle on a hill/river/coast if there are no +2 food tiles! Also, I learned that coastal starts don't matter squat in a pangea game. All those cargo ships I envisioned running tons of money to my empire never developed because there were no coastal cities.

    Also, there was A LOT more war than I would have wanted in a game like this. I had secured the win by T275, but had to do a clickfest because my science had not caught up to trigger the vote on time. Oh, well. Interesting game and thanks!
  4. glory7

    glory7 King

    Nov 6, 2012
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 67
    Date submitted: 2013-08-18
    Reference number: 29535
    Your name: glory7
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1605AD
    Turns played: 232
    Base score: 982
    Final score: 2134
    Time played: 3:57:00
    Submitted save: glory7_0232_gotm67.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: glory7_C506701.Civ5Save

    Will add details later. It seems that diplo victory is really weird now...
  5. Tabarnak

    Tabarnak Cut your lousy hairs!

    Sep 17, 2010
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 67
    Date submitted: 2013-08-19
    Reference number: 29540
    Your name: Tabarnak
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1710AD
    Turns played: 253
    Base score: 1267
    Final score: 2534
    Time played: 4:30:00
    Submitted save: Ahmad al-Mansur_0253 AD-1715.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: Tabarnak_C506701.Civ5Save

    Not sure how to accelerate a diplo win...rush bought every public schools and research labs and forced Oxford to rush Radio to not jump another round of votes. Then when i reached Telecommunications the ''modern'' round had begun since only 2 turns(was i 2 turns too late for a sub 220 turns finish!?!)... Clicked end turn for the last 30 turns to finish the round and half. Allied all cs around 215.

    Spoiler :

    Question(to glory7 in particular) : Have you ''skipped'' a round? Or did you just reached the Ren. era so fast that the rounds succeded rapidly enough? Can you finishe faster than a guy that reached the ren. era faster than you?
  6. kamikazees

    kamikazees Warlord

    Jul 5, 2012
    So... you played the exact amount of time I played, but I played 100 turns more than you. I must play too fast and make a lot of mistakes!
  7. glory7

    glory7 King

    Nov 6, 2012
    For diplo victory, I think we should not do do this VC unless some kind of patch comes up or somebody explains how this works well.

    So far, what I have found is


    and I applied it to this one. Since I went to astro for observatory, my PP timing will be late - so I intentionally delayed PP till the very end. I teched to architecture first and even researched steel and gunpowder (later I found that delaying gunpowder was unnecessary, but better safe than sorry). I think I hit PP right before t160.

    after that, I got sci theory very soon as I only needed economics, and used oxford to get radio asap. it only needs like 8 turns for eletricity and radio takes more than 10 turns (unless you can buy lots of pub schools) so using oxford is cool - and you can enjoy free 2 perks from idealogy at least 10 turns earlier.

    I chose order (25% faster GP, 33% reduced building price, and factory 25% sci bonus one). Beelined to plastics as usual, and teched to telecom. AIs were hopeless so RAs didn't help. I did not need to rush, as my fate is "sealed". As long as I reach telecom before the vote, my finish turn is the same.

    Not sure I did not miss something, but after the first congress, (PP and meeting all civs), you know which turn is the best you can.

    1 (after choosing proposals, turn clock starts from 30) + 30 (till 1st vote) + 2 (congress goes to industrial as you enter modern - will write this as "entering modern" from now on - you spend 1 turn without turn clock going and 1 turn choosing host) + 25 (till 2nd vote - 25 as it is industrial era congress) + 2 (entering atomic) + 2 (entering info) + 1 (voting turn) + 10 (till the world leader proposal after the last vote) + 1 (you need next turn!) = 74.

    So reverse-engineering shows that the first congress was 232 - 74 = t158.

    This assumes that you reach info era before the 2nd vote. If you reach info era after the 2nd vote, you need to add 25 more turns I think (if you reached atomic, then 20 turns, but you are likely to reach atomic and info era almost at the same time with GS bulbing).

    I checked my save file and I hit PP at t157, first congress at t158, and t159 turn clock was 29. And at t213 I used most of GS this time and 3 turns till vote. This means that I got PP at t157 -> t158 first congress -> after 30+25+2+1 = 58 turns 2nd vote occurs.

    t213, I got both of penicillin and atomic theory almost done (1-2 turns to go) and bulbed. Turn clock was 3. I had more than enough sci to get global done but could not even get telecom at the same turn. weird.
    t214. congress becomes modern era. I got telecom and info era. no turn clock.
    t215. Turn clock was 3.
    t216. congress becomes atomic era. no turn clock.
    t217. turn clock was 3.
    t220. Vote.
    t221. turn clock was 10.
    t231. diplo leader vote.
    t232. Win.

    For my test games, game 1: I got telecom at t203 and had to wait like 33 turns. game 2: I got telecom at t210 and waited like 15 turns. so game 2 was faster. This is ridiculous...
  8. glory7

    glory7 King

    Nov 6, 2012
    Assuming that the above calculation is correct, then your choice is basically

    1. Enter info era within 58 turns after PP. This usually means that you delay PP.
    2. Get PP fast and enter info era within 83 turns after PP. This usually means that you beeline PP after edu.

    Instead of controlling PP timing, you may actively avoid meeting last civ, but I ignore this possibilty for now.

    So when you got PP and first congress, your "fate", or the best turn, is sealed. All you need to is just get that goal.

    For this game, I went astro so my choice was #1. I could have saved about 5 turns (should not have researched gunpower and steel before PP...), but without knowing that I could get coal asap so that I could get factories asap, this was a gamble so I chose to have some buffer. Having about 5 turns buffer was much better than to wait 25 more turns after telecom.
  9. Puchacz

    Puchacz Chieftain

    Oct 9, 2012
    Warsaw, Poland
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 67
    Date submitted: 2013-08-21
    Reference number: 29551
    Your name: Puchacz
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1934AD
    Turns played: 355
    Base score: 1506
    Final score: 2151
    Time played: 5:19:00

    First submitted GotM and first finished BNW game, so I suppose it's not that bad :p
  10. Hammer Rabbi

    Hammer Rabbi Deity GOTM Staff

    Jan 3, 2012

    Welcome to the GotM series! You can also go back and play pre-BNW games while waiting for our next games. Thanks for joining us!
  11. Finnrat

    Finnrat Chieftain

    Mar 1, 2013
    just like glory, I got PP in t157, but I didn't finish until T268. That is 111 turns after PP.
  12. FeiLing

    FeiLing Deity

    Jan 9, 2012

    Had too many GS... well that is because for some reason I didn't burn them before research labs were down :crazyeye:
  13. Alphons Rodulfo

    Alphons Rodulfo weakling

    Feb 24, 2002
    The Netherlands
    I ragenosubmit! :mad:

    I achieved superiority on all fronts in the renaissance and after that it was a tedious wait to reach the information era, which I did a few turns before turn 300. A few turns later I read that I have to wait 30 more turns for the world leader election! [pissed] No thanks.

    I liked the start of this game claiming my territory, and trying out Morocco. But the second part, waiting for the victory, was too boring.

    Lesson learned: pay more attention to science timing. For example, when I got the free technology from finishing rationalism I got to choose between a one turn and a three turn technology. That could have been better. And of course, timing of reaching the information era.
  14. StrideColossus

    StrideColossus Warlord

    Oct 30, 2010
    Diplomatic win T357, 1937AD.

    Game: Civ5 GOTM 67
    Date submitted: 2013-08-24
    Reference number: 29564
    Your name: stridecolossus
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1936AD
    Turns played: 357
    Base score: 1179
    Final score: 1660
    Time played: 7:13:00
    Submitted save: Ahmad al-Mansur_0357 AD-1937.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: stridecolossus_C506701.Civ5Save

    Game was a bit slow and less intense than most I've played recently, a nice change but it became a bit of a click-next-turn game for the last few millennia!

    However quite happy with that time, definitely could have finished it much early if I had focused more and/or gone on the attack and/or not made so many poor timing decisions.

    - How many cities did you build and how many did you decide to acquire? Built 4, didn't fight any wars!
    - How did you use religion or spying to your advantage? Went full-on fundamentalist in this game, even to the point of getting World Religion passed. Used spies to take and keep CS allies, no tech pinching as we were generally first anyway.
    - How did diplomacy go with your neighbors? It was a big love-in most of the game with the exception of Assyria who were obviously going domination, and even they liked us. Later on once ideologies kicked in everyone started fighting, but our location meant we kept out of things.
    - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions? The game progressed very easily to be honest, went on a bit wonder-whore.
    - Did the new Diplomacy Victory conditions change how you play a diplomacy game? Yes, spent a lot of the game checking the tech tree and civopedia to help direct my play (not done diplo in BNW before).

    Quick summary:
    - Moved warrior to coastal hill but nowt there so settled in place.
    - Built Monument, Scout (just one), Shrine, Granary, 2 x Archer, Settler, Caravan.
    - Went Liberty as we had so little production for free settler and worker.
    - Founded Rabat on desert/hill/river.
    - Bee-lined Currency and built Petra in second city using GE from Liberty.
    - Pantheon: god of Festivals for the incense, later became dominant religion.
    - Didn't get many sea trade routes as we were largely land-locked.
    - Didn't fight any wars.
    - Did fight LOTS and LOTS of barbarians.
    - Went some Patronage, bit of Pierty, all of Rationalism, and most of Freedom.
    - Built lots of towers.

    (will post save tonight)

    Thanks for the GOTM :thanx:

    - stride

    Detailed notes for those that like a read:

    Spoiler :


    Initial thoughts:

    It's a mystery map so we need to explore to work out what sort of map we're playing on.

    On the other hand we know there are no ruins (!) so scouts are less important (normally I'd build a couple and maybe more depending on the map/size).

    We are Morocco so:
    - focus on techs for additional trade routes.
    - ideally hang around desert for the Kasbah and the combat bonus for Berber Cavs if/when we get them.
    - consider Petra since i) we will probably go for that desert and ii) we want more trade routes!

    The start looks really ugly: no food bonuses, little production, and we are not in the desert (although it's close to the south) but in fact almost in the tundra (so we're probably at the top of the map).

    However there is a river and 4 calendar-based luxuries - moving the warrior to hill on the coast will reveal whether there's anything in the sea or to the north.
    Otherwise settling in place looks best even though we might struggle for early food and production (don't want to gamble on exploring to get a better location).

    So the plan is:
    - settle-in-place unless coast looks good.
    - start with a Monument for culture (rarely do this in BNW) as not sure whether we'll be going Tradition or Liberty until we've looked round a bit.
    - research Pottery which moves us towards Calendar and means we have the option of Shrine or Granary.
    - see whether there are any nearby CS or other civs so we can steal a worker (building one in this location is going to very slow, and don't want to have to depend Liberty tree for free one).

    Initial capital build order:
    - Monument
    - Scout
    - Shrine
    - Granary
    - Archer
    - Archer
    - Settler
    - Caravan

    Tech order:
    - Pottery
    - Animal Husbandry
    - Archery
    - Calendar
    - Wheel
    - Mathematics
    - Currency
    - Sailing
    - Trapping
    - Writing
    - Masonry
    - Philosophy
    - to Civil Service
    - to Education / Chivalry
    - to Printing Press
    - to Flight
    - to Telecommunications

    - Liberty
    - Republic
    - Collective Rule
    - Citizenship
    - Representation
    - Meritocracy
    - Patronage
    - Consulates
    - Philanthropy
    - Piety
    - Mandate of Heaven
    - Scholastic-ism
    - all Rationalism
    - Freedom

    - Petra
    - Oracle
    - National College
    - National Epic
    - Grand Mosque of Djenne
    - Hagia Sofia
    - East India Company
    - Oxford
    - Leaning Tower
    - Porcelain Tower
    - Eiffel Tower


    Moved warrior to the coastal hill but nothing there so settled-in-place and started building the Monument.
    Warrior moves down the coast, the plan is to do a circuit around the desert area (looks fairly flat) to see where the Scout should aim for.
    We meet Brazil almost immediately - they must be very close, not good as we want that desert!
    There is a decent city spot to the south-east with Wheat, Ivory, Deer and more Incense.
    Find Cape Town to the east.
    Build a Scout to explore further south and east.


    Find Riga to the south, but we are first to meet them, how come Brazil missed them?
    Warrior completes ring around our start and finds Lake Victoria up in the tundra, there are Furs up there and some Deer, and some barbs!
    Decide to build a Shrine after a Scout (might as get a pantheon as we don't have much else going for us!) and then Granary to improve the poor food situation.
    Rio is to the south and little east on the other side of the desert - going to be a race to settle in the good-ish spots down there?
    Debate Tradition vs Liberty, most BNW games I have gone Tradition unless it's obviously going to be a wide game.
    But decide Liberty here as I think we are going to need the free worker and settler since our production is so poor.

    Next SP: debate whether to get free worker or not, choose Republic to improve production and get free settler next, we will steal a worker from CT.
    Wouldn't normally steal one but this is a GOTM and I'm sure most other players will ;)
    Barbs are starting to show up, warrior is heading home for defence and worker-stealing.

    Right on cue a worker appears in Cape Town just as our warrior wanders past and we declare and nick it.
    Building an archer for barb defence.
    Thinking that if we can get a city in one of the half-decent desert spots we can have a shot at Petra
    On King this should be a doddle but our start was so poor, there are a lot of barbs, and Brazil are very close, so it might be touch-and-go.
    Research Wheel next on bee-line to Currency.
    Pantheon: choose God of Festivals as we have 3 incense at the capital and more in the desert, means we can continue to get faith/culture without having to construct specific buildings for now.
    Desert Folklore another option but still worried that Brazil will nick the desert spots which would mean it's useless, plus we get the bonuses now rather than later.
    Next SP in 2 turns: Collective Rule for free settler.
    Realise we now have a worker but need Calendar, whoops! Switch research.
    Later meet Persia, from the east?

    Found Rabat on the desert/river/hill, Wheat, Ivory, more Incense, Deer and later on 2 x Stone.
    Warrior escorted our stolen worker to the capital and then linked up with the settler.
    Walked straight into a barb with another in a camp right next to the spot we were aiming for, had to insta-heal the warrior after it was attacked to protect the settler, very lucky!
    There are a LOT of barbs around! Build another archer.
    Start Monument in Rabat.
    Later meet Assyria, from the south-east maybe?

    Meet the Mayans to the east of Brazil, they are the first civ that's had any cash so we can flog them Embassies!
    Buy a second worker to start improving tiles at Rabat, will get a third with the next SP in a few turns.
    Build Granary in Rabat for extra food and bonuses for the wheat and deer.

    Complete Mathematics to enter the Classical era, Currency next.
    Capital is building our first caravan which will go to Riga for a quest.
    Workers are improving the Incense at the capital so we can sell for GPT, or we would but the stupid AI are all negative cash grrr!
    A barb camp appears near Cape Town but they never ask us to kill it - this last for the next 1000 years!
    Build another archer and then a settler for our third city.
    Later Brazil gets Great Library, Maya build Stonehenge.

    Clear a camp right next to Brazil to ally Brussels and Riga - lazy Brazil!
    SP: Representation mainly for cheaper SPs (GA is a bit of a waste at this point sadly).
    Actually got too many workers now so one is fog-busting our trade-route to Riga!
    Other two are pre-building a road between our 2 cities, i.e. building 1/2 turns of road so we don't spend road maintenance until we need to.
    Later found Fes in a pretty ropey spot up in the tundra, on the coast for the furs and some deer, would have liked to get Lake Victoria but wouldn't be on the coast, and we want sea trade-routes!

    Building markets in first 2 cities.
    Plan is to complete Liberty and use the GE for Petra at Rabat, we could start it now but better to wait for GE rather than hard-building and getting beaten to it, at least we could use the GE for something else.
    Research Sailing for the extra route, Trapping for Ivory/Deer, then Writing to get science going.
    Assyria declares on the Maya - cool.

    Big couple of turns for Morocco:
    We found Confucianism:
    - founder: Papal Primacy, we want lots of nice CS allies.
    - follower: Monasteries, we have lots of incense.
    Two turns later we complete Liberty with Meritocracy which helps our happiness and gold.
    Choose a free GE who heads to Rabat on our nice new road, also get friendly with Cape Town for GE quest.
    GE builds Petra a couple of turns later - sweet.

    Research Masonry for the Stone and then Philosophy for NC.
    Building libraries in first 2 cities, will buy in Fes.
    Debating a fourth city on the west coast for more sea trade-routes since struggling to reach other civs with our caravans.
    Ally Cape Town by continually farming barbs from that camp which is still there and they STILL haven't asked us to remove it.
    Eventually get bored and take the camp.
    Sell incense for very generous terms, AI still have little or no cash.
    Building water mills.
    Stats: +27BPT +36GPT +20CPT +6FPT

    Start Oracle in Rabat while we wait for libraries to be completed.
    Building third caravan, would really like sea routes but can't yet.
    Become friends with Brazil.
    Research Bronze Working and discover we have 8 iron at Fes - not so crappy spot after all.
    Open Patronage.
    Buy a Monastery with faith in the capital, will save now for enhanced religion.

    Buy library in Fes. Rabat is much better for NC so wait until we complete Oracle in 6 turns.

    Find India, exchange embassies, they are way to the south-east.
    Bee-lining Civil Service for food bonuses, then Education and Chivalry.
    Complete the Oracle in Rabat and choose Consulates.
    Start NC, will be completed in 12 turns.
    Buy a trireme in Fes to start exploring the west coast.
    Sell a few horses and iron for extra GPT.
    Brazil comes a-begging for 198G, OK just this once (seems if you give in once you get relationship bonus, but after that you can tell them to shove it).
    Start Colosseum in the capital, then will start guilds.

    Complete NC and start Caravansary in Rabat as we now have 4 land routes from there, have to send 2 to Brazil which is a shame given our UA.
    SP: Philanthropy.
    Researching Guilds.
    Found Casablanca on the west coast: 2 more incence, stone, 2 fishes. Buy a Granary straight away.

    Enhance religion:
    - 2nd follower: Pagodas, mainly to deny to other civs.
    - Enhancer: Itinerant Preachers, we are dominant religion in our area so might as well capitalise.
    Discover we are ice-locked on the west coast, bah!
    Irritating barb horseman pillages our only furs up in the tundra, now -4 happiness, and we were almost at GA, bah!
    Persia helpfully empties a barb camp which our scout walks into to re-ally Brussels.

    Start Theology to improve religion, then Education.
    Get first GA.
    Building National Epic in Rabat.
    Building temples.
    Buy missionary to convert our cities.

    Generate our first great writer, no slots yet so write treatise for cheaper SP.
    Choose Mandate of Heaven for cheaper missionaries, monasteries and pagodas - we are now officially a full-on religious civ.
    Start Grand Mosque of Djenne in capital.
    War-monger Assyria now DoWs India.
    Start Hagia Sofia in Rabat as we don't have much else to build and don't really need more military at the moment, Brazil is a nice buffer from the other civs.

    Generate our first great work.
    Buy pagoda in Rabat.
    Starting universities once completed wonders.
    Persia tries it on with OUR CS allies, bribe them back.
    The Mayans get mashed by Assyria.
    Buying missionaries to convert Brazil who don't have a religion.
    Later get our first RA with Brazil.

    4/5 trade routes but waiting to see is we can get a sea trade-route, there are still 2 unknown civs to meet.
    SP: decide Scholastic-ism for extra science. Debate Commerce but decide its crap.
    Have to give some G to Persia to get RA with them.
    Building East India Company in our trade-hub Rabat.
    Meet Austrian scout, they are further to the east past India.
    Assyria first into Renaissance, send spy to their capital but 45T to steal so try next largest city, that's almost as bad so later send to a CS.
    Realise should be bee-lining to Printing Press.
    +101B +51G +66C +33F

    Realise Colossus has still not been built, completely forgot about it as we were land-locked for so long, Persia constructs it anyway next turn he he.
    Start Oxford in Rabat, will use free tech for PP.

    Build caravel in Fes and buy another later to find last 2 civs - we want to be WC host!
    Pagodas all round, prioritise Monasteries where we have incense.
    Converted Brazil and all nearby CS, our religion has more than twice the next largest.
    Open Rationalism, aiming to complete this tree.
    Building workshops and amphitheatres.
    +143B +55G +85C +43F

    India builds Hanging Gardens, forgot about that one too! Really should have tried for that given our food situation.
    Caravel meets Poland who straddles the edge of the map, looks like we are actually on the same continent but scout not reached there yet.
    We host the WC, propose World Fair as that seems safest.

    Upgrading our units (half a dozen CB, couple of swords, couple of pikes).
    Building Leaning Tower in Rabat.
    Rabat should be our capital - is it possible to move it?
    Spamming missionaries.

    Finish LT and choose a Great Musician for multiple CS quests, wouldn't normally choose that GP!
    Generate a GE and use it for Porcelain Tower in Rabat.

    Building cultural buildings.
    Use 2 great artists for extended GA.
    Persia buys 2 of our allies before the vote next turn, sneaky, bribe one back.
    World Fair passes.
    Propose Standing Army Tax to annoy Assyria.

    Almost forgot about the World Fair that we proposed, switch production in capital and Rabat, get bronze and silver for free SP and +500 to next GA.
    Basically a next-turn game now, generating GPs and missionaries, could go on the offensive but can't be bothered to be honest, certain we will win this one even if its not too quick.
    Have 6 CS allies, combination of SPs means we not really having to try to retain them now.
    Assyria takes India's capital.
    +297B +115G +144C +55F

    Finish Rationalism so can now buy GS with faith.
    More upgrades as we have more G than we can use.
    Research Radio, we are first into the Modern era.
    Later choose Freedom ideology:
    - Avant Garde, extra GS.
    - Covert Action, we have 3 spies rigging elections.
    Find an empty barb camp near Fes! Where'd they go?

    Army Tax passes, but so does Arts Funding, bah! Should have split our votes to prevent that.
    Propose World Games. Perhaps should have forced through ones for science rather than worrying about annoying the other civs.
    Choose Universal Suffrage to extend GA that just started.
    Research Flight, realise we are 3 techs from oil he he.
    Bribe Persia with a bit of G, 10GPT and a few iron & horses to DoW Assyria.
    Assyria asks for DoF next turn ha ha.

    Finally get some modern strategic resources from one of our TEN CS allies.
    Next turn get Iron from Kyzyl - Iron!
    Later discover we have 7 oil in the desert near 4th city.
    Automated scout clears a barb camp!
    Two of our friends come begging for 750G - er F.O.
    +402B +131G +177C +65F

    Build Eiffel Tower mainly to deny to Brazil who is obviously going cultural, and we have two other towers, should have gone CNN or whatever it's called.
    Building factories now CS give us coal and then air force in case Brazil or Assyria get fruity.
    Coastal cities build a couple of frigates to protect sea trade routes to Austria and Poland.
    Buy Research Labs in main science cities.
    Brazil adopts Freedom, nice.
    Should have switched cities to research focus to speed up remaining techs.
    Basically spamming GS to get to Information era.
    At some point we forced through World Religion which passed, never managed that before.

    Search Telecommunications to enter Information era.
    We have 32 delegates for UN vote.
    Everyone starts fighting after choosing ideologies, except us.
    Propose World Order to annoy everyone else, Austria in revolution, others are in civil resistance, he he.
    Brazil gets first influential civ a couple of turns later.

    Spend all remaining cash to ensure our CS allies stay allied and bribe a few more to make sure.
    Win UN vote by a country mile.
    Score: 1179 (1660).
    Rank: Marcus Aurelius.


    Not a bad time & score (having seen results from other players) on first BNW GOTM so I'm fairly happy with that.
    As it was this was a relatively relaxing game as I've been playing on Immortal+ since buying BNW, which is generally a little more intense!
    Almost certainly could have done a lot better if I'd gone on the offensive or really pushed science generation.

    Odd that went Liberty but only founded 4 cities! However I think that was right approach given the rotten start.

    By about 2000BC Rabat was already a much more powerful city than the capital and turned into a powerhouse later in the game - pity you can't move your capital (?)

    Lessons Learnt:
    - Only signed 3 RAs I think because by that point we were first in tech and other civs wanted crazy deals to sign them which I declined, but in retrospect that was dumb.
    - Also didn't switch GP and city focus from production/culture/food to science early enough, should have had a load of GS ready to bulb through to information era but has to slog it slowly with just a couple.
    - No point having Flight if you ain't got any oil.
    - When you successfully propose World Fair it's probably a good idea to then contribute to it.
    - Should have been more aggressive when choosing proposals rather than pandering to other (and weaker) civs.
    - Don't forget about available wonders!
    - Don't rely on CS giving you strategic resources if the rest of the world is behind you in tech.
  15. Muaziz

    Muaziz Warlord

    Aug 28, 2007
    Coincidentally, I also got t157 PP, but unlike glory, I had bee-lined to it and hadn't research many of the other techs he got first.

    Was a very slow game due to the very poor starting location. Had this been Emperor instead of King, I think the game would have been even more miserable.

    I settled on the coastal hill because Cargo Ships are amazing. Except in this game where they royally sucked ass. Even my northern city couldn't connect because of the stupid iceberg (which I didn't realize would block the trade route prior to Astronomy which I didn't research until the game was pretty much over). So in a sense, I feel like this was a trap game. Lure you to the useless coast...

    Expanded twice: to the south near the river Wheat and to the north near lake Victoria. I was hoping the southern city would be a Petra powerhouse except someone beet me to Petra so instead it became a very mediocre city, although it did improve a little eventually once I could build Kabashes.

    No wars and not much religion since I was beat to Hagia Sophia by a turn.

    Never built much military especially since I never found a Militaristic CS. Not sure if I found them all, but I don't recall any.

    Maybe game would have gone better with a little bit of conquering, but I just couldn't be bothered to do it.

    Edit: Looking at my saves, it looks like my PP was actually t156 (so t157 World Congress). So I can't figure out why Finnrat would have has winning Diplo vote on t267 (t268 win) and mine was 5 turns earlier?!? Not sure how that is possible.
  16. glory7

    glory7 King

    Nov 6, 2012
    As far as I know, 5 turn difference is very possible. It seems that one of world congress in your game was earlier era (say, his 3rd congress was modern era and yours was industrial era).
  17. acinod

    acinod Chieftain

    Oct 4, 2010
    My first GOTM. Love the concept how we can all play the same save and able to discuss strategies, etc.

    Game: Civ5 GOTM 67
    Date submitted: 2013-08-23
    Reference number: 29561
    Your name: Acinod
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1909AD
    Turns played: 330
    Base score: 1023
    Final score: 1573
    Time played: 2:51:00
    Submitted save: Ahmad al-Mansur_0330 AD-1910.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: Acinod_C506701.Civ5Save

    Brazil expanded very close to me and pretty much blocked off much of my expansion. Since I went Tradition>Liberty my settler was a bit late. He later went to war with me but being so behind in tech he didn't stand a chance. I didn't want to invest hammers/gold on units to wipe out his cities so I just left him to do his own thing.
  18. Hammer Rabbi

    Hammer Rabbi Deity GOTM Staff

    Jan 3, 2012
    Welcome aboard! Always glad to have new participants. Thanks and good luck in the future GotMs.
  19. Muaziz

    Muaziz Warlord

    Aug 28, 2007
    Very good point. I forgot about the turn difference between eras. Thanks for the insight.
  20. WxDan

    WxDan Chieftain

    Jan 5, 2012
    North Dakota
    Game: Civ5 GOTM 67
    Date submitted: 2013-08-25
    Reference number: 29578
    Your name: WxDan
    Game status: Diplomacy Victory
    Game date: 1969AD
    Turns played: 390
    Base score: 1548
    Final score: 2010
    Time played: 5:08:00
    Submitted save: Ahmad al-Mansur_0390 AD-1970.Civ5Save
    Renamed file: WxDan_C506701.Civ5Save

    - How many cities did you build and how many did you decide to acquire? Built 2. Took 4 from Brazil over three separate wars.
    - How did you use religion or spying to your advantage? Found a religion with Tithe for gold. Spies stole a few techs early, then transitioned to rigging city-states. Then diplomats after globalization for the extra votes.
    - How did diplomacy go with your neighbors? Research agreements were plentiful with Assyria, Persia, and India. Brazil wasn't a fan. Poland and Austria were neutral most of the game.
    - How did the difficulty level affect your game decisions? Went for Wonders I normally wouldn't have tried for. Key wonders were Colossus, Petra, Forbidden Palace, and Eiffel Tower. Lost out on Statue of Liberty.
    - Did the new Diplomacy Victory conditions change how you play a diplomacy game? Not very much. Just stockpiled some extra gold to make sure I could buy city-states at the end. Ended up not needing very much.

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