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UN Vote?


Sep 13, 2005
Okay, so I'm America and I'm the second largest civ. But Persia is about three times my size. He builds UN in about 1980 and I figure I've got a shot at a diplomatic victory. No vote was ever held! And I know I allowed that victory option! I just kept waiting and waiting and finally i lost in 2050 with no vote ever. Why wasn't there one?
They usually don't have an election when they know they will lose
Which begs the question...

When a human player builds the UN do they stage a vote?

I know I will happily build the UN but will deliberately NOT hold a vote, just as the AI has done in your game. Even when I know that I will win. I think the AI is doing what I normally do and going for the conquest victory.
Actually the AI never 'goes for a win'. They merely try to stop you, the player, from winning. Hence not holding elections when they will lose.
Excatly. As Sybot rightly points out, the AI is programmed to deprive you from winning rather than winning itself.
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