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Dec 20, 2004
So, I started a game as the newest civ, Israel. So far it's been a bit of a struggle to keep up in techs, but that might just be me not min-maxing Israel properly.

But, I encountered a couple of weird events around the early 700s AD.

First, when Arabia spawned all my military land units within my borders disappeared. Not just those on the border, but within my whole country. My scouts outside didn't disappear, and neither did my ship. I was also working on a Maccabee when Arabia spawned, and when this was finished it disappeared too. The next unit I build I got to keep, however.

Now then, just a few turns after in 726 Napoleon spawns a bunch of units within my borders. This can't be inteded, can it? Edit: No war was declared, so the units got pushed out of my borders on the next turn and they just roamed around. Paris was founded as normal however. Dunno how many units Napoleon got in his home country though

Also, the Maccabee is missing an icon when being constructed. In the attached screenshot I'm building one in Jerusalem


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When using my special merchant ability to buy a city state, I got all its cities. In this case both Jazan (where I had my merchant) and Marakanda. Is this as intended?


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Started a second game, and the disappearing units thing happened again when Arabia spawned. My units inside Sur and Jerusalem and the couple of units inbetween my cities disappeared. However, the Maccabee I managed to move outside my borders survived, the same with the archer on Cyprus and the archer I moved over to the egyptian side of Suez.

The French thing did not happen again though. Not that it mattered much since Attila won an RP victory in 750-something :p
Other suggestions:
  • First to found a religion
  • Having XX wonders in Jerusalem by [year]
  • Jerusalem being the most visited city (tourism) in [year]
  • Having worshippers of all world religions in Jerusalem
  • Forging X alliances by [year]
  • Never collapse or lose cities to other nations by [year] (forces the Israel player to play tall and not expand too much)
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