What the heck is wrong with peace treaties in this game??


Aug 17, 2007
OK, I'll be playing along and then all of a sudden notification will pop up that my 'peace treaty' with a civ. has just expired....the problem is I haven't been at war with them EVER. This happens sporadically throughout the game, and it's pissing me off. Right now I can't declare war on Elizabeth even though she's nuking my ally Augustus because I have a 'peace treaty' with her...again, i have NEVER been to war with her at any point, nor have I made ANY kind of deal with her even vaguely recently.
A new "feature" in BTS is that any deal with an enemy civ - whether it's a trade, a demand, or a gift - automatically makes an unbreakable peace for 10 turns. This is to reduce backstabbing, I guess.
you're right, that sucks; i want to do like in Civ 3, demand 100 gold and even if they gave me that, WAR :mwaha: !!!
I like the AI backstabbing, but not this way; i want to lie, steal, cheat... (well you get the idea)

i also miss the "sign ROP, put all your units in enemy territory, and attack all at one" feature

the AI should backstab less but with these features (if they were in the game)
I hope you're kidding, since all of that is garbage.

I think it's a great new addition, even if it's annoying at times.
For me it seems the unbreakable peace treaty forms only from gift request and tribute demands. Regular trade doesn't form it.

But that might be due to Solver's patch
Indeed, tribute demands create this. Also, AP or UN resolutions "stop war against ____" will trigger this 10 turns later, as it forces everyone into a peace treaty with a certain civ and its vassals.

The upshot is that if you give tribute you have 10 turns to cannon up before you get reamed. I approve.
You know, its funny, just before reading this thread, I turned on the history channel and there was this bit on the non-aggression pact between the USSR and Germany... :p.
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