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[NFP] What Civilizations do you want to see next? And do you want Civilization 6 to be expanded more? 3

Which of these Civilizations do you want to see in Civ 6?

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Duke William of Normandy

King of England & Unofficial Welcoming Committee
Jul 27, 2020
Rouen, Normandy

Sid Meier's Civilization 6: Heartbeat of Steel

Usman dan Fodio of the Sokoto Empire

Usman dan Fodio.jpeg

Spoiler :

Leader Ability: Amir al-Muminin
Can declare a Holy War after with Theology, instead of Diplomatic Service. +7 Combat Strength to all Land Military Units for the next 10 turns after declaring a Holy War. Encampments and their Buildings provide Faith equal to their intrinsic Production output. Can Purchase and Upgrade Land Military Units using Faith instead of Gold.

Civilization Ability: Hausaland
Sokoto Cities generate +1 Production for every Improved Bonus Resource, +1 Gold for every Improved Luxury Resource, and +1 Faith for every Improved Strategic Resource in them. These Yields are doubled if the City has sent an International Trade Route.

Unique Unit: Yan Lifida
Sokoto Unique Industrial Era Heavy Cavalry Unit that replaces the Cuirassier.
Killing a Unit provides Faith equal to 50% of its Combat Strength. +4 Additional Combat Strength when adjacent to a Great General.

Production Cost: 315

Gold Cost: 1,260

Gold Maintenance: 5

Movement Points: 4

Combat Strength: 64

Sight Range: 2

Unique Infrastructure: Ribat
Sokoto Unique Improvement unlocked with Theology.
Occupying Unit receives +4 Combat Strength and two turns of Fortification.

+2 Faith

+1 Science

+1 Gold

+1 Housing

+1 Gold for every Trade Route starting in this City

+1 Faith for every adjacent District, increasing to +2 Faith for every adjacent District(with Divine Right)

+2 Housing(with Urbanization)

+2 Tourism(with Flight)

Leader Agenda: Shehu
Will have a strong Military as well as convert as many Cities as he can to his Religion. Likes Civilizations that follow his Religion and have a strong Military, but despises those who have a strong Military but don’t follow his Religion, especially those who have declared War on Civilizations following his Religion.

Greeting: I am a scholar of scripture, a leader of soldiers, and a man of God. I am Usman dan Fodio, Commander of the Faithful, and I welcome you.

Agenda Approval: Praise God, for he has blessed your nation with the strength you find yourself possessing.

Agenda Disapproval: The attempts of our prophets have failed to reach your ears. It would be very easy to convert you by force.

Attacked: I would be lying if I said I had not expected this. But that doesn't matter anymore. Come, fight, and watch how you are defeated.

Declares War on You: The hour of your destruction has come. I will teach you the drumbeat of Sokoto boots.

Defeated: A punishment for my hubris? Perhaps... perhaps. But why, God, must my nation die with me?

Toussaint Louverture of the Haitian Empire

Toussaint Louverture.jpg

Spoiler :

Leader Ability: Papa Ayiti
+1 Movement and +4 Combat Strength to all Units during a Dark Age, doubled if Haiti is fighting a Defensive War. Pillaging an Improved Luxury Resource provides a free Mawon. Historic Moments that provide more than +1 Era Score provide -1 less Era Score

Civilization Ability: Mother of Revolutions
+10% Culture and Production towards Military Units, as well as an additional Military Policy Card Slot while in a Dark Age. Loyalty Penalties for Haitian Cities while in a Dark Age are reversed. Builders receive -1 Build Charge.

Unique Unit: Mawon
Haitian Unique Renaissance Era Melee Unit that replaces the Musketman.
Can build Improvements and Forts, but is not expended after expending all Build Charges. +4 Combat Strength when in a Dark Age.

Build Charges: 2

Production Cost: 220

Gold Cost: 880

Gold Maintenance: 2

Movement Points: 2

Combat Strength: 50

Sight Range: 2

Unique Infrastructure: Citadelle
Haitian Unique District that replaces the Encampment.
Can only be built on Hills or Cliffs, but can be built adjacent to a City Center.
Receive a free Builder in this City after constructing a Citadelle or any of its Buildings.

Production Cost: 27

Gold Maintenance: 1

+1 Great General Point

Citizen Yields (per Citizen): +2 Gold and +1 Production

Trade Yields: Domestic Destination: +1 Production

International Destination: +1 Production

Appeal: -1

Leader Agenda: Soul of a Free Man
Will persevere through Dark Ages. Likes Civilizations that are in Dark Ages and have the same Government, and dislikes those who are in Golden Ages, especially those who have a different Government than him.

Greeting: I am General Louverture, who freed my countrymen from the shackles of tyranny. I hope I may expect that you too fight for liberty.

Agenda Approval: The soul of your people is something to be proud of. They laugh in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Agenda Disapproval: The character of your people cannot be tested when you put your nation on such a pedestal. You are not so glorious as you would have them think.

Attacked: War? No such thing will occur. War would mean valiant battle and brave victories - something your soldiers are incapable of.

Declares War: Today, I begin my campaign against you, a campaign which will destroy a threat to the continued existence of Haiti.

Defeated: You may have taken our cities, but my people would rather die than live in chains.

Manuelito of the Navajo Empire


Spoiler :

Leader Ability: Hashkeh Naabaah
Generates no Grievances when fighting a Defensive War. Units gain +8 Combat Strength when fighting in Navajo Territory, +4 if adjacent to Navajo Territory. Cannot Culture Bomb Tiles owned by Foreign Civilizations but cannot be Culture Bombed by Foreign Civilizations.

Civilization Ability: Dinetah
Natural Wonders provide +1 Faith, Culture, and Food to adjacent Tiles, increasing to +2 Faith, Culture, and Food to adjacent Desert and Desert Hills Tiles.

Unique Unit: Bik-keh-he
Navajo Unique Classical Era Melee Unit that replaces the Swordsman.
No Strategic Resource Requirements. Adjacent Navajo Units gain +5 Combat Strength.*

Production Cost: 105

Gold Cost: 420

Gold Maintenance: 2

Movement Points: 2

Combat Strength: 39

Sight Range: 2

Unique Infrastructure: Hooghan
Navajo Unique Improvement unlocked with Craftsmanship.
Cannot be built adjacent to another Hooghan.

+1 Food

+1 Housing

+2 Culture

+1 Food and Production if built on Desert or Desert Hills

+1 Culture if built before the Industrial Era, +1 Housing if built during or after the Industrial Era

+1 Housing(with Colonialism)

+2 Tourism(with Flight)

Leader Agenda: Tribal Homelands
Will defend against any Foreign Civilizations and will not give up any Cities in Peace Deals. Grievances against this Leader decay at twice the usual rate. Likes Civilizations that do not take Territory from other Civilizations and dislikes those who have taken Territory from other Civilizations, especially if they were taken during a Peace Deal.

Greeting: I am the headman of the Navajo, the Man of the Black Reeds. I will protect my people, but if you offend not against us, we shall be friends.

Agenda Approval: You value peace, I see, for other peoples and your own as well. This is righteous and good.

Agenda Disapproval: Those lands you control belong to others by birthright. You have no claim to their ancestral home.

Attacked: Now you have made your intentions clear. I shall die before I see Dine conquered.

Declares War on You: My warriors shall sweep over your lands with the swiftness of the thunderbird. There is no hope for your survival.

Defeated: There is no deeper shame than that which I feel within me; it is the shame of a man who has failed his tribesmen.

*This bonus doesn’t stack with multiple Bik-keh-he, and does not affect other Bik-keh-he Units.

Taksin of the Siamese Empire


Spoiler :

Leader Ability: Thonburi Kingdom
Land Units gain +1 Combat Strength for every Farm built in their Origin City. Siamese Cities generate +10% Growth, +2 Food, and +1 Gold if they have sent a Trade Route to an Allied Civilization’s City.

Civilization Ability: Ayutthayan Legacy
Siam’s Capital generates +2% Culture for every Siamese City and City-State Siam is Suzerain of within 8 Tiles of it. Specialty Districts adjacent to a River provides +1 Culture, +1 Amenity, and +1 Envoy.

Unique Unit: Jingal
Siamese Unique Industrial Era Heavy Cavalry Unit that replaces the Cuirassier.
Unlocked with Rifling instead of Ballistics. +3 Combat Strength to all adjacent Siamese Land Units.*

Production Cost: 350

Gold Cost: 1,400

Gold Maintenance: 5

Movement Points: 3

Combat Strength: 70

Sight Range: 2

Unique Infrastructure: Baan
Siam Unique Improvement unlocked with Irrigation.
Can only be pillaged (never destroyed) by Natural Disasters.
Can only be built on Floodplains and Marsh.

+1 Food

+1 Housing

+1 Food for every two adjacent Floodplains and Marshes, increasing to +1 Food for every adjacent Floodplains and Marsh(with Scientific Theory)

+1 Housing for every two adjacent Baan, increasing to +1 Housing for every adjacent Baan(with Urbanization)

+1 Food(with Colonialism)

+2 Production and +2 Tourism(with Flight)

+1 Housing(with Globalization)

Leader Agenda: Maharaj
Will have a high Culture output as well as a strong and high-quality Military. Likes those Civilizations that have a high Culture output and strong Military, and dislikes those who don’t.

Greeting: Good day. I am Taksin, King of the Thai. I am unafraid to fight, but I hope we shall have peace.

Agenda Approval: Across the lands, far and wide, there are none so august as your empire. Everyone recognizes your greatness.

Agenda Disapproval: Your nation and its citizens lack strength. Your culture's influence shrinks inward, crushed by the glory that surrounds it.

Attacked: Another claim to my throne is made? Hope that you are readier than those that have come before.

Declares War: I desire only prosperity for my people. And if you threaten that prosperity, then I am forced to destroy you.

Defeated: This failure... I must accept it. But the tyranny of foreign kings is not the destiny of my people.

*This Bonus stacks with other Jingals, and affects other Jingals.

Rama II of the Siam Empire

Rama II.jpg

Spoiler :

Leader Ability: Rattanakosin Literature
Theater Squares and their Buildings provide +100% Great Writer Points and Culture during a Golden Age. -25% Gold and Faith Cost to Patronize Great Writers and Great Artists. Great Works of Literature generate +1 Great Writer Point per turn, and Great Works of Art provide +1 Great Artist Point per turn.

Leader Agenda: Poet
Will collect as many Great Writers and Great Works of Literature as possible. Likes Civilizations that refrain from collecting Great Writers and Great Works of Literature, and dislikes those who do collect these.

Greetings: I am Rama, King of Siam, and lover of verse. I am certain I have heard nothing written of your kingdom- who do I greet?

Agenda Approval: Poetry, I have always thought, is one of the greatest joys of life. I am glad that we fellow rulers can enjoy it together.

Agenda Disapproval: The art of the spoken word is one that pervades our lives and fills us with wonder, and yet your people have such unskilled tongues. How can you allow this suffering?

Attacked: Great epics will be written of my kingdom's victories in this war, while yours shall be defeated and forgotten.

Declares War: I cannot ignore the injustices which you inflict on the citizens of the world without reason. While you would face judgment in another life, I shall punish you here and now.

Defeated: So turns the final page on the tale of my rule. In the end, I was unfit to rule in a world full of warlords like you.

Jose Rizal of the Philippine Empire

Jose Rizal.jpg

Spoiler :

Leader Ability: Noli Me Tángere
Great Works of Writing provide +3 Loyalty, +2 Culture, and +1 Amenity if their City has an established Governor.

Civilization Ability: Perlas ng Silangan
Every Unique Copy of an Improved Luxury Resource in a Philippine City provides +2 Gold, +1 Culture, and +1 Tourism. +25% Tourism towards Civilizations the Philippines has a Trade Route with.

Unique Unit: Katipunero
Philippine Unique Industrial Era Melee Unit that replaces the Line Infantry unlocked with Nationalism.
+50% Production towards Katipunero Units when at War. +4 Combat Strength when fighting in or adjacent to Friendly Territory.

Requires 10 Nitre to train.

Production Cost: 340

Gold Cost: 1,360

Gold Maintenance: 4

Movement Points: 2

Combat Strength: 65

Sight Range: 2

Unique Infrastructure: Barangay
Philippine Unique District that replaces the Neighborhood.
Unlocked with Feudalism instead of Urbanization. Provides Housing if adjacent to Water. Provides Tourism and Food equal to its Housing Adjacency Bonus.
+1 Governor Title when a Barangay is first built, after which building a Barangay gives a free Envoy.
Functions as a normal Neighborhood.

Production Cost: 27

+2 Food

+1 Production

+2 Housing if built adjacent to Coastal Water

+3 Housing if built adjacent to Fresh Water

Leader Agenda: Propaganda Movement
Will keep his Citizens happy and have a high Culture output.
Likes Civilizations that keep their Citizens happy and also have a high Culture output, and dislikes those who fail to keep their Citizens happy and have a low Culture output.

Greeting: I am Jose Rizal, and I lead the Philippines. I hope to encourage peace and agreement between our nations.

Agenda Approval: The arts and free thought are two things that hold the power to free people from their bonds. This is something I have always held close to me, and your people demonstrate it.

Agenda Disapproval: If you do not foster new thoughts and ideas, then yours will remain a backwards country.

Attacked: If you thought this would be simple for you, you were a fool. My armed forces will fight back with all their might.

Declares War on You: Revolution - conflict - is a natural part of history. It arises when one nation has set itself against another, and the second has no choice, but to fight.

Defeated: From the hands of one despot to another, the Philippines pass. May your reign over our lands be... peaceful.

Jose Artigas of the Uruguayan Empire

Jose Artigas.jpg

Spoiler :

Leader Ability: Banda Oriental
While at War with a Major Civilization, City-State Envoy Bonuses are doubled. +2 Envoys whenever Jose Artigas liberates a City, increasing to +4 if is a Capital City. Will immediately go to War with another Civilization if it declares War on a City-State Jose Artigas is Suzerain of.*
Gain the Los Oriental Unique Unit with Military Science.

Civilization Ability: Los Pueblo Libres
If the Capital has an Established Governor, all Uruguayan Cities within 4 Tiles generate +1 Culture, Food, Production, and +1 Influence Point per turn for every Promotion the Governor has.

Unique Unit: Blandengue
Uruguayan Unique Industrial Era Light Cavalry Unit that replaces the Cavalry.
Pays no Movement and Combat Penalties when Crossing Rivers. Can only be built in the Capital.
Requires 10 Horses to train.

Production Cost: 330

Gold Cost: 1,320

Gold Maintenance: 4

Movement Points: 6

Combat Strength: 62

Sight Range: 2

Unique Unit: Los Orientales
Uruguayan Unique Industrial Era Melee Unit that replaces the Line Infantry when Jose Artigas leads Uruguay.
+1 Movement and +5 Combat Strength when in Uruguayan Territory.
Requires 10 Niter to train.

Production Cost: 330

Gold Cost: 1,320

Gold Maintenance: 5

Movement Points: 3

Combat Strength: 65

Sight Range: 2

Unique Infrastructure: Saladero
Uruguayan Unique Building that replaces the Workshop.
Pastures in this City provide +1 Food and Production, increasing to +2 Food and Production after completing Industrialization.
Domestic Trade Routes starting from this City provide +2 Food and +1 Amenity to the Destination City.

Production Cost: 195

Gold Maintenance: 1

+3 Production

+2 Food

+1 Amenity

+1 Citizen Slot

+1 Great Engineer Point

Leader Agenda: Tratado del Pilar
Will strive to protect City-States he is Suzerain of. Likes Civilizations that protect City-States they are Suzerain of and disdains those who abandon them.

Greeting: I am General Artigas, a father to my people and my nation. Welcome to Uruguay, my friend.

Agenda Approval: I am glad to see that I have made an example of showing support to one's allies. It is a virtue best emulated.

Agenda Disapproval: It is a sin, wrong and unjust, to abandon your compatriots in need. How would you feel if they so abandoned you?

Attacked: You have mistaken my love of peace for a lack of experience in war. I assure you, the opposite is true.

Declares War on You: For your violations against the rights and freedoms of the Uruguayans, I now declare a war. Brace yourself for the oncoming storm

Defeated: Uruguay has been thoroughly defeated. I hope that the rest of the world can resist your bloodthirsty ambition better than I.

*This triggers even when Jose Artigas is in a Friendship or Alliance with said Civilization.

Voluntário da Pátria Pedro II of the Brazilian Empire

Voluntário da Pátria Pedro II .jpg

Spoiler :

Leader Ability: Guerra da Tríplice Aliança
All Military Units gain +3 Combat Strength and +10% Combat Experience for every Alliance Pedro II is in. Civilizations that Brazil is in an Alliance with gain +10% Production towards Military Units.
Gain the Voluntário da Pátria Unique Unit with Nationalism.

Unique Unit: Voluntário da Pátria
Brazilian Unique Industrial Era Melee Unit that replaces the Line Infantry when Voluntário da Pátria Pedro II is their Leader.
+1 Combat Strength for every adjacent Voluntário da Pátria. +4 Combat Strength when fighting in Rainforest, Woods, Marsh, or Floodplains.
Require 10 Niter to train.

Production Cost: 340

Gold Cost: 1,360

Gold Maintenance: 5

Movement Points: 2

Combat Strength: 65

Sight Range: 2

Leader Agenda: Voluntário Número Um
Will establish as many Alliances as possible, as well as have a strong Military. Likes Civilizations that have many Alliances and have a strong Military, and dislikes those who have established Alliances but have a weak Military.

Agenda Approval: Your many alliances are as impressive as your mighty army. You are a great military thinker as well.

Agenda Disapproval: I can see that your diplomatic attempts are nothing but posturing. What would an army like that do to support your allies?
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Haiti can have some Voodoo Unique Unit?
Sorry, but I already mapped out the Unique Unit, so not really... The Mawon is their Unique Unit, though, and I'm still spoiling this. :p
Toussaint Louverture leads Haiti in Sid Meier's Civilization 6: Heartbeat of Steel.

Toussaint Louverture.jpg
Manuelito leads the Navajo in Sid Meier's Civilization 6: Heartbeat of Steel.


Coming around January 4-5.
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