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Vox Populi Compatible Civilizations Showcase

Discussion in 'Mods Repository' started by Enginseer, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. jarcast2

    jarcast2 Warlord

    Jan 10, 2018
    Gallia Belgica
    Emirate of Sicily for Vox Populi


    No ideas for additional unique components.
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  2. pineappledan

    pineappledan Deity

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada

    Colonialist Legacies' Republic of the Philippines - led by Jose Rizal
    Download (does not require original mod)

    UA - Pearl of the Orient
    Trade Route Origin Cities gain 34% of the Target City's specific :c5production:Production Progress each turn, increasing by 8% per Open Border Agreement with the Target Civilization. Both you and your Trade partners gain :c5culture: Culture when either of your :trade: Trade Units move through the other's territory.

    UU - Katipunero:
    Available on adoption of any Industrial Era Policy Tree
    500 :c5production: Production cost

    36 :c5strength: CS
    3:c5moves: Movement
    "Ignores Terrain
    "Field Works"
    "Katipon" - Available at unit level 1 - +15% Unit Production when garrisoned in a city
    "Kawal" - Available at unit level 3 - +15%:c5strength:Strength in Friendly Territory
    "Bayani" - Available at unit level 5 - Adjacent Units gain +15%:c5strength:Defense​

    UU - Balangay
    Available at Trade
    Gain a Free Balangay whenever a Sea Trade Route is completed

    5:c5strength: CS
    Can enter Deep Ocean
    Can be expended in any friendly city for 25 :c5food: Food and :c5culture: Culture
    Gains Experience by Exploring, increasing the amount of :c5food::c5culture: yields when expended, and spawning a free Settler unit at level 4​
    Spoiler 4UC Compatibility :

    UB - Coral Church (replaces Harbor):
    available at Civil Service (same tech level as Compass, same tech as open border unlock)
    Can be built anywhere
    350 :c5production: Production Cost

    +1 :c5faith: Faith and +1 :c5gold: Gold
    +1:c5faith: in City for each Civilization that you have given Open Borders to
    +1:c5gold: in City for each Civilization that has granted you Open Borders

    +5% :c5food:Food
    +1 :c5food: Food to Coast and Ocean
    +1 :c5production: Production to Sea Resources
    +200 City HP
    +10% :c5war: Military Supply Cap from :c5citizen: Population
    when a :trade: Sea Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a :tourism: Tourism boost with the civ based on your recent :c5culture: Culture output
    :trade: Sea Trade Routes gain +50% Range and +2 :c5gold: Gold​

    UU - Lantaka (Cannon)
    Available at Gunpowder
    325:c5production: (7.5% cheaper)
    16:c5strength:CS, 31:c5rangedstrength:RCS
    "Siege inaccuracy"
    "Cover I"
    "bonus vs cities" (100)
    "Moves at Half Speed in Enemy Territory"
    "Swivel Gun" When embarked beneath a Naval Unit, provides +50% attack​

    • JFD: XML and Lua; Concept.
    • Neirai: XML and Lua help.
    • TPangolin: Art, Concept.
    • Knightmare: Katipunero and Rizal icons.
    • Charlatan Alley: Voice Acting.
    • Viregel: Civilopedia Entries.
    • Filipino Singkil: Peace/War Music inspiration.
    • Pineappledan: 4UC concept, SQL, and Lua
    • Asterix Rage: Unique Promotion art
    • Wolfdog: Lantaka unit model
    • Cardboardmech: Lantaka icon
    • C. Roland: Balangay unit model
    • HungryForFood: DLL integration
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2020
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  3. pineappledan

    pineappledan Deity

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada

    Phoenicia - led by Ithobaal I
    Download Here (Requires 03/01 patch or later)

    UA - Metropolis

    Settled and Captured Non-:c5capital:Capital Cities are converted to City-States with 65 resting :c5influence:Influence towards Phoenicia. Ignores National Wonder :c5citizen: Population requirements..

    UB - Beit Melqart
    (replaces Scrivener's Office)
    Available at Trade (1 tech earlier)
    :c5production:Production cost scales with number of cities
    +1:c5greatperson: GDiplomat Points
    1 Civil Servant Specialist Slots
    +10%:c5production:Production towards Diplomatic Units in this City
    +25%:c5strength:Defense in this City
    Receive a free Merchant Prince on construction
    +10% :c5greatperson: Merchant Prince Rate for every Active:trade:Trade Route on Empire
    2:c5food:Food in City for Every City-State Friend
    2:c5food:Food and 2:c5faith:Faith in City for Every City-State Ally

    UGP - Merchant Prince (replaces Great Diplomat)
    Can Construct Embassies
    Can Perform a :c5influence:Diplomatic Action, Greatly increasing you influence with a target City-State, and reducing the influence of all other Civilizations with that City-State
    500:c5gold: Gold when performing a :c5influence:Diplomatic Action
    +2:c5war:Military Supply and +1:trade:Trade Route Slot when expended
    Spoiler 4UC Compatibility :

    UU1 - Habiru (replaces Spearman):
    available at Animal Husbandry (1 Tech earlier)
    55 :c5production: Production Cost (15:c5production: cheaper)

    "Habiru" (+25% vs Barbarians. Heals Fully from Pillage)​

    UU2 - Bireme (replaces Trireme)
    Available at Fishing (1 tech earlier)
    80:c5production: (-10:c5production: cheaper)
    "Thalamian and Thranite" (+1:c5moves:Moves. Transfers movement to embarked units stacked with Bireme)​

  4. jarcast2

    jarcast2 Warlord

    Jan 10, 2018
    Gallia Belgica
    Jarcast's The Etruscans for VP

    UA: League of Twelve People

    International trade routes provide :c5greatperson: Great Artist points, while Internal trade routes provide :c5greatperson: Great Merchant Points and yields ( :c5gold:/:c5culture:/:c5science:) like if sent to an allied City State.
    Improving a strategic or luxury resource for the first time gives the nearby City a weaker version of the Palace.

    UU: Zilath (Great Merchant)

    When adjacent to an owned city other than the Capital, the Zilath can perform a domestic Trade Mission generating 2/3 of the :c5gold: Gold amount and :c5culture: Culture instead of :c5influence: Influence, as well as improving a strategic or luxury resource within city working radius (claiming the tile if in neutral lands).
    When constructing a Town receive a copy of the Bucchero luxury resource (+1:c5production:, +1:c5gold: on tile; Monopoly bonus: +10%:c5gold: Gold in all owned Cities).

    UB: Epineion (Lighthouse)

    It contains a slot for a Merchant specialist and it increases the range of both Land and Sea Trade routes by 50% and :c5gold: Gold by 1.
    When constructed in non-Capital cities, the Epineion provides a free Trade Hub in the nearest inland City within 10 tiles (if not already existent) creating a unique coastal-inland city pair, whereby each city shares any building constructed in the other city (except Wonders, Guilds, and buildings with geographical requirements). The Trade Hub increases the range of Land Trade routes by 50%. Yields of internal trade routes between coupled Cities increase by 10%.
    When constructed in the Capital, the Epineion grants an additional Trade route slot and a free trade unit instead.

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  5. jarcast2

    jarcast2 Warlord

    Jan 10, 2018
    Gallia Belgica
    The Amazons for Vox Populi


    The mod is install&play. You can play it vanilla but the moment you enable VP mods the ad hoc changes to UA, UU and UB applies automatically.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2020
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  6. gwennog

    gwennog Prince

    May 31, 2015
    Hoop Thrower's Tehuelche - Maria the Elder for Vox Populi
    (Does not need the original mod)



    Patagonian Giants
    Before Circumnavigation of the world, :tourism: Tourism output produces :c5happy: Happiness and :c5science: Science after. With Modern Era, :tourism: Tourism becomes only a :c5gold: Gold source (All Bonus cap with Pop).


    Aukenk (Archer)
    • Promotion Shome (Bolas): It reduces the :c5moves: Movement of its target by 2 if it's a non-motorized land unit for one turn (minimum move of 1)
    • Promotion Accuracy


    Art by DJSHenninger

    Unlocked at Trapping
    • Can be built on all terrains, on Pasture and on Camp Resources. Cannot have another Aiken in an adjacent tile
    • +2 :c5food: Food and +1 :tourism: Tourism
    • +1 of a random Yield for each Era passed since constructed
    • Have all the improvement bonus of Camps and Pastures
    Spoiler 4UC Compatibility: :

    Uorkenk (Stable)
    • Can only be built after the Circumnavigation of the world
    • A Horse Resource appears near the City
    • :c5culture: Culture costs of acquiring new tiles reduced by 25% in this city
    • Allows :c5food: Food and:c5production: Production to be moved from this city along :trade: trade routes inside your civilization
    • :trade: Land Trade Routes gain +50% Range
    • Nearby Horses: +2 :c5food: Food, +2 :c5production: Production, +2 :c5culture: Culture, +1 :tourism: Tourism
    • All other Camp and Pasture Resources : +2 :c5food: Food, +2 :c5production: Production
    • +2 :c5strength: Combat Strength
    • Promotion Tehuelche: +20% :c5strength: Combat Strength and +10 HP on Heal in Friendly territory
    • Promotion Ieunsh: (Challenge) Unit gains :c5culture: Culture by defending, the quantity depends on the damage suffered.

    • DMS: Code
    • Hoop_Thrower, |dvh|: Design
    • DMS, DarthKyofu: Art
    • Gwennog: VP compatibility changes, Art for Uorkenk
    • DMS, JFD, Adan_eslavo: lua inspiration and source
    • Asterix Rage: All Uniques Promotions Icons, promotion suggestion
    • Danrell: Unit model for Waike (Huampelen from Araucanía and Patagonia (Orélie I))
    • Leugi: Unit skin for Waike (Huampelen from Araucanía and Patagonia (Orélie I))
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2021
  7. gwennog

    gwennog Prince

    May 31, 2015
    Senshi and RawSasquatch - The Cajuns (Beausoleil) for Vox Populi
    (Does not need the original mod)


    Great Expulsion

    Cities reveal Shrimp.png Shrimp resources on coasts, lakes and bayou (coastal marshes) when founded. While a rival city is in :c5angry: Resistance, :c5citizen: citizens from it may migrate to your cities. Migrations brings +50 :c5faith: Faith and :c5culture: Culture, scaling with Era.

    Mi'kmaq Militia (Musketman)
    • -20% :c5strength:, -10% :c5rangedstrength:
    • Promotions: Withdraw Before Melee, Child of the Dawn (+1 :c5moves: Movement and Sight, Ignores Zone of Control, While at full health, causes blockaded enemy cities to enter :c5angry: Resistance when beginning a turn adjacent to them.

    Bayou Cabin (Lighthouse)
    • +1 :c5culture: Culture and +1 :c5greatperson: Great Musician Point by Sea Resources and Atolls worked by the City.
    • Add one Musician specialist slot.
    • +10% to :c5faith: Faith and :c5culture: Culture during Mardi gras (WLTKD).
    • Improves bayou and lake Shrimp.png Shrimp.
    • The City does not have to be built on the coast.

    Shrimp (Luxury resource)
    • +1 :c5food: Food and :c5culture: Culture.
    • +1 :c5food: Food and :c5culture: Culture and +5% :c5gold: Gold with Monopoly.
    Spoiler 4UC Compatibility :

    Krewe (Great Musician)
    • Promotion Mardi Gras: Start a WLTKD when expended.
    Vieux Carré Français (National Visitor Center)
    • Come earlier, at Railroad
    • +25 :c5culture: Culture for new :c5citizen: Citizen.
    • +15% :c5gold: Gold during WLTKD.
    • 10% of :c5food: Food created by the City counts as :c5culture: Culture per turn.
    • Artists, Musicians and Writers Specialists in all cities produce +1 :tourism: Tourism.

    • senshidenshi: Original Creator, most XML, SQL and Art
    • Chrisy15: Lua
    • Leugi: Leader Scene
    • GPuzzle: "Other Things"
    • Octoski: Creator of original Acadia mod
    • Sasquatch (aka Kramer): Actually finished the mod
    • Gwennog: VP compatibility changes
    • DMS, JFD, Adan_eslavo, Sukritact: lua inspiration and source
    • Shrimpu-art: Art on net
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2021
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  8. gwennog

    gwennog Prince

    May 31, 2015


    Mountain in the Sea

    Each Great General or Great Admiral expended increases the length of :c5goldenage: Golden Ages by 3% (max 60%). Buildings constructed during Golden Ages yield additional :c5culture: Culture. Citadels yield :tourism: Tourism and :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points.


    Macchieri (Musketman)
    • :c5production: Cost Less (20%)
    • +10% :c5rangedstrength: Ranged Combat Strength
    • -10% :c5strength: Combat Strength
    • Starts with O Saremo Liberi and Oculta in a Machja Promotions
      • O Saremo Liberi : Ignores terrain movement penalties, +20% :c5rangedstrength: Ranged Combat Strength in Rough Terrains, -15% :c5strength: Defense Strength in Open Terrain.
      • Oculta in a Machja : Enemy units ending their turn adjacent to it take 10 HP damage if the Macchieri is on a Hill, Jungle, or Forest Tile.


    Furtezza (Castle)
    • -20% :c5production: Production Cost
    • Does not require Walls
    • Grants land military units the Great Generals I promotion
    • +2 :tourism: Tourism
    • 10 :c5culture: Culture and :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points as an Instant Boost every time the city frontier expends
    • 50 :tourism: Tourism when it's built
    Spoiler 4UC Compatibility :

    Guerrieru (Spearman)
    • +1 :c5strength: Combat Strength
    • Start with Assimilazione and Capimachja Promotions
      • Assimilazione: Unit gains :c5culture: Culture on Kill.
      • Capimachja: Unit gains :c5greatperson: Great General Points on Promotion.

    Stantari (Monument)
    • Same effects as the Monument
    • Coastal Stantari provide +1 :c5greatperson: Great Admiral Point and Land Stantari +1 :c5greatperson: Great General Point.
    • +1 Border Growth every 3 Coast tiles and +1 :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points every 3 Mountain tiles worked by the City.
    • +1 :tourism:

    Credit List

    • Danmacsch: Design, SQL, Lua, Text, Art (Leaderscreen, Icons, misc)
    • Scapegrace: Design
    • JFD: Lua
    • Machiavelli: Lua
    • Regalman: Map
    • Civitar: Macchieri model
    • Frédéric Bertocchini and Eric Rückstühl: Art (original art used in the icons)
    • Yannick Casanova: Peace Theme
    • Francis de Geronimo: War Theme
    • Porkenstein: 3Dmodel for Guerrieru
    • Gwennog, SolutionIt: VP compatibility changes
    • DMS, JFD, Adan_eslavo, Sukritact: lua inspiration and source
    • Adan_eslavo: Code correction
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2021
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  9. pineappledan

    pineappledan Deity

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada
    The Goths
    Coming Soon
    Requires future DLL for unique improvement functionality.

    Leader - Alaric I
    Spoiler Alaric in Action :

    UA - Sacker of Rome:
    • Land units may use enemy roads and heal 10 more HP when Pillaging.
    • Capturing Cities grants +30% :c5culture:Culture and :c5production:Production boost in all Cities.
    • Capturing a foreign :c5capital: Capital triggers a :c5goldenage: Golden Age.

    UI: Stainskip
    Unlocks at Bronze Working
    Must be built on flat grass, plains, or tundra with no resources or features.
    On construction, consumes 1 Grave Goods Resource
    2:c5faith:1:c5production:1:c5gold:1:c5capital: (Great General Points)
    1:c5production:1:c5gold: at Iron Working
    1:c5production:1:c5gold: at Steel
    1:c5production:1:c5gold: at Metallurgy
    1:c5production:1:c5gold: at Replaceable Parts
    1:c5production:1:c5gold: at Mobile Tactics

    Grave Goods
    Unique resource used to make the Grave Goods Unique improvement.
    Gain 1 Grave Good whenever the Goths:
    • Conquer a city
    • Clear a Barbarian Camp
    • Pillage a total of 50:c5gold:Gold from tiles
    • Build a Gulthsmitha (4UC only)

    UU1: Gadraught - Swordsman

    Unlocks at Iron Working

    2 :c5moves: Moves
    18:c5strength:CS (+1 from Swordsman)
    Thervingi (+15%:c5strength:CS in Rough Terrain. 25% Damage Reduction from Cities)
    Drill I

    Spoiler 4UC :

    UU2: Groethungi Cavalry (Knight replacement)
    Unlocks at Chivalry
    4:c5moves: Moves
    Can move after attacking
    No bonuses from Defensive terrain
    Reduced :c5strength:Penalty vs Cities (-25%)
    Reinforcements (+15%:c5strength:Strength against a unit for each attack it has already taken this turn)

    UB: Gulthsmitha (Forge)

    Available at Iron Working
    No :c5gold: Gold maintenance

    1:c5culture:1:c5gold: for every 15:c5war:War Supply on Empire
    +1 :c5war:War Supply
    +1 Grave Goods Resource

    1 Engineer Specialist
    All Nearby Mines gain +2:c5production:
    +1:c5production::c5gold: to Iron
    +2:c5gold: Copper
    For each unit you kill, the next unit trained in this City gains +1XP. Training a new unit in this city resets this bonus to 0.

    • Albareiks - War Music (Attila's Death Song)
    • Albareiks - Peace Music (Praise of Tiw)
    • Firaxis: Civ and Gadraught Icon
    • Janboruta: Groethungi Icon
    • Tomatekh: City list, Spy list, civilopedia entries for Goths, Alaric, and Gadraught
    • Charlatan Alley: DOM speech
    • Hinin: Alaric Leader Voice & design help
    • Himma Daga Gothic Revival Project: Consultation on Alaric Leader script
    • Enginseer: help with lua
    • HungryForFood: DLL code for improvements consuming resources
    • Iska, Wodhann & Deliverator: Alaric I Leader 3D scene
    • Everything else: pineappledan
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  10. gwennog

    gwennog Prince

    May 31, 2015

    Original source: The Duchy of Brittany
    Original creators: S-Man, Gedemo
    Ancient Land of My Fathers (Bro Gozh ma Zadoù)

    When settling a city, gains a boost of :c5culture: Culture, :c5faith: Faith and :c5production: Production and if on another landmass, +1 of the same yields in the Capital, scaling with Era. +20 % :c5faith: Faith in coastal Cities, and gain :c5culture: Culture and GAdmiral points when producing maritime buildings,wonders or naval units.

    Brezel Kourserezh (litt. : War Courser, Corsair ; replaces Corvette)
    240 :c5production: Production cost instead of 300 (20 % cheaper)

    Promotion Lizher Kours (Letter of Marque): Unit gains :c5gold: Gold when attack, the quantity depends on the damage inflicted, scaling with the number of declarations of friendship and defensive pacts you have. Plundering :trade: Trade Routes to capture Cargo Ships.

    Promotion Emdregadenn brim (Quick maneuver): +1 Movement, Ignore ZOC and +10%:c5strength: Flanking Bonus.
    Porzh-iliz (replaces Temple)

    +2 :c5faith: Faith and +2 :c5culture: Culture
    +1 :c5culture: Culture and :c5gold: Gold from Incense, Wine and Ember
    +1 :c5faith: Faith and +1 :c5gold: Gold for each :trade: TR to or from the City
    Generates +30 % Religious Pressure and increases the city's resistance to conversion by 10 % (instead of +25 % Religious Pressure)
    1 :greatwork: GWMusic slot

    Starting Renaissance era, gives a free Kalvar (Calvary) if the city is inland or a free Kroaz Pell (Monumental Cross) if the city is coastal.
    Kalvar (Calvary)

    +2 :c5gold: Gold to Great People Improvements and +1 :c5gold: Gold to GWorks in City
    10% of :c5gold: Gold created by the City counts as :c5faith: Faith Per Turn
    When you spend :c5gold: Gold to purchase Units or invest in Buildings in this City, 5% of the cost is converted into :c5culture: Culture.
    Generates +25% Religious Pressure and increases the city's resistance to conversion by 10 %
    -1 :c5unhappy: Unhappiness from Poverty.
    1 GWArtist or Artifact slot
    Kroaz Pell (Monumental Cross)

    +1 :c5gold: Gold from Coast Tiles and +1 :c5culture: Culture from Sea Resources worked by this City
    Gain :c5faith: Faith whenever a unit you own dies, scaling with era
    -1 :c5unhappy: Unhappiness from Distress
    1 GWWriting slot

    Spoiler 3UC and 4UC Compatibility :

    Machtiern (replaces the Knight)
    Available at Currency instead of Chivalry

    21 :c5strength: CS instead of 24
    Must be brought with :c5gold: Gold or :c5faith: Faith.

    Promotion Difennour ar barrez (Protector of the parish): +25% :c5strength: Combat Strength when is standing nearby a village or a city inside Owned Territory
    Promotion Tredeof (Arbiter): Reduces :c5unhappy: Unhappiness Need Modifiers from Religious Unrest by 1% for each Machtiern inside Owned Territory. Lost with upgrade
    Fountain of Barenton_11.png
    Barenton Fountain (replaces National Monument)
    Available at Writing instead of Drama and Poetry

    +2 :c5culture: Culture and +5 :c5food: Food (instead of +1 :c5culture: Culture)
    Source of Fresh water
    2 :greatwork: GW of Writing Slots (+4 :tourism: Tourism and +10 :c5goldenage: Golden Age points when themed) (instead of 1 GWArt or Artifact slot)
    All your cities gain +1 :c5faith: Faith for every 3 Forests and for every 3 Hills worked
    +3 :c5food: Food and +5 GWriter points in Cities with a Specialist
    +20 % :c5greatperson: Great People generation in this city, increased by 5 % for each Declaration of Friendship and Defensive Pacts for Great People (10% for Great Cultural People)
    Receive 50 :c5goldenage: Golden Age points whenever you unlock a Policy, scaling with Era.

    • SMAN
    • Gedemo
    • Blackrainbow831
    • bernie14
    • Nutty
    • Danrell
    • zwei833
    • wolfdog
    • Deliverator
    • Jaythekiller
    • Nomad_or_What
    • ispanets
    • Murphy613
    • Civitar
    • XarsusKwadjh
    • flying toaster
    • Asterix Rage: at the origin of this VP compatibility project, advisor, Promotion, leader and civ icons
    • Hinin: Great advisor
    • Hougech: Breton translation
    • Adan_eslavo, Infixo, Blue Ghost: Lua sources
    • Pinappledan: for this project MUCfVP which gives much more depth to civilizations
    • Gwennog: Code for VP compatibility, buildings and flags art
    • Peace Theme: Bombarde et Orgue - André Le Meut - Hervé Rivière
    • War Theme: Denez Prigent - E Garnison
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2021
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