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[BNW] Was this game winnable?


Oct 2, 2014
I'm on immortal, epic speed. As you can see, I started on this jungle peninsula, so I had to chop down a bunch of jungle which slowed me down. America spawned below me and instantly blocked me in. I could only settle 3 cities because of how close he was.

I tried to kill him but it didn't go well. He had minutemen by the time I had samurai, and he refused to move into my territory, instead forcing me to attack him. The terrain is covered in hills and mountains, new york covers the bottom entrance so I get hit by two cities at once. He also was building an army since the ancient era and he rushed walls so there wasn't a point where he was weak enough to take out with composite bowmen.

This happens quite a lot to me, where I get trapped on 3 cities. Would it be possible to just sit on 3 cities and try to win a diplomatic victory or something? Or maybe try to wait for artillery/bombers?


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Not the best start but it should be winnable. You can definitely do a 3 city Tradition game and still win. Do you have access to the western ocean? I can't quite tell; it looks like there's a passageway to it up north. If so, and you want to break out or fight Washington I'd not build Samurai (or not many) and build Frigates. You have 3 cities on the coast and he only has his capital. Use Frigates and take his capital, then he will crumble.
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