What to do, what to do?

Is Spam not the Best Food in the World?

  • Wait for all eternity for them to come back

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  • Politely PM them, hoping they read it

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  • Vote in New Officials

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  • I should not have made this poll/Other

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No...I think it's ok the way it is...

Governors now have the biggest jobs though. But a general poll for the entire province is not the way to solve it. Even the situation in different parts of provinces would effect polls.

But the screentaker man...wouldn't be a bad idea....save the other leaders some time.....but I don't think it should be a cabinet position. Unless they would want to take over something else too.....like modifing records (Citizen Registry, or something)

The chat is an excellent tools for solving sudden questions. And that was very helpful!!
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