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Unit request: Late Roman Legionary


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Aug 22, 2004
I think the Rise and Fall of the Roman empire- mod, needs a better mercenary legionary or late Roman legionary. Anyway, pinktaplia (or whatever he's name was) should second this request. :p

oh, and here is a good link...

Anyway, if anyone has the energy to do this...
I'll add my name to that. Nothing wrong with the unit that's being used right now but it was never intended as a late Legionary. This would complete the Roman unit set nicely. I can provide more images, if required.
Well, I am left with little choice but too support that request too ;)
Seriously, yes, it will be a nice addition to the mod, which is finally getting finalized.
I realize though that it is summer and that Civ4 is lurking at the corner, so all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.
Um, aren't there like a million differents types of legionaries already made in the unit forums? Like, one for every day the Roman Empire ever existed?
Considering we speak of at least 1200 years of Roman history (if we forget the "Byzantine" part), there is like some margin remaining before we get one unit per day, don't you think so ;)

Meanwhile, that unit would be used as are most if not all the Roman units created at CFC.
Based on the library (I haven't go digging deeper), Bebro made:

1. Early Republican legionary
2. Late Republican legionary
3. Imperial legionary(which is ok for early imperial, say up to 3rd century AC)

What is requested is:

4. Late imperial legionary (mostly a barbarian in desguise ;))

Hope it clarifies the request, somehow...
I'll add my support. You can never get enough roman units and they're basically one of the only genre of units I acturally find use for on CFC. I must say some of the units on here are truely amazing, but most of them have no place in my game.
After thinking about it, I don't think this unit has been made. I think it has been requested before, though. It is one historical Roman unit that could be very useful (such as putting it in the Fall of Rome scenario). I hope someone wants to make it.
VERY impressive!!!!!! Keep up the good work! Gosh, can't wait for the finished product!
Nice, but those guys don't wear sandals anymore. Give him some turnshoes.
The chainmail should also cover his shoulders (like a t-shirt).
I already got rid of the sandals. I pretty much realized that right away.

I know about the chainmail on the shoulders thing, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to do it. The current model for the armor I have doesn't have sleeves and some of the other possibilites I looked at didn't really look good. But I'll keep my eyes open for something :)
VERY Impressive. Is this your first unit? That is clearly amazing. Well I guess we havent seen the animations yet, but still... off to a great start. Keep up the great work! I hope you continue to do roman units (or at least historical units) :) can never get enough!
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