Vox Populi Compatible Civilizations Showcase

Leader: King David

UA: Chosen People: +25% :c5strength: Combat bonus vs. Barbarians and 40 :c5faith: Faith on clearing Barbarian Camps. +2:c5faith: Faith and +2 :c5culture: Culture for all GP improvements, and Great Works. Cannot Construct Temples.

Note: Free temple from Oracle is added normally

UU: Maccabee
unlocked at Iron working
Requires 1 iron
Shock I Promotion
Hasmonean Guerilla Promotion (+25% Flank attack and Wounded Unit attack bonuses. Ignores terrain costs penalties, and +10 HP when healing in friendly territory)

UB: Solomon's Temple (Great Temple)
Unlocked at Construction (3 techs earlier)
Must be constructed in Capital
Does not require Temple
Free Temple in City
7 :c5faith:Faith, 3 :c5culture:Culture, 3 :c5gold:Gold
Instant boost of 50:c5faith:Faith whenever a Policy is adopted, scaling with era
+1:c5faith: for every 4 :c5citizen: citizens on Empire
+1:c5gold: /+1:c5culture: to Wine, Insence and Amber on Empire
+100% religious pressure in city
+20% Conversion Resistance on Empire

-25%:c5unhappy: Religious needed modifier
3 Great works of Music Slots (+5:c5culture:, +5:c5gold:Gold if themed. All Great Works must be your own.)
building cost increases with number of buildings in empire
No bonus to temples

3rd and 4th components:
Spoiler :

UI: Kibbutz
Unlocked at Fertilizer
May only be built on Farms and not adjacent to another Kibbutz
+5:c5food:, +3:c5culture:, +3:c5science:, +1:c5production:
+1:c5food: to adjacent farms
+2:c5production: to adjacent GP tile improvements
+1:c5production: at Industrialization
+1:c5production: at Military Science
+1:c5science:, +1:c5culture:at Ballistics
+1:c5science:, +1:c5culture: at Mobile Tactics

UGP: Shophet (Great General)
2 Moves
Leadership - (15% Combat for owned units within 2 tiles)
Can be expended to boost supply cap and build Citadels
Judge of Israel - generates 2 :c5faith: Faith and :c5culture: Culture every turn
Milhemet Reshut - Enemy units killed within 2 tiles of Shophet yield random :c5greatperson:GPP in capital, (1.5x unit :c5strength:strength)

  • Ekmek: 3D Leaderscene
  • Janboruta: Map
  • Pineappledan: VP compatibility changes
  • danrell: Shophet model
  • Lastsword: Shophet icon
  • Leugi: Everything else
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More Civs' Kilwa Sultanate led by Ali ibn al-Hassan

Original mod here

UA: Swahili Traders

Every owned Trade Route connected to a city increases the base yield of every specialist in that city by 1. +3 Food from Merchant specialists. This counts as a base yield.

UB: Coral Port

+5% Food for every Trade Route departing the city. Cheaper than the Harbour.

Requires a Lighthouse in the City. +100 Hit Points in the City. When a Sea Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a Tourism boost with the Civ based on your recent Culture and Tourism output. +1 Food from Coast and Ocean Tiles, and +1 Production from Sea Resources worked by this City. Sea Trade Routes gain +50% Range and +2 Gold. +15% Production of Naval units, and increases Military Units supplied by this City''s population by 10%. City must be built on the coast.

UU: Dhow

A fast and cheap Medieval exploration Unit that can heal outside of friendly territory. Weaker than the Caravel. A level 5 or higher Dhow can be expended to create a trade route slot.

Any feedback is welcome. I have done some testing, but bugs happen. If it's something major I'd appreciate a description and lua log be sent to me via a PM.

Credits to More Civs's team for the original mod and HungryForFood, Chrisy15, JFD, TopHatPaladin and EmeraldRange for help with api questions
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JFD's The Empire of Great Britain (Victoria) for Vox Populi
Does not need the original mod
(direct download)
(steam workshop)
(link to thread)
(link to original mod)

Sun Never Sets (UA)

+1 :c5moves: Movement for Naval and embarked Units, and -25% Naval Unit :c5gold: Gold maintenance. +1 additional Trade Route slot for every 6 owned Cities or every vassal. Can send :c5gold: Gold Trade Routes to owned Cities.

Steam Mill (UB) (replaces Factory)

Same as England.

First Rate (UU) (replaces Frigate)

Rename of the Ship of the Line (affects England).

(gameplay changes to Elizabeth's England can be disabled)​

Perfidious Albion (UA)


Playhouse (UB) (replaces Baths)

  • 1 writer specialist slot.
  • 1 :greatwork: Great Work of Writing slot.
  • Does not require fresh water.
  • +20% :c5culture: Culture during a Golden Age (instead of +10% :c5culture: Culture).
  • +4 :c5culture: Culture (instead of +2 :c5culture: Culture)
Grand Carrack (UU) (replaces Galleass, or Galleon with Enlightenment Era)

  • If replacing Galleass, can cross oceans immediately.
  • If replacing Galleon, available earlier at Astronomy, instead of Exploration.
  • +1 :c5strength: Combat Strength, +2 :c5rangedstrength: Ranged Combat Strength.
  • Quick Learner (Earn experience toward promotions 50% faster).
  • Slipstream (Ignores Zone of Control).
Additional mod compatibility
  • JFD: Author.
  • Janboruta: Art (Leaderscene, Civ Icon, Leader Icon, Unique Component Icons, Map).
  • Viregel: Research (City List)
  • SuperWaffle247: Research (First-Rate Pedia)
  • Sukritact: Utilities (MCIS)
  • Andreas Waldetoft: Music
  • Two Steps from Hell: Music
  • Hinin: Victoria UA idea.
  • HungryForFood: Vox Populi Compatibility.
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Tomatekh's The Garamantes for Vox Populi
(link - 3UC/4UC activated by default, see below)


Desert Rose
Units ignore Terrain Costs and start with +1 :c5moves: on Land :c5trade: Trade Routes connected to your Empire. Cities and Foggara create Aquifers, giving +2 :c5food:, :c5gold:, Border Growth Points, and Fresh Water. The :c5capital: Capital receives +1 :c5food:, +1 :c5gold: for every Foggara constructed, scaling with Era.

Plumed Nomad (replaces Scout)
unlocked at Sailing

100 :c5production: (+10 from Scout)
13 :c5strength: (+3 from Scout)

2 :c5moves:
Scout promotions
Desert Raider (Double :c5moves: Movement on Desert Tiles. 25% less damage from Cities and gain 125% of damage done to them as Gold.)


Unlocked at Engineering
+1:c5food:, +1:c5gold: to adjacent Farms
+1:c5production:, +1 :c5gold: at Dynamite
+2:c5production: at Plastic
Must be built on Desert and not adjacent to another Foggara

Spoiler 3UC/4UC components :

These are active by default, because why aren't you playing with 3/4 UC?!
If you wish to disable then they are listed below.

Aghrem (Well)
unlocked at Iron Working
requires a Watermill in the City (n.b. since all Cities have Freshwater they can all build the Watermill)

+2 :c5food: (+1 from Well)
0 :c5production: (-2 from Well)
Provides +5 :c5strength: and 50 HP to the city.
+1 :c5food: Food and +1 :c5production: Production for every 5 :c5citizen: Citizens in the City.
Oasis Tiles worked by the City gain +2 :c5food: Food, :c5gold: Gold and [ICON_CULTURE_LOCAL] Border Growth Points.
City must have a nearby Desert tile.

disable by going to "XML/Civilizations/Ancient\ Libya\ Civilizations\ Mod.xml" and removing the lines starting 49:
Bedouin Rifleman (Rifleman)
Unlocked at Replaceable Parts
900 :c5production:
45 :c5strength:
2 :c5moves:
Desert Raider (Double :c5moves: Movement on Desert Tiles. 25% less damage from Cities and gain 125% of damage done to them as Gold.)
Desert Warrior (+50% :c5strength: on Desert)

disable by renaming/deleting the folder "Rifle"

Also has a Civ Specific Event as per the Community Events modmod, active by default
(turn off by ticking No Civ Specific Events in the setup menu)

  • Tomatekh: Original mod creator whose own credits can be found here
  • Bernie14: For his popular Desert Rifleman model
  • Kelnahas: for the Bedouin Rifleman idea and the icon art which was adapted herein, link to the original
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LastSword's Khmer for Vox Populi
(link - 3UC/4UC activated by default, see below)

Suryavarman II

Angkor the Magnificent
World Wonders gain +3 :c5faith: Faith, :tourism: Tourism and :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points. The :c5capital: Capital gains a :c5citizen: Citizen for every World Wonder in the Empire. Farms with access to Fresh Water have a chance to reveal Rice.

Teahean (replaces Pikeman)
unlocked at Metal Casting

100 :c5production: (-35 from Pikeman)
Stagnates growth like a Settler

17 :c5strength:
2 :c5moves:
Spear Wall (+50% against mounted, lost on upgrade)
Bokator (+10% strength, kept on upgrade)
Rice Farmers (Can build basic tile improvements and repair, lost on upgrade)

Baray (replaces Baths)

Unlocked at Metal Casting
-2:c5gold: (up from -1:c5gold: on Baths)
+3:c5culture: (+1 from Baths)
+1:c5food: (+1 from Baths)
+3:c5faith: (+3 from Baths) and +1:c5faith: for every 5 Citizens
+1:c5production: and +2 Border Growth on Rice
Does not require Fresh Water

Spoiler 3UC/4UC components :

These are active by default, because why aren't you playing with 3/4 UC?!
If you wish to disable then they are listed below.

Dhomrey (Heavy Skirmisher)
Unlocked at Physics
Does not require Horses
175 :c5production:
20 :c5strength: (+5)
Range 2 (+1)
3 :c5moves: (-1)
Heavy Skirmisher Promotions
Accuracy I
Feared Elephant
(-10% Strength to adjacent enemies, lost after upgrade)

disable by renaming/deleting the folder "Siam2"

Distribution Center (Agribusiness)
unlocked at Fertilizer
requires a Grocer in the City
Does not require Horses

+3 :c5food:
+3 :c5food: to Farms and Pastures
+2 :c5gold: Gold and +2 :c5production: to Plantations
Reveals a Coconut and Mango bonus (Plantation) resource nearby if possible
+1 Food and +1 Production to Rice
+1 Gold and +1 Production to Coconut
+1 Gold and +1 Food to Mango

disable by going to "Khmer/KhmerEmpire/Khmer\ Civ\ Mod.xml" and removing the lines starting 61:

Also has a Civ Specific Event as per the Community Events modmod, active by default
(turn off by ticking No Civ Specific Events in the setup menu)

  • LastSword: Original mod creator
  • Colonialist Legacies' Civitar for the Pesilat model which is used to update the old Militia model to be a believable pikeman replacement
  • framedarchitecture: Assembly Plant icon, which I have covered in pretty leaves :c5happy:, rice
  • Wolfdog: original conversion of the Civ IV ballista elephant model which I lifted from...
  • Voljuln's mod, which I then recoloured
  • rohanemperor: Mango and Coconut models (I believe this is the correct original source but I'm not totally sure)
  • pineappledan: for helpful discussions
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Tomatekh's Timurids for Vox Populi
Does not need the original mod
Download base version here (under construction)
Download 4UC compatible version here

Timur (Leader)
Jewel of the East (UA)

+1 to all Yields in your :c5capital: Capital permanently when you Destroy a City or reduce the :c5citizen: Population of a City by :c5razing: Razing it. Buildings from captured cities are immediately built in your :c5capital: Capital if not already present

Notes: Timur can steal belief buildings (mandirs, churches, etc.), policy buildings (monasteries, observatories), and build mutually exclusive buildings (well/watermill, etc.) in his capital. You can also build a 4th copy of any guild on empire by capturing it, if you have 3 guilds constructed in secondary cities.

Registan (UW) (replaces Oxford University)
UW - Registan
(Oxford University)
Available at Education
Does not Require a University in the City
Must be built in the :c5capital:Capital

Requires 35 citizens in Empire
production required scales with number of cities

+3 :c5science: +3 :c5culture: +3:c5production: (up from 3:c5science:/3:c5culture:)
+15% :c5war:Military Supply from :c5citizen: population
-20% Science needed modifier
2 Great Work of Writing slots (+3 Science if themed)
Free Great Scientist
+100 :c5culture: Culture every time you research a technology, scaling with era (up from 75)
Unlocks 3 Unique National Wonders: Ulugh Begh Madrasah, Sher-Dor Madrasah, and Tilya-Kori Madrasah
Spoiler Registan Madrasahs - Credit to Hinin for the idea :

Ulugh Begh Madrasah (Unique National Wonder)
400:c5production: Production Cost
Requires Registan in City

2:c5science:, 1:c5faith:
2:c5greatperson: Great Writer Points
Free Observatory in City
+1:c5science: for Universities on Empire
+3:c5science: for every incoming/outgoing :trade: International Trade Route in the City

Sher-Dor Madrasah (Unique National Wonder)
400:c5production: Production Cost
Requires Registan in City

2:tourism:, 2:c5production: 1:c5faith:
2:c5greatperson: Great Artist Points
+2:c5production: for Markets on Empire
+3:tourism: for every incoming/outgoing :trade: International Trade Route in the City

Tilya-Kori Madrasah (Unique National Wonder)
400:c5production: Production Cost
Requires Registan in City

2:c5culture:, 1:c5faith:
2:c5greatperson: Great Musician Points
+2:c5culture: for Caravansaries on Empire
+3:c5culture: for every incoming/outgoing :trade: International Trade Route in the City

Tumen (UU) (replaces lancer)

Available at Chemistry (1 tech earlier)
325:c5production: (25 cheaper than lancer)
35 CP
4 Moves
Can move After Attacking
-25% penalty vs Cities (instead of -33%)
Mobility Promotion (+1 movement)
Ghazwa Promotion (Gold from Attacking cities and killing units)
Requires Horses

Spoiler More Unique Components compatibility :
3UC - UI - Deh (Kalle from Afghanistan Mod)

Unlocked at Currency
Workers cannot construct Villages
Cannot be built adjacent to another Deh
Villages in conquered lands are automatically converted to Deh
4:c5gold:, 1:c5food:, 1:c5culture: (up from 3:c5gold:, 1:c5culture:)
+1:c5gold:, +1:c5production:, +1:c5culture: when on a tile with a road
+2:c5gold:, +2:c5production:, +2:c5culture: when on a tile with a railroad
+1:c5gold:, +1:c5production:, and +1:c5culture: if a trade route, internal or external passes through. Increased to +2:c5gold:, +2:c5production:, and +2:c5culture: at Industrial
Extends the range of land trade routes in city by 10% for every Deh worked by a City
+1:c5gold:, 1:c5science: at Economics
+2:c5production: and +1:c5gold: from Free Thought Policy

Note: sneaky stuff like building a Deh adjacent to an enemy village, then conquering the city which owns the village is kosher. You can get 2 adjacent Deh by doing this, you just can't build 2 adjacent Deh on the land from scratch

4UC - Farsakh Cannon (UU) (Cannon replacement) - from Mughal mod

Unlocked at Gunpowder
400:c5production: (+50 from Cannon)
15:c5strength: CS, 40 :c5rangedstrength:RCS (+10 RCS)
Cover I
Siege I Promotion
May only move when at full health

Half movement in Enemy Territory
200% vs Cities
-25% vs land units
-25% vs Naval
Requires Iron

  • Civitar: Kalle Icon
  • bouncymischa: Kalle graphics
  • Janboruta: Icons
  • Leugi: Leaderheads and models.
  • Janboruta: Timur leader graphic, Tumen and Farsakh Cannon icons.
  • danrell: Model for the Tumen adapted from his Civ V China unit pack.
  • Firaxis: War Theme (Crossroads of the World Civ IV scenario).
  • Moriboe: lua, Tumen icon
  • Mosile: Registan icon
  • FramedArchitect: lua help.
  • Loreena McKennitt: Peace Theme.
  • Tomatekh: All code and art otherwise not listed.
  • Lastsword: lua coding
  • Pineappledan: VP compatibility
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As Enginseer suggested me, I am posting here my mod. Hope you like it.

Notes about the additional components

The 3rd and 4th unique components are disabled by default. To activate them open the file UserSetting.sql with Notepad and change to 1 where it says "SAMNITES_FOUR_COMPONENTS".

If playing with Vox Populi on, then change to 1 also "SAMNITES_VP_RES_HAPPINESS" so that the Falanghina luxury yields 1 happiness instead of 4. Change back to 0 to disable.

EDIT: As @infidel88 made me notice, the civfanatics download link still gave the old version without the 3rd-4th components additions. Now it's fixed. :blush:

EDIT2: For any feedbacks, suggestions or comments about my mod send a private message or reply in the dedicated thread.
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LastSword's Zimbabwe for Vox Populi
(link - 3UC/4UC activated by default, see below)

Nyatsimba Mutota

Legend of Ophir
Gain :c5gold: Gold, :tourism: Tourism and Border Growth Points when a new :c5citizen: Citizen is Born in a City, based on the proportion of Cities that are linked to it via the network of :trade: Trade Routes. Meet all Civilizations to whom you are connected.

Rozwi Warrior (replaces Pikeman)

Unlocked at Steel
135 :c5production:
17 :c5strength:
2 :c5moves:
Spear Wall (+50% against mounted, lost on upgrade)
Quick (Ignores Terrain costs.)
Trade Keeper (Has +5% strength for each trade route you own, up to 25%, lost on upgrade)

Zimbabwe (replaces Circus)

Unlocked at Physics
Has a Merchant Slot

+150 :c5culture: Culture when built
Reduces Boredom
Starts 10 turns of WLTKD
+3 :c5culture: to Ivory
+5 :c5strength: and 50 HP
If possible, spawns a Lion, Rhino or Springbok nearby
(note, in theory this should function like the Candi, which should be able to spawn the resource under the city. I haven't been able to reproduce that.)

Spoiler 3UC/4UC components :

These are active by default, because why aren't you playing with 3/4 UC?!
If you wish to disable then they are listed below.

Sealous Scout (Paratrooper)
Unlocked at Flight
950 :c5production:
45 :c5strength: (+5)
3 :c5moves: (+1)
Paratrooper Promotions
Panwe Chete (25% Attack, chance to capture defeated units, kept on upgrade)

disable by renaming/deleting the folder "Paratrooper"

Safari Park (Zoo)
unlocked at Scientific Theory
requires a Zimbabwe in the City

+2 :c5culture:
+100 :tourism: when built
Reduces Boredom
+1 :tourism: to Forest and Jungle
25% Tile/Wonder :c5culture: to :tourism:
+3 :c5gold: Gold and +1 :tourism: to Camps
+1 :tourism: to Merchants in the City

disable by going to "Zimbabwe/Safari/CL_South_Africa_ArtDefines.sql" and removing the lines starting 4:

INSERT INTO Civilization_BuildingClassOverrides
        (CivilizationType,                     BuildingClassType,         BuildingType)

Also has a Civ Specific Event as per the Community Events modmod, active by default
(turn off by ticking No Civ Specific Events in the setup menu)

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LastSword's Tibet for Vox Populi
(link - 3UC/4UC activated by default, see below)

Songtsän Gampo

Generating :c5faith: Faith contributes to resisting foreign :tourism: Tourism; during a :c5goldenage: Golden Age this improves to additional :c5culture: Culture. Religious, Reconnaissance, and Diplomatic Units gain the Sherpa Guides Promotion.
Sherpa Guides (can pass Mountains)

Rtakhrab Rider (replaces Horseman)

Unlocked at Military Theory
Requires 1 Horse

110 :c5production: (+20)
15 :c5strength:
:c5moves: (-1)
Rtakhrab (+33% versus Archery Units, kept on upgrade)
Wisdom of Ages (+1 :c5strength: per level-up, lost on upgrade)

Kumbum (replaces Shrine)

Unlocked at Agriculture
3 :c5faith: (+1)
3 :c5goldenage: (+3)
Units in this City heal 10 points per turn whether or not they take an action.

Spoiler 3UC/4UC components :

These are active by default, because why aren't you playing with 3/4 UC?!
If you wish to disable then they are listed below.

Plateau Farm (Stable)
Unlocked at Chivalry
-2 :c5gold:
+3 :c5production:
+33% :c5production: to Mounted Units.
Increases the Military Unit Supply Cap from Population in the City by 10%
Nearby Horses, Sheep, Cattle and Bison +2 :c5production:
+1 :c5food: and +1 :c5culture: for every 2 nearby Mountain Tiles
Units trained in the City receive the Altitude Training Promotion.

disable by renaming/deleting the folder "America2"

Base Camp (National Visitor Center)
unlocked at Flight (Telecommunications)
requires a Nearby Mountain
does not require a Hotel

-2 :c5gold:
25% :c5culture: to :tourism: from tiles/wonders/great works in this city and additionally empire wide.
+3 :tourism: for every Nearby Mountain

disable by renaming/deleting the folder "BaseCamp"

  • LastSword: Original mod creator
  • Base Camp icon is Mt Everest (ofc) from LamilLerran's Wonderous Nature (if anyone wants to have a go at making compatible, new natural wonders, maybe in a modmod, that would be cool!)
  • The Plateau Farm Icon is the Rice Terrace Icon from LastSword's Nepal mod (which I don't intend to make compatible, but if someone does let me know)
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Does not need the original mod
Download here

Leader - Lester B. Pearson

UA - Northwest Passage:
  • :trade: Internal Land Trade Routes claim neutral territory they pass over.
  • Units garrisoned in Cities, Forts and Citadels generate 2 :c5gold: Gold and 1 :c5capital: Great General Point every turn.
  • Declarations of Friendship give both Canada and their friend +1:c5influence: Delegate to the World Congress
UB: Hudson's Bay Company (East India Company replacement)

Available at Guilds
:c5production: Cost scales with number of Cities

Does Not Require Customs House
Free Customs House
Gain a Large sum of Border Growth Points in this City on completion

Requires 35 citizens in Empire
+6:c5gold: Gold, +2:c5culture: Culture (up from 4:c5gold:)
+1 :trade: Trade Route
:trade:Trade routes other players make to a city with an Hudson's Bay Company will generate an extra 4 :c5gold: Gold for the city owner and the trade route owner gains an additional 2 :c5gold: Gold
1 free copy of all luxuries around city
Reduces Poverty
+1 :c5gold:, +1 :c5culture: to Forts and Citadels on Empire
+2 :c5gold: Gold from all Customs Houses and +3 :c5culture: Culture from all Banks on Empire
All Units receive the 'Colonial Capitalism' promotion
(Units garrisoned in Forts and Citadels generate 2 :c5gold: Gold and 2 :c5culture: Culture every turn.)

UU: Coureur des Bois (Explorer Replacement)

Available at Compass
150:c5production: production cost (down from 160)

17:c5strength: CP
3 :c5moves:Movement
Ignores Terrain Cost
XP from revealing tiles
Embarkation with defense
Extra sight while embarked
Portage Promotion (+1 :c5moves: Movement if starting turn on River)
Trailblazer I Promotion (double movement in woods and forest)
Has Diplomatic Mission Action - lands to gain :c5gold: Gold, and :c5influence: Influence.
Fur Trader Promotion - Can expend unit in City-State territory to gain 100:c5gold: Gold and 25 :c5influence: Influence
Spoiler 4UC :

3UC - UU: Expeditionary Force (Great War Infantry/Rifleman)(from JFD's United Kingdom mod)

Available at Replaceable Parts
900 :c5production:
50 :c5strength:CS (+5 from GW infantry)
Stormtrooper Promotion (+35% on Attack, +35% vs fortified units)
Great Generals I Promotion

4UC - UB: Hockey Rink (Stadium)

Available at Radio (1 Tech earlier)
2000 :c5production: (down from 2500)
No :c5gold: gold maintenance
Does not Require a Zoo
+2 :c5happy: Happiness (up from 1)
1 :c5culture: Culture and 1 :c5gold: Gold for every :c5citizen: citizen in city
Provides 500 :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points, 100 :tourism: Tourism, and 20 :c5influence: Influence with all City-States when completed
(up from 300 GAP only)
25% of :c5culture:culture from landmarks and World Wonders is converted to :tourism:Tourism in city
+25% :tourism: from Great Works
Reduces :c5happy:Boredom Greatly

  • dariusofwest: War Music - "O Canada!" (Custom Composed Music)
  • Edmonton Symphony Orchestra: Peace Music - "O Canada"
  • Janboruta: Leaderhead and Icons
  • Neirai: XML, Lua and Concept
  • TPangolin: Art, Concept
  • Charlatan Alley: Voice Acting
  • Viregel: Civilopedia Entries
  • LastSword: Lua Help
  • Scapegrace: Decisions concepts
  • Mewr11: Decisions code
  • RawSasquatch: Hudson's Bay Company icon
  • Regalman: Map
  • Leugi: Icons
  • pineappledan: CBO compatibility
  • Enginseer: help with lua
  • Wolfdog: Expeditionary Force unit model
  • Mikeburnfire: Hockey Rink icon
  • Asterix Rage: Promotion Icons
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LastSword's Minoa for Vox Populi
(link - 3UC/4UC activated by default, see below)


Bounty of Atlantis
Resources that naturally yield :c5food: Food randomly provide +2 from :c5food:,:c5faith:,:c5culture:,:c5gold:,:tourism: cycling every turn. Atolls generate +1 of each of these Yields. Civilian, Religious and Diplomatic Units gain the Denizens of Keftiu Promotion.
Denizens of Keftiu (Can Embark, +1 Sight if Embarked, double :c5moves: on Coast)

Argo (New unit class for Minoa: limited to 1 copy, upgrades to Frigate)

Unlocked at Fishing, Obsoletes at Astronomy
100 :c5production:
15 :c5strength:
15 :c5rangedstrength: 1
Ocean of Fear (cannot enter ocean)
Mythical Sailors (Gains XP for exploring. May enter enemy territory)
Denizens of Keftiu (as above)
May also learn:
Eyes of Hera (Requires Mythical Sailors, Trade unlocked. +1 :c5moves: and 1 :c5culture: per revealed tile)
Winds of Athena (Requires Eyes of Hera, Sailing unlocked. +1 :c5moves: and 1 :c5faith: per revealed tile)
Blessing of Hekate (Requires Winds of Athena, Drama unlocked. +1 Sight and 1 :c5culture:, 2 :tourism: per revealed tile)

Anaktora (replaces Lighthouse)

Unlocked at Sailing
-1 :c5gold:
1 :c5faith: (+1)
1 :tourism: (+1)
+1 :c5food: and :c5gold: on Sea tiles
Forms :c5trade: over water with other Cities with Anaktora
+1 :c5production: and :tourism: per 2 Sea tiles worked by the City
+1 :c5production: and :c5faith: to Granary, Temple, and Workshop in the City

Spoiler 3UC/4UC components :

These are active by default, because why aren't you playing with 3/4 UC?!
If you wish to disable then they are listed below.

Dancing Ground (Chancery)
Unlocked at Education
-3 :c5gold:
10% :c5production: production of diplo units
Royal Signet promotion to diplo units (5 influence)
+1 :c5gold: and +1 :tourism: for every City-State Friend
+2 :c5production: and +1 :c5culture: for every City-State Ally
Attempts to spawn a Cattle resource nearby
Nearby Cattle: +1 :c5culture: and +2 :c5faith:

disable by renaming/deleting the folder "DancingGround"

Caphtorite Raider (Swordsman)
unlocked at Iron Working
Requires 1 Iron

15 :c5strength:
3 :c5moves: (+1)
Shock I
Denizens of Keftiu
(as above, lost on upgrade)

disable by renaming/deleting the folder "Peleset"

  • LastSword: Original mod creator
  • jpbar81: Dancing Ground icon from whoward's Bull Ring mod
  • Philistine model, flag, and icon from Leugi's Philistines
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Macedonia, led by Alexander the Great
Does not require original mod
Download here

Leader: Alexander (top left)
UA: Hellenistic Age
  • +1 Aura Range to your :c5capital: Great General. Can only have 1 :c5capital:Great General at a time. Cannot Expend GGenerals to build Citadels.
  • Whenever a new :c5capital: Great General would be born, your current :c5capital: Great General gains +10% aura Strength and a large sum of :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points instead
    • Max of +50% Aura Strength
    • 400 :c5goldenage: GAP, scaling with Era and Game Speed
  • Cities generate +1 :c5culture: Culture every turn During :c5goldenage: Golden Ages, scaling with number of conquered cities.

Pericles (top right) replaces Alex as leader of "Greece". Greek UA renamed to "Delian League", but otherwise Greece is identical

UU1: Hetairoi (Horseman Replacement)
Unlocked at Military Theory
90:c5production: production
16:c5strength:CS (up from 14:c5strength:)
5 :c5moves: Moves (up from 4:c5moves:)
Great Generals I
Requires Horses

UB: Basilikoi Paides (Barracks)
Unlocked at Military Theory
110:c5production: production
1:c5gold: Maintenance
+1:c5science:, +2:c5production:, +1:c5culture:
+1:c5capital: Great General Point per turn

+20 XP to military units trained in this City
+1 Supply Cap
When you construct a Unit in this City, gain 25% of :c5production:Production as :c5culture: Culture.
Reduces :c5unhappy: Distress slightly
Spoiler 3/4UC :

UU2: Phalangitae (Pikeman replacement)
Unlocked at Drama & Poetry (1 Tech earlier)
120:c5production: (down from 135)
19:c5strength:CS (up from 17)
2 :c5moves:Moves
Hammer and Anvil (-1 :c5moves: Movement to Enemy Units that begin their turn adjacent to this unit. Aura effect stacks.)
+50% vs Mounted

4UC: Strategeion (Courthouse)
Available at Philosophy
No Maintenance
(20% cheaper)

Eliminates :c5unhappy: Unhappiness from :c5war:Occupation
Spawns a Stratego on Construction
+3:c5production: and +3:c5culture: to Nearby Katoikia

UCU: Strategos (Unique Civilian Unit)
2 :c5moves: Moves
Medic I promotion
Can be expended to construct Katoikia
+2:c5war: Military Supply when expended

UI: Katoikia (DJS Henninger's Oriental Fort)
+100% :c5strength: Defense for unit on tile
Improves Strategic Resources
Claims Adjacent tiles on Construction
+1:c5production: and +1:c5science: at Steel
+2:c5science: at Chemistry
+2:c5production: and +2:c5culture: at Replaceable Parts
+2:c5production: and +3:c5culture: at Military Science
+2:c5production: at Mobile Tactics
+2:c5science: at Stealth
Units Stationed in a Katoikia gain +2 XP every turn during :c5goldenage: Golden Ages.

  • Pouakai: Base Code.
  • Janboruta: Art (All icons).
  • JFD: Lua.
  • Tomatekh: Lua (E&D).
  • Wolfdog: Unit Model.
  • einayim: Text (Civilopedias).
  • DarthKyofu: Text (Civilopedias), TSL Values.
  • GPuzzle: Lua.
  • CharlatanAlley: Dawn of Man voiceover
  • Vangelis: Alexander War Peace & Theme ("Titans" & "the Drums of Gaugamela")
  • Sukritact: Delian League (Greece) Map
  • DJS Henninger, Walter Hawkwood, and Anno 1404: Katoikia model and icon
  • Danrell: Stratego Unit Model
  • Pineappledan: VP compatibility
  • Asterix Rage: Promotion Icons
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The Tlingit
Does not require original mod
Download Here
Requires VP version 12/3 or later

UA - People of the Tides:
  • +50% :c5culture: Culture, and :c5science: Science from :trade: International land trade routes.
  • :trade: Internal Trade Routes provide the Target City with 2:c5food: Food for each Fishing Boat, and 2:c5production: Production for each Noow near the Origin City every turn, scaling with Era.

- UI
Unlocked at Engineering
Can only be built on coast, not on a resource, and not adjacent to each other
30% :c5strength: defense
+2:c5food:, +1:c5production:, +1:c5culture:
+1:c5production: for every adjacent Forest/Jungle tile
Units that pass over a Noow get +1 :c5moves: Movement
+1 :c5production:, +1:c5food: at Machinery
+2:c5gold: at Navigation
+1:c5culture:, +1:c5production: at Combustion

- musketman
unlocked at Metallurgy
25:c5strength:CS, 34:c5rangedstrength: RCS (+5 CS, +2 RCS from musketman)
2 Range
2 movement
Embarkation with defense
+1 vision when embarked
'Tidal Raid' promotion
(2 extra movement after embarking)
Spoiler 3rd and 4th Unique Components :

3UC - Duk
- Fishing Boat - Esquiah-ah from Chinook Civ mod
Unlocked at Fishing
No unit maintenance

70:c5production: (+30 from fishing boat)
5:c5strength: CS, 12 :c5rangedstrength:RCS (-1 CS, -3 RCS from Dromon/Penteconter)
No :c5gold: unit maintenance
1 Range
3 Movement
Cannot end turn on deep ocean
Can build fishing boats (like polynesian melee boats)

4UC - Hit -
Lighthouse - Plankhouse from Chinook Civ mod
Unlocked at Trade (1 Tech Earlier)
Can be built anywhere (Does not require Coast)
120:c5production: (-30 from Lighthouse)
1:c5gold: maintenance
+2:c5food:, +2:c5production:
+1:c5food:, +1:c5gold: from Coast and Ocean tiles
Can form city connections over water
+1 :c5gold: Gold to :trade:Trade Routes to or from the City
10% of :c5food: Food is carried over after a new :c5citizen: Citizen is born.
Allows :c5production: Production to be moved from this City along trade routes inside your civilization.


  • TPangolin: Concept, Icons, Map, Leaderscreen, Pedias
  • Firebug: Concept, Compilation
  • Neirai: Concept, Lua
  • DJSHenniger: Lua, Icons, Improvement
  • Kaduseon: Lua
  • Slippery Snake: Icons
  • Hobonatir: Pedias
  • Deliverator: Xaa Graphics
  • Reedstilt: Concept
  • Pineappledan: VP compatibility
  • Adan_eslavo: lua
  • Sukritact: Icons and unit model (Duk and Hit)
  • Asterix Rage: Promotion Icon
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More additions to my Fire Emblem VP collection.

Macedon (Michalis) -- Original by Kevin
Download here
Spoiler :
UA: Iote's Ambition
Air and Naval units are trained 25% faster and gain experience 50% faster. Gain :c5culture: Culture and :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points when a unit is produced.

UU: Dragoon
Air unit, available at Military Science
40 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
Air Repair promotion
Upgrades to Bomber

UB: Aerie (Castle)
Gives more city defense and HP than the Castle
+3 :c5production: Production
+1 :c5production: Production and :c5culture: Culture on Mines, Quarries, Oil Wells, and Offshore Platforms
+2 air unit capacity
Allows airlifting once Military Science is researched

Ostia Mini-Pack -- Originals by TheMH06
Download here
Lilina's Ostia
Spoiler :
UA: Gentle Flame of a Noble Heart
Scientist specialists give +1 :c5culture: Culture and :c5food: Food, scaling with era. When a Great Scientist is expended, gain :c5culture: Culture scaling with your current :c5science: Science output.

UU: Pupil (Crossbowman)
Available at Civil Service
18 :c5strength: CS, 22 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
When garrisoned in a city with a Magic Academy, gain 1 XP per turn (up to level 5), and provides :c5science: Science equals to its level

UB: Magic Academy (University)
When built, can choose from one of five specializations.
Fire Magic: +3 :c5production: Production in the city, and +1 :c5production: Production to Plains tiles. Units trained in the city have the Anima (Fire) promotion (+40% damage against cities). Requires nearby Plains.
Thunder Magic: +5 :c5gold: Gold in the city, and +1 :c5gold: Gold for each Mountain tile within working range. Units trained in the city have the Anima (Thunder) promotion (+25% damage to wounded units). Requires nearby Mountain.
Wind Magic: +3 :c5food: Food in the city, and +1 :c5food: Food to Forest tiles. Units trained in the city have the Anima (Wind) promotion (ignore zone of control when moving). Requires nearby Forest.
Light Magic: +3 :c5happy: Happiness in the city, and +1 :c5goldenage: Golden Age Point to Grassland tiles. Units trained in the city have the Light Magic promotion (heal an additional 10 HP when fortified). Requires nearby Grassland.
Dark Magic: +4 :c5faith: Faith in the city, and +1 :c5faith: Faith to Jungle tiles. Units trained in the city have the Dark Magic promotion (heal 50 HP when killing a unit). Requires nearby Jungle.
Hector's Ostia
Spoiler :

UA: Ostian Thunder
All Defensive Buildings provide all trained units with +10 XP. Each city gains :c5production: Production for each friendly unit in or adjacent to the city.

UU: General (Fusilier)
40 :c5strength: CS
Stalwart (+35% CS when defending)
Distant Counter (inflicts 20 damage to attacker when targeted by a ranged attack)

UB: Ostian Keep (Forge)
+3 :c5production: Production
+10 :c5strength: city defense, +50 city HP
Melee units are trained 33% faster and start with an additional 15 XP
LastSword's Durrani for Vox Populi
(link - 3UC/4UC activated by default, see below)

Ahmad Abdali

Pearl of Pearls
The :c5capital: Capital receives increased :c5strength: Strength, increased rate of :c5greatperson: Great Person acquisition, as well as :c5culture: Culture and :c5faith: Faith whenever a :c5citizen: Citizen is born, scaling with each Mountain tile in the Empire.

Mujahideen (Infantry)

Unlocked at Combined Arms
1300 :c5production:
800 :c5faith: (may be purchased with Faith)
58 :c5strength:
2 :c5moves:
Air Defense I

Maydan (Amphitheater)

Unlocked at Drama
-1 :c5gold:
2 :c5culture: (+1)
3 :c5faith: (+3)
+50% (up from 33%) Great Writer Rate in the City
All Writers' Guilds produce +1 :c5gold: Gold
Nearby resource boost as Amphitheatre
2 (+1) Great Work of Writing slots
Filling the Great Work slots boosts Pearl of Pearls (AI has highest possible to place works here)
+2 :c5culture: Culture if Themed (has a +2 theming bonus for foreign works, +4 for domestic)

Spoiler 3UC/4UC components :

These are active by default, because why aren't you playing with 3/4 UC?!
If you wish to disable then they are listed below.

Kerqa Sharif (Grand Temple)
Unlocked at Theology
Requires Temple

-10% :c5unhappy: from Religion
+2 :c5culture: and +2 :c5faith: to Temple, Shrine, and Maydan
Comes with a free :greatwork: Artifact (and slot for it)
2 Writer slots.
Gain :tourism: Tourism whenever a Unit dies.

disable by deleting lines 57-61 in DurraniEmpire/Durrani\ Civ\ Mod.xml

Zamburak (Cavalry)
Unlocked at Rifling (earlier than Military Science)
Requires no Horses

28 :c5strength: (-2)
42 :c5moves: (-3)
Barrage I
Covering Fire
(Gattling Gun promotion, replaces the lower-damage-to-cities penalty usually received)
Other Cavalry Promotions

disable by renaming/deleting the folder "Zamburak"

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The Civilization of Darkling Woods, led by Myrrh

A Vox Populi original civilization for the Fire Emblem series.

UA: Great Dragon's Legacy
+1 :c5faith: Faith from Forests. Choose from a unique set of Pantheon beliefs.
Spoiler Myrrh's Pantheons :

Eirika, Restoration Queen: +25% :c5food: Growth. +5 :c5faith: Faith, :c5culture: Culture, and :c5production: Production when a citizen is born, scaling with era. +3 Great Artist points in capital.
Ephraim, the Strategist: +15% :c5production: Production toward units. Gain :c5science: Science and :c5faith: Faith from kills. +3 Great General points in capital.
Innes, Tactician King: +100% city ranged combat strength. +2 :c5faith: Faith, :c5production: Production, and :c5science: Science on Strategic Resources. +3 Great Admiral points in capital.
Joshua, Tempest King: +2 :c5production: Production in every city. +3 :c5faith: Faith, :c5gold: Gold, and :c5science:Science for every luxury owned or imported. +3 Great Engineer points in capital.
L'arachel, Queen of Light: +4 :c5happy: Happiness. +1 :c5faith: Faith, :c5culture: Culture, :c5food: Food and :c5production: Production in capital for every 5 followers of your pantheon in owned cities. +3 Great Musician points in capital.
Lyon, the Dark Scholar: +2 :c5faith: Faith in all cities. +1 :c5faith: Faith and :c5science: Science from Specialists. +3 Great Scientist points in capital.
Rennac, Merchant Lord: +1 :c5gold: Gold for every 3 citizens. +1:c5faith: Faith and :c5culture: Culture for every 10 :c5gold:Gold per turn. +3 Great Merchant points in capital.
Saleh, the Well of Wisdom: +4 :c5faith: Faith, :c5culture:Culture and :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points from Great Works. +3 Great Writer points in capital.
Tana, Winged Princess: +50% rewards from :c5influence: City-State quests. +2 :c5faith: Faith and :c5culture: Culture for each city-state friend, and +4 for each ally. +3 Great Diplomat points in capital.

UU: Manakete (Longswordsman)
Does not require Iron
Starts with 5 dragonstone charges. Can expend a dragonstone charges to assume dragon form until the start of your next turn. While in dragon form, has 30 CS and 4 movement. Lost on upgrade.

UI: Dragon Shrine
Requires Calendar
Must be built on Forest
Connects resources
+1 :c5food: Food, +1 :c5faith: Faith
Whenever Myrrh expends a Great Person, all Dragon Shrines currently worked by the nearest city are upgraded, gaining additional yields. Each Dragon Shrine can be upgraded up to 5 times.
DJSHenninger's Nepal


(last update: 27 October 2019)​

  • Mod is playable standalone with or without Vox Populi
  • XML code converted to SQL
  • Updated mod support (JFDLC, YnAEMP v25, Additional Achievements)
  • Support for More Unique component for VP mod
The 3rd and 4th unique components automatically activate when you enable the More unique components for VP mod.

Spoiler Pictures :

Last edited:

UA - Until the Ice Breaks
  • Non-Specialist Citizens consume half the normal amount of :c5food: Food.
  • Improved Fish Resources adjacent to Tundra or Snow are converted into Seals, a luxury resource.
  • Land units have Double Movement on Snow and can cross Ice.

UR - Seal
Yields: 1
Improved by Fishing Boat: 1:c5production:2:c5gold:
Monopoly: +2:c5culture: on Tile
Corporation: Giorgio Armeier

UI - Inuksuk

Unlocked at Hunting
Must be built on Snow or Tundra, and not next to each other
+2:c5food: Food, +1:c5production: Production, +5 :c5capital: Border Growth Points
+2:c5culture: at Gunpowder
+1:c5food:/:c5gold: Food at Banking
+1:c5culture:/:c5gold: at Biology
+1 :c5production: Production to Adjacent Tundra and Snow tiles
Claims adjacent tiles

UU - Unatattik (Composite Bowman)
Unlocked at Sailing (1 Tech Earlier)
12 :c5strength:CS, 13 :c5rangedstrength:RCS (+1 CS from C.bowman)
2 Range (but lowered to 1 by 'Unaak' promotion)
Ignores Terrain
Unaak promotion
(+20% Defense. -1 Range. On ranged attack, target loses 1 move on their next turn. Does not Stack.
Spoiler 3/4UC compatibility :

4UC - UB - Iglu (Caravansary)
unlocked at Currency
+1 :c5gold: +2:c5food:, +1:c5culture: (up from 1:c5gold: only)
When a Land Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a Tourism boost with the Civ based on your recent Culture output.
Land Trade Routes gain +50% Range and +3 :c5gold:
+1 :c5gold: from Merchants.
+1 :c5food:/:c5gold:/:c5culture: for every 2 desert, tundra or Snow tiles worked by city. (up from 1:c5food:/:c5gold: for every 3 tiles)
+1:c5production:/:c5gold: for every 3 Coast or Ocean tiles worked by city.
Truffles +2 :c5gold:
Cotton +1:c5production:/:c5culture:
Furs +1:c5gold:/:c5production:
Flax +1 :c5gold:/:c5faith:

4UC - UU - Qamutiik (Chariot Archer)
Unlocked at Agriculture
6 :c5strength:CS, 7 :c5rangedstrength:RCS
3 Movement
Gains XP from exploration
Does not require Horses
Does not have Rough Terrain penalty

  • TPangolin: Concept
  • Neirai: XML and Lua, Concept, adapted Pedia entries
  • JFD: XML and Lua help
  • LastSword: XML and Lua help
  • Leugi: Leaderscreen, Icons, Inuksuk Graphics, Concept
  • Regalmanemperor: Map
  • Civitar: Unaaq graphics
  • Viregel: Pedias
  • Pervandr: Seals Icon adapted from "On the Ice"
  • Hiram: Icon conversion
  • TarcisioCM: Icon conversion
  • Charlatan Alley: Voice Acting
  • AH*NEE*MAH: Peace Music: "Voices of the Wind"
  • Tagaq: War Music: "Force"
  • Reedstilt: Historical consultancy
  • Civfanatics: Lua help
  • HungryForFood: CPP dll modifications
  • pineappledan: VP compatibility
  • Barathor: Qamutiik icon
  • Trystero49: Qamutiik idea
  • Windiz: Qamutiik unit skin
  • Mikeburnfire: Igloo icon
  • Asterix Rage: Promotion Icons
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Cambodian Empire
Download Here

KhmerIcon (1).png

UA - Barays of Angkor
  • Gain :c5food: Food and :c5faith: Faith on the completion of a World Wonder or Public Works Project, scaling with era.
  • All World Wonders and Public Works project give +1:c5greatperson: Great Engineer Points

UGP - Royal Tromeak (great engineer)
3 movement
Can build Prangs
Can Hurry Production in a city
On expend, increases instant yield boost for all subsequent Engineers/Tromeaks by 10%

UI - Phnom Preah
Unique Great Person Tile Improvement built by Royal Tromeak
Must be built Adjacent to a city.
Connects Strategic and Luxury Resources to your trade network
Does not remove Features.

+4:c5production:, +1:c5food:, +1:c5faith:, +1:c5culture:
+1 :c5food: from Shrine, Temple, and Grand Temple in Nearby City
+1 :c5faith: from Granary, Aqueduct, and Grocer in Nearby City
+2 :c5culture: if City has a World Wonder
+2:c5production: if city has a Factory
+1 :c5production: for every 3 :c5citizen: population in City
+5%:c5production:Production towards Wonders in City working a Prang
+10% Hurry Production boost for Great Engineers

UU - Dhomrey (trebuchet)
Unlocked at Physics
200:c5production: (+25 from trebuchet)
15:c5strength: CS 24 :c5rangedstrength:RCS (+4 CS, +2 RCS)
2 Range
3 Movement
Feared Elephant Promotion
Field I Promotion

Cover I
1/2 movement in enemy terrain
"bonus vs cities" (100)
-25% vs naval and land units
Is a mounted unit (spearman +50% bonus is applied)

Spoiler More Unique Components :

3UC - UB -
Prasat (replaces Temple)
available at Philosophy
200 :c5production: Production Cost

+3 :c5faith: Faith, +2:c5food: Food, and +2 :c5culture: Culture
1 Specialist does not Generate :c5unhappy: Unhappiness from Urbanization. Increases by 1 for each Public Works Project completed in the City
+50% Religious Pressure

-1 :c5unhappy: Unhappiness from Religious Unrest
+1:c5culture: and +1:c5gold: from Incense, Wine and Amber.

4UC - UU - Chivopol (Spearman)
Unlocked at Construction
60:c5production: (down from 70)
11 :c5strength:CS
Bonus vs Mounted (+50%)
Bokator - +10%:c5strength:CS
Rice Farmer - Unit does not cost Supply. Can repair improvements, and construct all pre-industrial improvements as if it were a worker (Farms, Mines, Quarries, Pastures, Plantations, Camps, Lumber Mills, Logging Camp, Village, Roads and Forts). Lost on upgrade.

  • pineappledan Text, leader and civ icons
  • Sukritact: Design inspiration, Prasat and Tromeak icons
  • aa0905766k: 3D leader screen
  • Iska: Khmer map and Loading Screen
  • Janboruta: Artwork
  • Leugi: Tromeak Unit Model
  • Viregel: Text
  • Lastsword: Chivopol icon
  • Wolfdog: Dhomrey Unit model conversion
  • Civitar: Chivopol unit graphics
  • DJS Henninger: Prang graphics conversion
  • Asterix Rage: promotion icons
  • Firaxis/Geoff Knorr: Civ music themes
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Important edit: Forgot that I reduced range of Naabaahii to 1, so it's not 2 like shown in the pic.
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