v92 Germany


Jul 15, 2020
In my recent experience achieving the RPV with Germany, despite facing some difficulties, I am here to report on my success. Based on multiple playthroughs, it seems that Germany often lacks sufficient happiness levels, and the absence of nearby iron necessitates securing it personally, which leads to the need to occupy Poland and the subsequent challenges posed by several instances of independence.

In this session, I decided to assign priority levels to economic, happiness, military strength, and scientific prowess at each turn, guiding my production choices accordingly. Instead of conquering many cities at once, I strategically occupied those areas where happiness could be assured.

Some cunning strategies I employed this time (which some might consider a bit sneaky) included not establishing Berlin as the capital of Germany but moving southwards to establish it in Leipzig instead, building Dobrudscha to secure iron resources, and reacquiring tiles that disappeared during the formation of Austria within the same turn.

By focusing on stability and happiness during expansion, I was able to secure robust research capabilities from the mid-game onwards, gaining a military advantage. I only engaged in warfare with Austria and Turkey among the major nations, securing victory through the subjugation of city-states.


Speaking of which, I think I ended up obstructing the settlement into Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Eventually, a city was established in a different location, but it collapsed and got absorbed by England...
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