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Unit Request: FV510 Warrior

From the Wiki Article quoted above

In 1993, Kuwait purchased 254 Desert Warrior vehicles fitted with Delco turrets, stabilised M242 25 mm chain gun with coaxial 7.62 mm chain gun and 2 x Hughes TOW ATGM launchers (one mounted on each side).

if this does get made, this version would be nice too :)
it was made and was hosted on the cdg forums.

one solution is that you download for instance the World 2004 scenario, where the anim is included.

i don't know about the policy towards uploading of creations at civ-fanatics of whom you are not the creator.
I'm sorry I really do not want a multi unit one, just the single one. if someone could upload it here that would be great, as long as you give full credit to the creator, and none for yourself, and explain why you uploaded somebody else's work, I would say that would be fine. if not hopefully a moderator will be in here soon enough to correct me.

Edit: I went ahead and downloaded the scenario as suggested, thank you to all whom helped me.
I may have to download that, there are alot of great unit in there, in which I do not posses. Could you add the HMS Mary Rose to your MOD?
Did someone make it?

I'm just gathering units made my others, I don't make units

Beside, which HMS Mary Rose?

The 60-90 guns carrack launched in 1510?
The 39-gun galleaon launched in 1556?
The 26-gun ship built at Deptford in 1623?
The 32-gun ship in service from 1650–1654?
The 4th rate frigate launched in 1654 as Maidstone, renamed after the Restoration.
The French 4-gun brig captured in 1799 off Acre?
The "M" class destroyer launched in 1915?
The tender purchased in 191?
Or the Algerine class minesweeper launched in 1943?
Thank you Wolf, Even though I have downloaded a whole scenario to get this unit, your contribution here may help others, and I thank you.

Steph - This is the Mary Rose I have mentioned: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Rose

also steph, if your scenario goes into the modern era, I believe it would be great if you added all the newer versions as well. If you would like in the future, or for an update, I could give you a list of units for Great Britain, United States, or pretty much any country.
Cool, I understand you volunteer to make all the missing graphics, so I could spend the next 5 years adding hundreds of units to a mod that already contains a few thousands, just so you can play with every unit England ever had. :rolleyes:
Well if you need help, do not hesitate to ask, especially if you ever work on a Roman MOD, and need some Latin assistance. But if you need assistance with missing graphics I will help as much as possible, but my unit creation is limited at best, I have poser 6, and PSP 9, but cannot figure out how to make units with them, nor will I attempt to do so again. I still make units via cut and paste.
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