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  1. V

    How to mod co2 emission and climate change rate in Gathering Storm

    I like to play on marathon and huge map. But I think the co2 emission and climate change didn't scaled with those configurations. My game, with hours of play, is utterly lost. How can I change those values to scale well with the game speed and map size? Which variable and file are they in?
  2. C

    Looking for serious adult players to play by cloud game

    Hello, we are looking for fifth member to start play by cloud game. It is necesary to have all DLC installed. The party conditions: 5 human players, small map, maximum CC, all aditional modes activated, maximum difficulty, leaders by random selection from the last Leader Pack, Point Victory...
  3. QuasarNebula

    Resource change not working

    Hello my good friends ! It's been a while. I've come with a new problem. I'm creating a series of mods to incorporate some RWBY leaders and civilizations. Right now I'm working on one that has a unique unit, replacing infantry, that does not cost oil, but iron. The problem is that no matter how...
  4. J

    Looking for somebody to "play by cloud" game.

    Hi. I'm looking for people to play civ 6 play by cloud game. I require both Rise and Fall and Gathering storm DLCs, I personally have a new frontier pass. Skill level: I'm not a pro but the minimum skill would be to win on Deity level without big problems. Frequency: around 1-2 turns daily...
  5. M

    Mod not working with expansions (SOLVED)

    Hello, so I'm pretty new to modding, and I way trying to make a new civilization (using the jasper kitty template). So basically, when I set the ruleset to default, everything is fine: But when I set the ruleset to gathering storm, this happens: and it crashes once starting the game: here...
  6. P

    Late Game AI 8.19

    IMPORTANT: 1. This mod was designed for use in combination with Infixo's "Real Strategy" mod. It also works fine without it or with other mods like AI+, but the AI will be a lot worse at getting a culture victory, will generally win quite a bit slower and will also be worse at defending their...
  7. sharpNd

    Four Seasons 0.5.1

    Posted here due to a request on Steam for an external download. Steam Workshop: Change Notes: Four Seasons Works with Vanilla, Rise and Fall and Gathering...
  8. sharpNd

    Four Seasons

    Posted here due to a request on Steam for an external download. Steam Workshop: Change Notes: Four Seasons Works with Vanilla, Rise and Fall and...
  9. P

    [GS] Hidden Nations?

    hello, are there mods which can do some of this 3 things? Hide nations? If you load a game, you see the enemy nations on the loading screen, even if you don´t discovered them ingame. Can you hide this information? Hidden Infos? Ingame, you can see a lot of info about the other nations, only by...
  10. Tulanian

    My game is stuck on "Continents" map type!

    After installing some mods, every new "Create Game" / "Choose Map Type" selection is ignored and immediately reverts to "Continents." In an effort to remedy this, I have done all of the following, to no avail: Verified files and rebooted. Uninstalled game and reinstalled. Deleted all files in...
  11. Turtle Anderson

    [GS] Request for Aristos's Extended Policy Cards Mod

    Hello Everyone. Right now, I have the Epic Games version of Civ 6. I got the original game on the Epic Games free sale and decided to purchase the expansion packs. However, the Epic Games system is so far inferior with mods compared to Steam. However, I can still apply mods if I have the...
  12. J

    [NFP] [] World Congress BUG, 6 games/ Error counting votes during a World Congress.

    World Congress/ update, 6 games with voting errors, 2 types/ variants of errors, tests in progress. In one game, three resolutions were issued against me as a result of such a war policy and not another. Of course, I voted against:Military crisis (-18), religious crisis (-1), crisis of...
  13. G

    Revert city sprite to pre Gathering Storm

    I have always disliked the Gathering Storm change to costal cities sprite, making them look like canals. Is there a way to mod this to be the old way, where costal cities look just like normal cities? I have done some modding for Civ6 on my own, but I can't seem to find which SQL table...
  14. Das Capitolin

    Fewer Apocalypse Comets 1.01

    Reduces the occurrence of Comets in Apocalypse Mode by half. Compatible only with the Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion pack. My other Civ 6 mods:
  15. Das Capitolin

    Disable Apocalypse Comets 1.01

    Disables Comets in Apocalypse Mode. Compatible only with Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion. My other Civ 6 mods:
  16. C

    [GS] Mod Request: Disable Spies

    Looking for a mod or a way that disables spies or the entire mechanic.
  17. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] What Civilizations do you want to see next? And do you want Civilization 6 to be expanded more? 3

    Sid Meier's Civilization 6: Heartbeat of Steel Usman dan Fodio of the Sokoto Empire Toussaint Louverture of the Haitian Empire Manuelito of the Navajo Empire Taksin of the Siamese Empire Rama II of the Siam Empire Jose Rizal of the Philippine Empire Jose Artigas of...
  18. totalslacker

    Historical Spawn Dates and Eras (R&F + GS) 1.2.0

    Expanded version of Gedemon's Historical Spawn Dates mod with support for new features from the Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm expansions. Up-to-date with the New Frontier Pass and Babylon DLC. Not compatible with the base game, please use the original version of this mod for the base game...
  19. Das Capitolin

    Balanced Religious Settlements Pantheon 1.1

    The Balanced Religious Settlements Pantheon mod removes the free Settler awarded by the Religious Settlements Pantheon to prevent early runaway. To balance, 15% border expansion rate is increased to 20%. Ideal when used with my New Era Settler mod. Compatible with Civilization VI: Gathering...
  20. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] What Civilizations do you want to see next? And do you want Civilization 6 to be expanded more? 2

    Sid Meier's Civilization 6: Old Faith Masinissa of the Numidian Empire Hywel Dda of the Welsh Empire Oda Nobunaga of the Japanese Empire Puduhepa of the Hittite Empire Ahmad Shah Durrani of the Afghan Empire Jan Zizka of the Bohemian Empire Charles IV of the...
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