Upgrade from horseman to calvary?


Dec 18, 2003
Eastern WA
Can I upgrade from horseman to calvary and skip the knight step?
Of course I would skip the Chivilry tech as well. If so, would I save the upgrade price as well? In other words if horseman-knight is 40 gold and knight-calvary is 40 gold, would horseman-calvary be only 40 gold?
You should be able to skip the Knight level in upgrading horsemen to cavalry, however, the knight level is going to be reflected in the upgrade cost.

The upgrade cost is 20 gold for every 10 more shields the upgrade is over the cost of the original unit. In Conquests, its 30.

Going from Horseman to Knight is about 80 gold.. upgrading to Cavalry from horsemen is therefore 100 gold.

This being pre-conquests. In conquests it could cost 120 to upgrade to knight and 150 to Cavalry.
Using that formula, then what is the upgrade from knight-calvary?
Would you save any gold by skipping the knight step?
No. The game figures the technology you skipped into the upgrade price.
Apart from the fact you don't need to bother getting Monotheism or Chivalry to reach Military Tradition. Occasionally this is useful.

No-one has actually said it yet, but the upgrade cost is 2 gold per shield in Civ3/PTW and 3 gold per shield in Conquests.
Originally posted by Balao
No. The game figures the technology you skipped into the upgrade price.

No! That wasn't the case. The upgrade cost is really exactly what anarres said!
calvary are WAY better!
In fact, when nearing military tradition, if you are rich you can pillage any connections to iron, making it impossible to build knights. Build lots of horsemen quickly, then when you get to military tradition, you can upgrade the horsemen to cavalry - a good way of getting lots of cavalry quickly, and even better if you have leonardo's workshop (halves upgrade costs). :)
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