v92 released


's and Fall creator
May 23, 2001
Japan / Italy / Germany
It took more, much more than I expected. It was almost complete already 2 months ago, but it was physically impossible to perform some final touches, and I've been postponing day by day the release.

The main change, as you can see from below, is the addition of Israel. Ability is Venetian one. Since the leaderhead is not as good quality as the official ones, Israel is only available as human player, and it will be minor in all other cases.
This addition led to some other changes in the land in the dates of the ancient Mediterranean.
The role play victory is still to be made. I am lacking ideas, so maybe you can come out with something interesting and feasible. Something may also be related to the Mines of Solomon, for now placed right next to Jerusalem, but possibly involve some mechanism similar to El Dorado.
A further extended timeline may also be consider, if you think it's needed.
You will see also big changes to Persia and Byzantium. But rather than them, it's Greece that needs more work. I am thinking of incentivate releasing cities (granting or forcing independence) out of mainland Greece. Both as victory and also for granting more cities to the Byzantine spawn.
Finally, many thanks for hunting the bugs affecting Netherlands and Portugal spawn. Should be okay now, please confirm.

- Fixed glitch of Roman settlers spawning regardless of the presence of a camp
- Roman ability limited to Europe and historical Roman territories
- Cargo units and great persons excluded from Arabian ability
- added a Dangerous Waters tile in West Africa that will stop all early explorations of Africa
- added Israel as major playable civ. If not controlled by human, always minor.
- Jerusalem moved 1 plot inland
- Terrain changes near Israel
- Mines of Solomon added only when human player is Israel
- adjusted Phoenician starting year
- reduced and spread Celtic units
- adjusted Barbarian chariots in Anatolia
- tuned down Vikings
- updated city names
- added Macau pirate city
- finally made a fix for the failed founding of Lisbon and Amsterdam
- Portugal active as major civ in China games
- Sinop now Mediterranean and flipping to Persia instead of Pirate
- Extended Persian flip area. This will help fillign Anatolia
- Tarsos added instead as Pirate stronghold
- Mediterranean pirates respawn once
- one more worker to Rome start
- Eastern Rome will acquire during spawn only Roman cities or minor/barbarian, never other major civs cities
- barbarian encampments correctly cleaned during a civ spawn
- wandering Hunnic workers are wiped out instantly
- fixed a rare crash happening during collapse
- removed wrong splash text in tech tree
- started implementation of a “agenda” file where AIs will adopt some behavious (typically war) depending on role play reasons
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Just two days ago I finished a game with Greece achieving a RPV in 1695. Would a short report still be useful for you or are the changes in the mediterranean to massive between v91 and v92?
Are you sending the download link by messages this time too? I'd love to get one.
v92_Screenshot 2023-08-31 220608.png
Hmm, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I haven't been able to get a game to load yet. I reinstalled Civ5 and it still isn't working. I load the mod, start a game, it goes through the autoplay and then it says I've been defeated. I've tried a couple times with Rome and once with Israel.
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