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Sep 12, 2023

First, a great thanks for this mod which was a lot of fun to play, thaks for all your work !

A report a little bit late as I just ended my game with V92.

  • I relaunched the start game a few times mainly not to have my eastern french city flipping to Germany, in order to keep the iron.
  • By turn 300's, I had founded 4 cities (Paris, Geneve, Perpignan, Brest) and kept it that way until I invaded Spain.
  • I then went on with my game, settling Northen America, and then the Guinean Gulf later on.
  • In the middle of the 20th Century, I had to go to war with Germany to prevent them from winning, and give me the few turns that were lacking to get my cultural victory by turn 661.
Here are some remarks :

> I didn't know how to play the French RPV as the specifics were not displayed. Maybe the didn't exist yet in V92 ?

> The Louvre thematic bonus needs two archealogical artifacts to work. As they were removed from RFC, maybe the conditions of the thematic bonus could be changed ?

> The vassalization mechanics in Civ IV (that was also used in RFC Civ IV) was a fun way to play a dominant power without having to invade a country. As it wasn't implemented in Vanilla CIV V (nor G&K/BNW), I don't know if it could be possible to create such a mechanic and implementing it in Civ V-RFC ?

> I remember a thread about african civs to fill out the continent : as it existed in RFC-Civ IV, maybe a Malian civ could be a good challenger ?

> By turn 330-40's, Portugal and Netherlands had spawwned without problems with their settlers (I saw in a few posts that their settlers were moved into the sea, didn't occur in my game)

P-S : played my game in french, the mod integrates itself well only for a few alerts in english. If need be, I can be of help if there is a project of translation
I founded Perpignan within french core as a way to get the spanish silver and truffle ; I then went to war with Spain which allowed me to take Madrid and raze Granada, to gain control of their wine and citrus. And in the "New World" I founded New Orleans and a city in Canada, to gain control of the luxury resources around.

In parallel, as I produced a lot of culture, I took the doctrins which gave me happiness bonuses, and with the gold earned I allied with city-states to benefit from their resources.
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