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Dog of War

Feb 25, 2002
Actually, I'm NOT a dog of war, I'm more like a war puppy. New to this game but familiar with military operations enough to get by that end of the game.

My question deals with killing people via bombardment...I can weaken them to one hit remaining, but can't finish them off. Is this a glitch in the game or just the way the game is "supposed" to be played?

Thank you,

The War Puppy (TWP)


What doesnt kill u does make u stronger.

Apart from amputation.
Rich -

Next time you have the chance, check, as a minimum, the emotional and mental strength of an amputee and check back with me.

War Puppy - Who knows from where he speaks...
TWP good point well made.

How often do u use bombers etc. I find that it can just destroy the value of a city to me emensely. I usely bomb just b4 i take it to weaken troops inside. Otherwise improvements can just be wiped out.
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