[GS] What effect does game speed have on difficulty?

Is a slower game easier?

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Jul 23, 2009
I was curious as to the consensus among better players than I. :)

I tend to prefer Marth length games, as it means I have the time to march troops around and actually conduct a war. However, my suspicion is that I am using game speed to conceal inefficiency in my play-style. I'm also not sure how this extended timeline maps to the games 'real time' as I find myself with informational era techs in the 1700's quite often. Granted, I never play with Christianity, so no dark age to slow me* but surely this is still a bit much? Do faster games map better?

I am currently trying to get good enough to beat Emperor, and default to Prince when I just want to relax. Is my experience more the result of playing on those difficulties, the speed, or some combination of both?

* I kid, I kid.
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